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At Beat The Fish, we're online poker players, casino regulars, and sports bettors, just like you. We're a team of dedicated professionals who pass along our honest online gambling experiences to fellow players.

We pride ourselves on relentlessly-tested reviews, educational strategy you can actually use, and news coverage worth your time. Let us do the dirty work so you don't have to. Playing millions of hands at online poker rooms isn't a chore, but a labor of love.

Beat The Fish is by online gamblers for online gamblers.

Our Team

Josh H

Josh H

Owner and Editor in Chief

Josh is a lifelong (can you play poker in diapers?) poker player who moved online in 2004. He created Beat The Fish in 2005 to help fellow frustrated online poker players choose the right poker site for their strengths and then how to win consistently once they got there. He is a published author, a certified news writer, and has played millions of hands of online poker.

Bethany Jones

Bethany Jones

Reviewer and Columnist

Bethany has been working in the online gambling industry since 2010. She is a graduate from the Professional Writing Program at York University. Bethany is an iGaming expert, having worked with top casino operators. She brings her professionalism to Beat The Fish news and reviews, often testing gaming sites for tens of hours before publishing a page.

Our History

Beat The Fish was launched in the summer of 2005 with its namesake strategy guide to beat the wild online poker tables of the day. Daily news, strategy articles, and poker site reviews accompanied it. In 2006, Beat The Fish sent its first player to the World Series of Poker Main Event.

In 2006, we we on the front lines covering the permanent changes the online poker world went through following the UIGEA legislation. In 2011, we navigated players through poker's "Black Friday" event, which further changed the online poker landscape forever.

In 2016, Beat The Fish added a dedicated casino section, taking our proven poker review process to online casinos. In 2017, we released the largest guide on the internet teaching bettors the ins and outs of using Bitcoin at gaming sites. In 2020, we launched a dedicated sports betting section to reflect our personal passion for sports wagering.

In The Media

Beat The Fish has been featured in numerous media outlets, ranging from poker magazines to international newspapers. One of the largest names in poker, the World Poker Tour, used one of our strategy tutorials for its cover story. CardPlayer, the biggest magazine in online gambling, did a profile on Beat The Fish's "unparalleled coverage".

Traditional outlets who have referenced Beat The Fish in stories include Forbes, HuffPost, The Denver Post, Engadget, and The Indian Express. Topics ranged from American involvement in poker legislation to cryptocurrency's role in online gambling.

Our poker hand strength tests have been cited in university theses on game theory. Beat The Fish also received attention from the academic world and was listed by numerous universities for its scholarship program. 

If you're interested in having us provide a quote or other information for your story, please contact us.

Beat The Fish in the Media


Google News

Google News

Beat The Fish is part of the Google News program, which means that it has passed a rigorous manual review process performed by multiple Google editors. You'll find news stories published by Beat The Fish displayed on Google News alongside other major publications.



Josh H, the owner of Beat The Fish, has authored or co-authored multiple ebooks on poker strategy. They have been certified and approved to be sold on major online sellers like Amazon and Goodreads. All of our ebooks are also available at no cost by subscribing to our free newsletter.

Gambling Portal Webmaster Association

GPWA Certified

Beat The Fish is proud to display the GPWA Seal of Approval, which is only granted to industry websites that pass a manual review by multiple senior members. Websites are only approved if they are independently operated, respect copyrights, do not utilize spam in any form, and engage in business practices respectfully and ethically.

Wagering Experience

The Beat The Fish team has, collectively, more than 30 years of online wagering experience. That includes millions of real-money online poker hands, millions of casino game wagers, and tens of thousands of sports wagers. You'll find us betting at the very sites we review daily. We don't just write about gambling - we live it.

Our Mission

For nearly 20 years, Beat The Fish has provided expert in-depth coverage of online gambling. Launched by Josh H in 2005, Beat The Fish has always been about one thing: help online gamblers make more-informed decisions to win more. We're passionate about playing online poker, testing every casino game you'll find, and betting on a wide variety of sports events daily. Our goal is to find the best in online gambling while exposing those who scam our fellow players.

You'll never find us declaring one gaming site the absolute best for every player. Different players care about different things. Our philosophy is to present what a poker site excels and what it struggles at and let you decide if that's good enough. Our team of certified experts and professional journalists put in hundreds of hours of testing every month. We're confident you won't find reviews like ours anywhere else on the internet. We'd rather go overboard in describing our experiences than leave you guessing.

Showing respect to players who visit Beat The Fish is paramount to every member of our team. We'll never force a particular gaming site to you. We want you to choose a poker, casino, or sports betting home that deserves your business. Your time and money are hard-earned. We don't want you to waste your time on scams, slow-paying sites, or threadbare operations that don't have what you're looking for.

