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Josh H
by Josh H  |  Owner and Editor-in-Chief

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Black Chip Poker


USA Players

Yes, from 43 states. Players are restricted from Maryland (MD), New Jersey (NJ), Kentucky (KY), Delaware (DE), Louisiana (LA), Washington (WA), and Nevada (NV).


Winning Poker Network




100% up to $2,000, using any deposit method


#2 in offshore USA market


Cyprus Gaming Authority


CEO Phil Nagy


Costa Rica


Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud


Windows, Mac, Android


Visa, Mastercard, Cash Transfer, Ria, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and dozens of other cryptocurrencies


A number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Paper Check, Cash Transfer

Black Chip Poker
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Tournaments
  • Fish Rating
  • Software
  • Mobile Software
  • Player Traffic
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Player Support
  • HUD Blocking


  • #2 in player traffic for offshore USA-friendly sites
  • Largest tournament prize pools in USA market
  • Long history with an excellent reputation
  • Mobile play on Android devices
  • Extensive cashier with dozens of cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto payouts within 1 hour


  • No iOS mobile software means no iPhones or iPads
  • Doesn’t do much to block HUDs
  • Biggest tournaments have large buy-ins and rebuys

I’ve reviewed Black Chip Poker by playing there for years. Black Chip is part of arguably the most successful US poker network. They have about as much original personality as a box of oatmeal, serving as a very simple rebrand of the flagship site ACR Poker.

Both Black Chip Poker and ACR Poker are on the Winning Poker Network, sharing every table and tournament with each other like an old married couple eating early bird. Poker players should thank their stars, because Black Chip Poker and Winning have been killing it for years now.

Black Chip Poker and the Winning Poker Network are throwing pots of spaghetti against the wall and I love the ambition. They’re doing things like:

  • Hybrid tournament/cash games
  • Instant tournament payouts
  • Double lottery Sit and Go’s
  • Built-in straddle option in cash games

I first played at and reviewed the roots of Black Chip Poker in 2004. At that time it was a me-too third-rate site (remember Yatahay anyone) fighting a war against superpowers. These days? I fully trust Black Chip Poker with my bankroll, and they’re one of the biggest US poker sites overall you can play at.

Black Chip Poker table
Aside from the foolish software fails to not develop an iOS mobile version, Black Chip Poker reviews very well across the board.

Is Black Chip Poker legit?

I personally think so.

They don’t do a whole lot to stand out, but it’s the site’s wide-ranging solidness that results in a favorable Black Chip Poker review. Solid traffic is a big selling point, taking up permanent residence as #2 in the US poker scene.

I love Black Chip Poker’s no-nonsense payouts, sending my Bitcoin within 1-2 hours. Surprisingly, some of the largest tournaments online, albeit with my pet peeve of crazy rebuys.

Perhaps best of all? Black Chip Poker and the Winning Network are innovating online poker more than almost any other poker room.

Blackchip has been a slow but persistent burn over the past several years. You’ll probably enjoy the heat.

The biggest flaws of Black Chip Poker

Black Chip Poker certainly isn’t without its flaws, however. The most egregious to me is the baffling lack of a Black Chip Poker mobile app for iOS devices. That’s inexcusable, as most poker brands launch their mobile apps on the Apple App Market first; after all, iPhone has a 57.93% market share in the US (source).

Also, this is going to polarize players, but I don’t support Black Chip Poker’s pandering to the HUD base. They take no steps to anonymize tables or protect recreational players – which is surprising, because ACR Poker has launched anonymous tables but BlackChip has yet to follow suit.

In fact, they openly support HUDs like PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager, which may appease grinders, but will probably kill the Black Chip Poker game quality over time.

Frequently Asked Questions
✅ Is BlackChip Poker legit?

Black Chip Poker is a legitimate source for real-money online poker. I’ve always been paid on time by them. Black Chip Poker is run by the same licensed group that owns ACR Poker, which is the oldest US poker site still in operation.

✅ Does Black Chip Poker accept US players?

Yes, as do all poker sites on the Winning Poker Network. In fact, Black Chip Poker specifically markets to American real-money players. There may be some states that they do not accept, however, so check this review for the current list.

✅ Does Black Chip Poker have a mobile app?

Black Chip Poker can be played on Android mobile devices using the mobile app. You can play cash games, fast-fold, and tournaments. Unfortunately, there currently is no iOS mobile software, meaning you can’t play from any iPhone or iPad.

✅ How reliable is Black Chip Poker as a platform?

Black Chip Poker’s reliability is one of its main selling points. In a sea of dodgy poker sites that are targeted towards US players, BlackChip is the place you’d want to play if you want safe and secure gameplay.

