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Bethany Jones
by Bethany Jones  |  Reviewer and Columnist
Free Online Poker with Fake Money
Get the scoop on the best place for US players to play free online poker with fake money and learn all about the ways you can play free poker for real-money prizes.

In the online poker world, you can hit some amazing paydays and, the best part is, it’s not always necessary to spend money to do so. There are plenty of top-notch free online poker games online, and I’m here to show you which sites offer the best opportunities to play for free and win big.

To kick things off, here are our favorite places to play free online poker:

BetOnlinePlay-Money Poker1000 Starting ChipsPlay Now
Americas CardroomDaily Freerolls$50 PrizesPlay Now
Black Chip PokerDaily Freerolls$50 PrizesPlay Now
Ignition PokerWeekly Freerolls$2,500 Prize PoolPlay Now

The Best Free Play Poker Site: BetOnline.ag

BetOnline offers players the chance to play a great selection of play money ring games. Although there are no tournaments available to play with fake money, the site often hosts freerolls several times a month where players can win a portion of prize pools worth up to $500.

Bet Online Free Play Poker
At BetOnline, you’ll find a fantastic selection of free-play poker games. The platform presents a great opportunity for you to practice your poker strategy and hone your skills.

At BetOnline, you start out with 1000 play-money chips. The lobby works exactly in the same way as the real-money poker lobby, with tables being laid out in a grid format, where you can see a list of games with the stakes, number of players and type of game. You can also adjust your search settings to help you find the perfect play-money poker game.

You can choose from No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Limit Omaha games. Button Blind and Run It Twice table variants are available, as well, with stakes starting from just  5c/10c.

It’s one of our favourite places to play free online poker with fake money, as it is accessible to players all across the USA (with the exception of some states). It provides an impressive selection of play-money games to choose from, so you feel like you’re competing in a real-money environment – and, the rooms are busy enough that you should never struggle to find a table.

Why Play Free Online Poker with Fake Money

You might think that most people play online poker for the opportunity to win big, playing with chips that have no cash value also has some pretty great benefits. So, don’t discount playing free online poker games with fake money – there are plenty of reasons why you should consider it.

Practice Your Poker Strategy

Free ring games and tournaments really let you get stuck in and try new things. As you learn more about various strategies, you’ll want to try them out – but, it can be risky until you find your groove. In free online poker games with fake money, you can learn the ropes and get in on the action without worrying about your bankroll.

You can still discuss your hands from play-money poker games with other players. It presents a great opportunity for you to get to know the basics of the game and understand what lines you should take when you hold certain cards in certain situations.

No-Pressure Poker Games

Even without the opportunity to win real-money prizes, playing poker is still an incredibly fun and rewarding game. You don’t have to worry about whether you win or lose; it will never result in you actually losing any of your hard-earned money.

The Difference Between Play-Money and Real-Money Poker

One very important thing that you should be aware of when playing online poker games with fake money is that the opponents you encounter will be very different to those that you would play against on a real-money poker app. You’ll see lots of big bets and calls from players who aren’t holding particularly strong hands.

You should accept that players will be playing a lot looser than in real games and tournaments, and it’s not really representative of the type of player you’ll encounter in real-money situations. So play-money platforms aren’t the place to learn about tells and player behavior.

This is why I recommend playing in freerolls, once you’re ready to make the transition into real-money poker. So, if you’re looking for a place to play to play free online poker, but with the chance to win real cash, there are several sites that I can suggest:

Free Online Poker Tournaments at Americas Cardroom

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other online poker rooms with as amazing a selection of free poker games. New players are welcomed with a special freeroll, which really sets the tone for the overall experience that poker players can expect to have while playing here.

$50 Freerolls Every Day

Players at Americas Cardroom can take part in several $50 freerolls which run every day. Both Texas Holdem poker and Pot Limit Omaha tournaments are available to play for free here. You can take a look at the current free poker tournament schedule below:

DayTime (ET)Tournament
Monday12:00 AM$50 GTD - NLH
3:00 AM$50 GTD - NLH
6:00 AM$50 GTD - NLH
9:00 AM$50 GTD - NLH
12:00 PM$50 GTD - NLH
3:00 PM$50 GTD - NLH
9:00 PM$50 GTD - NLH
Tuesday12:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO 6-Max
3:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO 6-Max
6:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO 6-Max
9:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO 6-Max
12:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO 6-Max
3:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO 6-Max
6:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO 6-Max
9:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO 6-Max
Wednesday12:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO8 6-Max
3:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO8 6-Max
6:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO8 6-Max
9:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO8 6-Max
12:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO8 6-Max
3:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO8 6-Max
6:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO8 6-Max
9:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO8 6-Max
Thursday12:00 AM$50 GTD - NLH 6-Max
3:00 AM$50 GTD - NLH 6-Max
6:00 AM$50 GTD - NLH 6-Max
9:00 AM$50 GTD - NLH 6-Max
12:00 PM$50 GTD - NLH 6-Max
3:00 PM$50 GTD - NLH 6-Max
6:00 PM$50 GTD - NLH 6-Max
9:00 PM$50 GTD - NLH 6-Max
Friday12:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO 8-Max
3:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO 8-Max
6:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO 8-Max
9:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO 8-Max
12:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO 8-Max
3:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO 8-Max
6:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO 8-Max
9:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO 8-Max
Saturday12:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO8 8-Max
3:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO8 8-Max
6:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO8 8-Max
9:00 AM$50 GTD - PLO8 8-Max
12:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO8 8-Max
3:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO8 8-Max
6:00 PM$50 GTD - PLO8 8-Max
Sunday12:00 AM$50 GTD - 8-Max NLH 8-Max
3:00 AM$50 GTD - 8-Max NLH 8-Max
6:00 AM$50 GTD - 8-Max NLH 8-Max
9:00 AM$50 GTD - 8-Max NLH 8-Max
12:00 PM$50 GTD - 8-Max NLH 8-Max
3:00 PM$50 GTD - 8-Max NLH 8-Max
6:00 PM$50 GTD - 8-Max NLH 8-Max
9:00 PM$50 GTD - 8-Max NLH 8-Max