Although none of the Beat The Fish team are or have ever been employees of any iGaming site, we have contacts and sources behind the scenes. We often get unreleased information shared with us that isn't available to the public. We use that intel to help players steer clear of failing gaming sites, earn unadvertised bonuses, and stick to the most stable options.

Rather than constantly pumping out new reviews and ranking pages, most of our time goes into making sure our current pages are accurate. We're actively betting at every poker, casino, and sports site we recommend. That allows us to catch key changes and pass them along to you, like increased rake and slow payout speeds.

Besides doing our own research, which often involves tens of hours of research for a single review, the BeatTheFish.com team turns over every stone on the gambling internet. We're actively scouring every major forum, social media discussion, and third-party gaming portal to make sure we haven't missed anything. We're dedicated to presenting our fellow bettors with unbiased perspectives, even if it differs from our own.

At Beat The Fish, we deliberately keep the team small, preferring to give players exhaustively-researched content curated by experts. You won't find the churn of forgettable articles here that you'll find at larger gambling portals. Between us, we have more than 30 years of online poker, casino, and sports betting experience. That experience gives us insight on what players really care about.

Poker Photography

At Beat The Fish, we don't use any stock photography. With a passion for photography, Josh sets up and captures all of the photos you'll find on beatthefish.com using Nikon equipment.

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Why We Stand Out

It sounds simple, but Beat The Fish stands out because the coverage is honest, extensive, and accurate. Josh created Beat The Fish to fill a void of honesty in online poker coverage. The few popular sources of poker reviews and strategy bore almost no resemblance to what he was actually experiencing in the wild at the tables. There were stories to be told about these sites. There were ways to consistently win at the tables. It's just that no one was telling them.

Times have changed and iGaming informational websites are a dime a dozen these days. However, we're confident that BTF still stands out for its commitment to going above and beyond what everyone else is doing.

Our coverage is never influenced by money. We do not accept any payment in exchange for posting our content. You won't find any sponsored articles, reviews, or guest posts here. That means every word you read is our honest opinion.

We'll do real research and real tests. We'll never post a review or strategy based solely on publicy-available information. If we can't do our own tests or actually play at the poker, casino, and sports sites we're suggesting you to, then we won't post it. Our testing process can take tens of hours for one page.

We're real passionate players. We aren't just covering online gamling - we're living it. Before Beat The Fish even existed, we were gathering data from playing millions of hands of online poker. To this day, we spend a large portion of our time playing and reading more about the games. Writing about iGaming for Beat The Fish is easy because it's already our passion.

We're experts in our field. Beat The Fish isn't a fly-by-night website. Between our team, we have decades of experience, which gives us an insider's view of the online gambling industry.

We cover the entire industry. Although the roots of Beat The Fish are in online poker, we've spent more than a decade covering casino games and sports betting. These often go hand in hand with poker, with many players like ourselves who play all of it. Gambling, especially sports betting, has been booming in the United States specifically. At Beat The Fish, we'll cover all of the industry-shifting developments that seem to take place daily.

We understand the new gambling economics. For better or worse, iGaming has always been at the mercy of payment processors. We've been on the front lines of deposits and payouts for many years. We understand that if you can't get your money to and from gaming operators, nothing else really matters.

We've been testing payout speeds since Beat The Fish launched and weight them heavily in our reviews. We were early to embrace cryptocurrencies in 2017 as pioneering in the world of online gambling. It's hard enough to win without making it hard to get your money. We'll always prioritize guiding

Player Testimonials


I came across Beat The Fish, which has all I need for now to make the transition from fish to player. The information is well structured and easy to follow. I've read your ebooks and they are a great foundation for learning to play a more structured game.

Beat The Fish Testimonial

Paul Shepherd


I'm impressed by not only the content but that so far it seems like you are following your mission statement and that in itself is a major accomplishment. Your content is very thorough. You appear sincere and devoted to your mission and love the name BTF.

Testimonial from a Real Player

Carl Tolliver


Your thoughts on position play and starting hands helped me the most. I really love your poker site reviews. I just wanted to compliment you on your style of writing when you cover the games. It's easy to read, right to the point.

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Our Promise to You

Every piece of content at Beat The Fish is something we're proud to put our names behind. We don't want you to trust us because we tell you to, but because we've earned it through our honest coverage. Since the earliest days of gambling, someone was only as good as their word. We carry that tradition on today with Beat The Fish. Honesty is simply good business. We promise to respect you as a fellow player and do everything to earn your respect in return.




As fellow bettors, we’ll never hide from you. Whether you have a general question, want to provide us with feedback, or run into a problem with our website, we want to hear from you.

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