Super Bowl Betting – Where It’s Legal to Wager in the USA

US Sportsbetting Where Its Legal
Wanna bet on the Super Bowl this weekend? Read on to find out which states allow sportsbetting.

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and Americans are expected to wager billions on the event. If you’re exciting about betting on the Bengals vs the Rams, it’s best to know if your home state permits wagering on sports – and, where you’re allowed to do so.

In Which States is Sportsbetting Legal in February 2022?

Things have been changing pretty quickly, so it’s hard to keep up with the latest developments in the legal sportsbetting market. Here’s a quick reference list, so you can see if you’ll be able to wager on the upcoming Super Bowl based on where you’re located, whether betting online or in person:

Legal and Launched Where You Can Wager Legal, Launch is Pending Not Yet Legal
Arizona Online, Mobile and Retail Alabama Ohio
Arkansas Retail Alaska Florida
Colorado Online, Mobile and Retail California Nebraska
Connecticut Online, Mobile and Retail Georgia
Delaware Retail Hawaii
Illinois Online, Mobile and Retail Idaho
Indiana Online, Mobile and Retail Kansas
Iowa Online, Mobile and Retail Kentucky
Louisiana Online, Mobile and Retail Maine
Maryland Online, Mobile and Retail Massachusetts
Michigan Online, Mobile and Retail Minnesota
Mississippi Online, Mobile (online when located at a licensed venue) and Retail Missouri  
Montana Online, Mobile and Retail (only when located at a licensed venue) Oklahoma
Nevada Mobile and Retail South Carolina
New Hampshire Online, Mobile and Retail Texas
New Jersey Online, Mobile and Retail Utah
New Mexico Retail Vermont
New York Mobile and Retail
North Carolina Retail (in some tribal casinos)
North Dakota Retail (in some casinos)­
Oregon Online, Mobile and Retail
Pennsylvania Online, Mobile and Retail
Rhode Island Online, Mobile and Retail
South Dakota Retail
Tennessee Online and Mobile
Virginia Online and Mobile,  Retail Coming Soon
Washington Online, Mobile and Retail (at some tribal casinos)
West Virginia Online, Mobile and Retail
Wisconsin Retail (at some tribal casinos)
Wyoming Online, Mobile and Retail


Sportsbetting at Casinos

In some states, it’s important to take note of exactly where you can wager from. While most states allow you to wager online and using mobile apps from virtually anywhere; however, there are some states that allow internet betting – but only at land-based casinos.

So, if you live in the following states, it’s best to watch the Super Bowl from a local casino where you’re permitted to wager on sports:

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  • Washington
  • Montana
  • Mississippi

Then, there are other states where the only way to wager is in person at retail sportsbooks. They are:

  • Wisconsin
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota
  • North Carolina
  • New Mexico
  • Delaware
  • Arkansas

If you live in any of these states listed directly above, you should check out your local casino’s website or call ahead. Ensure that there is actually a retail sportsbook on the premises.

If You Live In a State Where Sportsbetting Hasn’t Launched Yet…

It’s all well and good that punters in most states can wager on sports – but what about if you don’t live in a state where any sort of betting is legal?

The best thing we can recommend is to take a little trip. In states where sportsbetting is legal, it’s not a requirement for punters to live in in the state; you just have to be there at the time of wagering.

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So, for example, if you live in Kentucky, why not head over to Indiana for a weekend trip? You can find a great sports bar, download one of the many legal sportsbetting apps available there, and place bets while you enjoy the big game.

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