✅ What payment methods are accepted on Black Chip Poker?

Players can use Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, credit cards and debit cards to make deposits here.

The Black Chip Poker Bonus

Black Chip Poker has a 100% bonus, which can be used up to $2,000. Just like everywhere else, you have to play and rake to earn it. You’ll also need to use the BCPBTF Black Chip Poker referral code at signup to guarantee you get the full bonus.

first time deposit bonus
Remember, you’ll need to use the Black Chip Poker bonus code to get this offer.

On review, I found Black Chip Poker awards it at an average to slightly below-average rate, about .75-1 per $.50/1 table per hour. It’s glorified Black Chip Poker rakeback for 60 days, which is the same bonus structure as sister site Americas Cardroom.

Black Chip Poker offers plenty of promotions – but without that one standout feature to put it over the top. It’s what you’d expect, and, with the games being the quality they are, it seems to be enough to keep attracting new players.

Busy grinders will earn a lot. Microstakes grinders and noobs will see very little. It’s the classic problem with online poker bonuses. The Black Chip Poker bonus is no different.

Depositor freeroll

The other promotion that Black Chip Poker likes to list with its deposit bonus is the private depositors freeroll, which runs every Saturday. The prize pool is quite modest at $250 per event, but because it’s limited to new depositors you usually won’t see more than 100 players there.

You do get to play in every one of these for the month you deposit in when you use any of these banking methods, which is a nice bonus. It’s a quick and dirty way to win a few bucks and try out the Black Chip Poker tournament system.

The Beast

The Beast is one of the best Black Chip Poker promotions, since it’s basically a rake race that thousands of dollars away in cash and tournament entries. The best part about this is the operator doesn’t take extra rake to fund it, which is unlike anything similar I’ve seen at other poker sites.

You “feed the beast” with every 2c that you wager, earning 1 point. You can check your progress by clicking on Leaderboard in the lobby of the poker client.

The only issue is, with it all based on how much you “feed the beast” in rake, Black Chip Poker is really only going to be giving this to top grinders. If that’s you, however, it’s one of the best promos of its kind.

Bomb Pots

The Promotions section of Black Chip Poker isn’t full of free chips and deposit bonus offers, but the poker room aims to provide players with other, unique ways to earn cash.

One of my favorites is Bomb Pots. They drop four times every hour at 6-max and 9-max cash game tables (excluding Capped and Blitz tables).

When a Bomb Pot drops, all players at the table put extra cash in and the flop is dealt right away – meaning, there isn’t any pre-flop betting. Every player is in the hand with whatever cards they have been dealt, and play resumes like a normal poker hand once the flop has been dealt.


Black Chip Poker players have the opportunity to win their way into almost all of the biggest tournaments at the poker room. For example, there are paths into the Venom tournament (which has a buy-in of over $2,000) starting with a freeroll.

Elite Benefits rewards system

Rounding out the promotions is what Black Chip Poker calls “Elite”. It’s just like every other rewards program you’ve seen. Earn Player Points at Black Chip Poker with cash game rake and tournament fees and use them for merchandise or tournament tickets.

It’s nice to have, although I don’t like that Black Chip Poker followed the old PokerStars model of making players earn points each and every month to maintain their Elite level.

I like the Achievement Reward better, which Black Chip Poker uses to give flat cash rewards as soon as you reach different milestones.​

Software Review

For all the caterwauling that escapes online poker player’s fingertips, I think the significance of software is overstated. Black Chip is a good example.

It’s solid if unspectacular, with sharp graphics, lots of customizations, pretty backgrounds, and a huge 20-table max for multi-tabling. The Jackpot and Sit and Go 2.0 interfaces were done especially well.

Black chip poker avatars
Black Chip Poker’s avatars give players plenty of different ways to express themselves on the felt, with all sorts of kooky characters available.

All of the important information you could possibly want to access is available in Settings, so you can easily access your hand histories, change your hotkeys, adjust your all-in options and customize your table design.

The Rewards section is especially well done, as Black Chip Poker offers players the ability to track their bonus release progress down to the fraction and easily see progress for medals and achievements.

Mobile Experience

So what about Black Chip’s mobile app software or no-download option? After years of falling behind the competition by failing to offer a mobile app, BlackChip Poker finally entered the 21st Century. But, there’s one catch. It’s not available to iOS users yet, meaning no support for iPhone or iPad.

You can play at Black Chip Poker on all Android mobile devices, however. The casino and sports betting lobbies are available on instant-play platforms, so you can use those from a mobile browser if you wish.

Is BCP Software Available for Macs?

