Sharp Rise In Sports Betting And Online Poker

Online poker has become more and more popular of late.

Sports betting has become a fast-growing industry since the laws have begun changing over the years. Indeed, the market is expected to grow seven to eight billion dollars in the United States within the next five years.

This has also led to an increase in interest in online poker betting sites and has shown promising numbers for their future growth.

An Opportunity Has Risen

With the fast growth projected for sports betting, it has opened the door to many possibilities. People are becoming more comfortable placing bets online on their favorite sports.

This has also transitioned into people becoming more interested in playing their favorite poker games online.

Another factor in an increase in online activity is that the coronavirus has forced everyone to stay home. People are now more likely to be on the internet more than they were on a typical day, which ultimately leads to individuals wanting to experience online poker.

The Shift To Online

With somewhat chaos and panic due to the spread of the coronavirus, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) has shut down its operations at casinos but has decided to have some of their events online. The Super Circuit Series is the most recent one to be held and continues online for players in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.

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If this plays out successfully, you might be able to see more events in the future be held online. Also, if more states legalize sports betting and online poker, then there will be more opportunities to have poker tournaments online.

This really bodes well for the up and coming industry, and the timing could not be more perfect. Obviously, the virus is not what anyone wants, but it has presented a perfect opportunity to both the sports betting niche and online poker.

Social Distancing at PokerStars

Just like the rest of the country, a lot of states have issued either stay at home procedures or have completely shut down. Poker numbers have been climbing at sites like PokerStars.

With all casinos being closed, for now, the state of Pennsylvania has only one real way to make money playing poker, and that is through PokerStars. Over the previous two weeks, you will see the numbers have more than doubled for their online poker presence as compared to last year’s numbers.

This virus, unfortunately, has actually helped their business and looks to increase in the near future.

What This Means For The Industry

Since people are staying home and they cannot attend poker tournaments or casinos, I believe the industry has had a spark in productivity. The comfort and ease of being able to play poker tournaments at home might be the new trend.

If you can bet on sports at home now, why not play a round of Texas Hold ’em while you are at it?

Online sports betting has led to players being more comfortable with playing online poker as well.

The correlation between these two betting styles is beginning to overlap. With the increase in revenue for PokerStars, for example, you are opening a door that was there all along but had not been walked through much.

Final Thoughts

The sports betting industry has been a fascinating one to watch explode. With bettors and poker players alike, the two genres have seen an increase in revenue and traffic.

I expect this to increase moving forward, but only coming to a slight halt once the coronavirus has fled and the country gets back to normal. With more and more visitors each day to betting and poker sites, you can see that the numbers are continuing to grow, and people are getting interested in the online poker world.

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