To stay up to date and find all upcoming freerolls at Americas Cardroom, just launch the poker client and click on the Tourney section. Then select the Freeroll tab where you’ll be able to find out information about individual tournaments and get registered to play.

There are 30 minutes of late registration in each tournament and entries are capped at 2,000 players. So, it’s worth it to sign up well in advance so you don’t miss out.

Major ACR Tournaments Can Be Entered For Free

What really makes Americas Cardroom stand out in the online poker market is that it presents every player with the chance to win their way into just about any major tournament for free. Just take a look at the qualifiers for the Venom, where millions of dollars are up for grabs in the prize pool; there are always daily freeroll qualifiers that give players the chance to earn entry into bigger and better qualifiers.

When a major ACR tournament is announced, be sure to read the satellite schedule and description thoroughly. Sometimes, freeroll satellites aren’t very well-advertised, so it could take some searching.

Ignition Poker Freerolls

At Ignition Poker, select players are able to take part in $2,500 weekly freerolls. These are available to existing players who qualify for entry. Unlike the Americas Cardroom freerolls, these don’t present an opportunity for all players to join in.

  1. Head over to your Rewards Dashboard in your account area.
  2. Claim your freeroll ticket.
  3. Go to the tournament lobby in the Ignition Poker software download.
  4. Click on the Regular tab and you’ll see the weekly freeload.
  5. Use your ticket here to enter and get playing at 9:05PM (ET) for your chance to win.

This tournament runs every Thursday at the same time. Players who are eligible for tickets will receive them in their Rewards Dashboard by 5PM (ET) every week. They are valid for 14 days – so, you can use them to enter either of the upcoming two weekly reloads.

Weekly Freerolls Ignition Poker
At Ignition Poker, existing members can take part in freeroll tournaments every week, where a $2,500 prize pool is available.

There are also $250 Social Media Freerolls held every Tuesday at 8:05PM (ET). These are exclusive tournaments available only to followers on Twitter and Facebook, so you have to follow Ignition Poker to get the password for entry.

Black Chip Poker Freerolls

Another popular USA poker site that holds daily freerolls is BlackChip Poker. Starting at 2am, players can take part in a $50 freeroll every three hours. So, this gives you 8 opportunities a day to cash in.

No Deposit Poker Bonuses

Players looking for the opportunity to play poker online for free can also take advantage of some great bonuses to make this happen. No deposit bonuses are the best way for online poker players to access free online poker games and, while they are rare in the online poker world, they do appear sometimes.

When you are a member of an online poker site, make sure you sign up to the brand’s newsletter and follow them on social media. This is the best way to find out about bonuses that you’ll be able to use to sit at cash game tables at lower stakes without having to make a deposit to qualify.

Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

I also recommend taking advantage of refer-a-friend bonuses. They aren’t technically free – in that you must have made a deposit at some point. However, they are some of the only poker game bonuses that aren’t specifically match bonuses.

Let’s take a look at Americas Cardrooms’ refer-a-friend bonus. When you refer friends to the site, you get a $50 bonus as long as your friends makes a deposit of $25 or more. The bonus is released at $5 intervals ($1 for every 120 Award Points you earn), making the wagering requirements quite affordable in the grand scheme of no deposit offers.

Americas Cardroom Refer-a-Friend
The refer-a-friend bonus at Americas Cardroom makes it easy for players to earn a free $50 bonus for every referral.
Frequently Asked Questions
✅ What are the risks of playing free online poker?

I’d like to call playing free poker online risk-free but, as is the case with all kinds of gambling, there are some inherent issues that you should be wary of. Even when playing for free, you should always set limits so that you don’t get too caught up and develop harmful gambling habits.

✅ How has free online poker changed over the years?

Free online poker has come a long way, as it wasn’t always so freely available. Over the years, poker room operators have discovered the value of offering their players the ability to play poker games and tournaments online for free and it has become a lot more commonplace in the gaming world.

✅ What is the future of free online poker?

Poker brands are always experimenting with new ways to engage players, and I’m sure to see new types of free poker being offered to players. I anticipate that free games and tournament formats will be offered by more and more operators, and brands will introduce new types of freerolls and play-money games.

✅ What are the best free online poker tournaments?

When it comes to free tournaments, you really can’t beat Americas Cardroom. This site offers players daily poker tournaments that require no buy-ins, while still offering them the chance to land impressive payouts.

✅ What is the point of playing free online poker games with fake money?

Free online poker games with fake money are perfect for players who are just starting out and want to hone their poker skills. A wide variety of games and formats are available, so you can try out different poker variants to see which ones you click best with.

✅ Are there any strategies for playing free online poker games with fake money?

When it comes to taking part in play-money poker games, I’d recommend that you play the way that you would in regular cash games and tournaments. However, be aware that your opponents will be playing much looser than normal. Be prepared to be called down to the river often with players who have nothing.

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