Black Chip Poker works great on Windows machines and Macs. Once upon a time, this wasn’t the case and, again, it took a while for the brand to get the message.

Black Chip Poker Tournaments

Black Chip Poker wins my David Copperfield award for poker tournaments. The results are very impressive, but it’s done with a lot of smoke and mirrors.

First of all, give Black Chip Poker credit for spreading out big daily guarantees throughout the week.

You’ll see numerous tournaments at Black Chip Poker with guarantees of $1,000-5,000 almost every hour, but they go all the way up to things like $50,000 every Wednesday for the uncommonly low buy-in of $100.

Black Chip Poker has respectable tournament numbers even if you aren’t in the US. If you are, they’re the highest you’ll find.

The largest tournament guarantees on the schedule

Every Sunday brings a $150,000 guarantee, again with a very reasonable $200 buy-in. No one else open to Americans but Black Chip Poker can touch that, especially at that buy-in. What’s more is Black Chip Poker often runs huge tournaments and tournament series like the:

  • $5 Million GTD Venom
  • Online Super Series with $15 million in guarantees
  • Million Dollar Sunday
  • $630 Lunchtime High Roller with a $40,000 guaranteed prize pool
  • Sunday Special Series with $200,000 in guarantees

Playing at Black Chip Poker? I hope you like re-buys, re-entries, add-ons, and even lottery spins in your tournament schedule. It’s how the poker room achieves such massive tournament numbers.

Black Chip Poker has been growing in traffic for the past 5 years, so, short of Ignition Poker, they’re the only ones in the US that can offer large guarantees. They’ve got the player base that will show up, usually about 300-1,000 players for routine tournaments, which is very good.

Is there such thing as too many rebuys?

Perhaps this is a “get off my lawn” rant from a grizzled online poker vet, but Black Chip Poker fakes a lot of their tournament numbers. How?

Some quick math review tells me that 88-90% of Black Chip Poker tournaments allow re-buys. Contrast that with a US site like Ignition, where those numbers are flip-flopped.

I understand that re-buys and lotteries and spins and add-ons and the thin translucent line between luck and skill in online poker tournaments is just part of the modern game. I get that, but I still don’t like it.

Black Chip Poker can offer such nice guarantees because they have donks throwing money from their mouse fingers over and over again until they go on a heater or go bust. Sensible Black Chip players still “have to” take a re-buy and/or add-on to be competitive. The result is deceptive buy-in numbers and inflated guarantees.

If you don’t mind (or even like) re-buys then you’ll love the tournaments at Black Chip Poker. They’re busy, big, and wild. Just keep in mind that you’ll probably spend 2-3x the listed buy-in at every Black Chip Poker tournament.

Jackpot Poker Black Chip
Black Chip Poker and the Winning Network are the only poker sites open to the USA offering hyper-turbo winner-take-all Sit and Go’s with random prizes. Blackchip calls it Jackpot Poker.

If you have my sensibilities and prefer slow methodical tournaments, you’ll have to stick with cash games at Black Chip Poker or the once-in-a-blue-moon freezeout listings.​

On-demand freerolls

The brand came up with a clever idea to run on-demand freerolls rather than going by a convoluted schedule. Bankroll-challenged players will like it because you literally can play these at Black Chip Poker around the clock if your mental health is up to it.

The prizes are a paltry $10, but they start once or twice an hour once enough players fill in. You’ll usually be up against around 500 players per Black Chip Poker freeroll, which is manageable.

Black Chip Poker Fish Rating

Calculating a hard Fish Rating review on stats these days isn’t an easy task. As we’ve entered the anti-HUD era (of which I’m a full supporter), poker sites don’t make many stats available to players.

Black Chip Poker is an exception, publishing all player names, flop percentages, and average pots right there in the lobby for all to see.

The problem, as I’ve been witnessing at Black Chip Poker and the Winning Poker Network for years, is that they aren’t accurate.

This is a legacy issue for Black Chip Poker. You’ll literally see 100% flop percentages combined with 0 hands per hour. 100x big blind average pots with 5% flop numbers. The Blackchip software calculations are broken, which should have been fixed ages ago.

The bottom line on the fish at Black Chip Poker

All that aside, Black Chip Poker does play fairly loose with above-average metrics. My averages show about 25-30% as typical flop numbers for 9-seated tables and 30-40% for 6-seated tables. That puts Black Chip Poker in a pretty nice spot, probably only lagging behind Ignition for the loosest tables in the US.

Anecdotally, I’ve also found the Black Chip Poker network player base to be beatable overall and happily include them in my cash game rotation.

