Creative Sports Betting Options Are A Buoyant Success During Shutdown

esports betting
With regular sports on hold due to the coronavirus, Esports have become all the rage for bettors.

As most states have lifted some coronavirus restrictions, sports are not quite back yet. They are expected to resume this summer and fall in some capacity. The shutdowns have resulted in economic disasters, with unemployment rates on a par with the Depression Era statistics.

Most sports have been shut down since March, the same time when more states had planned to launch sports betting. A few launched despite the shutdown, like Colorado, where sports betting was launched on May 1.

It’s been slim pickings for sports betting fans and players during the historic shutdown. However, some sports betting providers have been able to circumvent the shutdown by offering up creative options to their customers.

Esports has been extremely popular during the shutdown, generating a very healthy amount of new players every day. Sportsbooks are very excited about this development, and many say they plan on offering Esports from this point forward since it now has a built-in fan base.

Issues With New Offerings Had To Be Figured Out

There have been some bumps in the road with some of these new options, like political betting, which caused some sportsbooks to find themselves in some hot water. Johnny Wilson, a gaming consultant from Detroit, said:

“This is new territory, and there were bound to be some issues at first. These issues have all been ironed out now, and these new events are well on their way to setting records.”

Esports are pretty easy to figure out, Wilson said as he explained how it works. It’s very similar to other types of sports, in that sportsbooks that have it are offering it right along with more traditional sports.

Play Now at BetOnline

A player can select in-play sports betting or pre-match markets. Wilson suggested that players do a little bit of homework if they have never done sports betting on Esports for odds, payout time and other factors like different betting options.

Wilson said once you are on the site and area where Esports are offered, it’s very cut and dry. You basically pick your team and lay out what your wager will be.

online casino gambling
Online casinos were available before the shutdown, but they’ve become much more popular as people are staying at home.

It’s been a great option for people craving sports to bet on. Sportsbooks that are offering it have been reporting excellent revenues, and they will be in a very good position when sporting events resume.

Online Casino Gambling Has Seen Increases Of Over 200%

Since all casinos around the country have been closed since March, players have found the next best thing with online casino games. Online casino gaming was in place long before the shutdown, and their ability to thrive is not dependent on what the sports world is doing.

There already was a very healthy fan base established, and through the shutdown, millions more have started playing regularly. Some of these online casino games take a bit of luck to win, while others take skill, careful planning, and strategy.

There is a huge variety of games to play, like slots and poker, and various tournaments players can enter. Different casinos offer different games. Wilson advises new players to “shop around, just like you would do with anything. Find something that makes sense that is enjoyable and go with it.”

Wilson has also recommended that players may want to try some free versions of online casino games before using real money. “Just to get the hang of it, and it really doesn’t take very long to be ready to really play, but it’s definitely worth the time,” he said.


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