As I mentioned in the tournament section review, Black Chip Poker tournaments often play like a birthday party full of sugared-up 5-year-olds, with re-buys galore and all-in fests in hyper-turbo donkaments.

It can feel like too much, but, really, if you can withstand the early rounds, the tournaments especially can be some of the most profitable online.

One issue that I take exception to with Black Chip Poker and the Winning Poker Network overall is their embracing of Heads-Up Displays (HUDs).

Black chip poker HUDs
Black Chip Poker has gone against the general trend of other online poker sites and offers no anonymous tables or blocking of table stats.

What’s more is they even advertise their compatibility with HUDs like Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker. Great for grinders, but I have doubts that they can maintain their loose customer base if they’re complicit in making casual players targets. I’d like to see Black Chip Poker reverse that position at some point.

Black Chip Poker Banking

Banking MethodMinimum DepositMaximum DepositWithdrawals Available?
Luxon Pay$10$10,000Yes
Credit / Debit CardsVaries by Card Type and CountryDebit only
CHECKSNot Available For DepositsYes

Black Chip Poker Deposits

Bitcoin tends to be the most popular option at Black Chip, and they accept deposits starting at a $10 minimum.

For you old-school types, credit card deposits are accepted on the site with no fees and their success rate is slightly above average. My Blackchip Poker review shows that about 60-70% of cards will process without being blocked.

For non-US players, Black Chip Poker accepts Skrill and Neteller for e-wallet transactions.

All in all, that covers the better poker deposit methods from the US and the most common methods for the rest of the world.

Black Chip Poker Withdrawal Times

It seems like Black Chip Poker and the entire online poker site market finally learned that they’re only as good as their payouts.

I’ve been really pleased with how Black Chip Poker has handled payouts, quietly beating just about everyone in the US market.

I’ve never waited longer than 2 hours to receive a Bitcoin payout from Black Chip Poker and have sometimes gotten them in less than 12.

The only mild BS comes from the limited hours of the day Black Chip Poker allows you to request Bitcoin withdrawals (seriously?) and the extra confirmation email you have to send with bigger payouts.

For you Luddites out there who still deal with checks, you’ll get them within a week.

Black Chip Poker Traffic

Black Chip Poker is a perfect example of naturally building poker player traffic through steady persistence of improvement.

I first started taking the Black Chip Poker network seriously back in 2013, when they were gaining a lot of traction as one of the few decent US options.

Today, Black Chip Poker is in the global top 10 for online poker player traffic, averaging between 1,000-1,500 cash game poker players and larger tournaments drawing double that.

Black Chip Poker traffic
Check out the Black Chip Poker cash game traffic. Quite impressive with at least $5/10 games around the clock and close to 2,000 tournament players.

In real terms? You’ll see Black Chip Poker’s cash tables up to the $5/10 level filled throughout the day. Black Chip Poker Sit and Go’s fill up to the $20 level in minutes and $100 for heads-up.

That’s very solid, and I’ve never found myself saying, “Self, I wish Black Chip Poker had more players. These poker tables are ghost towns.” The same can’t be said for some of Black Chip Poker’s competition.

Black Poker Poker for US Players

Black Chip Poker accepts all US players for real money and, in fact, specifically targets them. Only regulated states like Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware are not allowed to create Black Chip accounts.

Along with BetOnline and Bovada, the Winning Poker Network is one of only 3 USA-friendly networks that gets decent traffic and I trust.

Black Chip Poker Support

If you’ve read a Beat The Fish review before, you know how I stand on player support: you can’t earn a top score without the trifecta:

  • Telephone
  • Live Chat
  • Email

Black Chip Poker passes that initial barrier. How about the smell test?

The phone support is 24 hours and seems to be handled at Black Chip Poker – or at least at the Winning Poker Network – rather than being outsourced. Of course, the network would love to help players make deposits at any cost.

Black Chip Poker Support
Some of the live chat canned responses are lame, but at least Black Chip Poker offers it along with a phone number.

My antisocial favorite of live chat? It’s present at Black Chip Poker, although unavailable at certain times and usually provides generic cryptic responses. Semi-check.

The last resort of email? I got replies in under an hour. Pretty good, but could be improved.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, my Black Chip Poker review shows this is certainly one of the few legit online poker sites US players have to choose from. Black Chip Poker belongs to the Winning Poker Network, which has good traffic and an excellent tournament schedule.

No iOS mobile software and a mediocre deposit bonus stand out, but Blackchip is one of the better poker room options for online players.

It’s no wonder why Blackchip Poker has a strong reputation in the online poker world. The site’s user-friendly interface, strong security measures and busy traffic with plenty of action make this a top choice for players.

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