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fresh deck studios live casino software

The iGaming industry, with its constant evolution and innovation, never fails to surprise – and we’re always seeing new game developers make their way into the market. One such exhilarating addition to the industry is Fresh Deck Studios. A relatively new kid on the block, Fresh Deck Studios is a live casino game creator that is breaking boundaries and redefining the space of live dealer games.

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About Fresh Deck Studios

Fresh Deck Studios is a B2B software supplier that specializes in offering premium quality live dealer games. The company streams these games 24/7 from various global locations, making it a truly international provider. As a relatively new entrant in the iGaming industry, Fresh Deck Studios has managed to carve out a unique niche for itself, challenging even the larger, more established live casino companies in certain areas.


Founded by industry leaders who recognized the high demand for a premium live dealer software provider, Fresh Deck Studios is on a mission to make operators successful and increase revenue. They aim to provide partners with a cutting-edge, easy-to-integrate live dealer solution which will help them effectively grow their business.

There isn’t very much information available about how Fresh Deck Studios was created or who exactly is behind the brand. We hope that, as that studio grows, we’ll be able to learn more about the minds that created this innovative live casino company.

Their Vision

Fresh Deck Studios’ vision is ambitious – but we think it’s possible. Their goal is to become the undisputed global leader in live dealer software solutions. This bold and confident vision reflects the organization’s commitment to innovation and unmatched quality.

Currently, you’ll only find Fresh Deck Studios casino games at online gambling sites that are licensed in Curacao and Panama like Wild Casino and Drake Casino – but this is still a great start. Everyone has to start somewhere and Fresh Deck is doing pretty darn well with its current selection of operators.

The Solutions

At the core of Fresh Deck Studios’ offerings is its comprehensive range of solutions. They provide a seamless balance sharing experience through an Integration API, which allows for a fast integration process and real-time reporting of history and transactions. This makes manage the software much more easier for casino operators, which ultimately benefits players.

One noteworthy feature of Fresh Deck Studios’ solutions is its white-label offering. This includes designing a unique casino website s per the client’s vision or enhancing their existing brand.

Fresh Deck Studios Games

Despite being a relatively new player in the market, the company offers a variety of premium quality games. These games are designed to engage customers to keep them coming back for more.


Fresh Deck’s Baccarat offers a high-end casino game in which players can immerse themselves in the experience of high-stakes gameplay. Of course, this is a staple for any live dealer casino.


The Fresh Deck Roulette experience provides players with the thrill of a fully equipped land-based casino. Their roulette software can handle a large number of active players simultaneously. So you’re going to see plenty of action and lots of chatter among the other players.


Fresh Deck’s blackjack tables are highly popular among players around the world. Their software engages players in a fun and personal way, providing a thrilling face-to-face casino experience.

fresh deck lobby wild casino
Wild Casino features Fresh Deck Studios software with a huge variety of Blackjack live dealer games on offer.

Casino Hold’em Poker

Fresh Deck’s Casino Hold’em offers the well-known casino game where players feel like high rollers, regardless of the stakes.

User Interface

Fresh Deck Studios’ user interface (UI) is designed to provide the best possible user experience. It’s adaptable for both mobile and desktop devices, providing information in an easy-to-digest manner while also giving players the freedom to place their bets and participate in different games effortlessly.

This is where my main gripe with this software comes in. It’s a great suite but it’s not often that I’ve seen it completely fully integrated into a casino yet.

When you navigate to a casino that has a Fresh Deck live dealer platform, it has to open up separately. At many other sites, the live dealer suite is housed within the casino’s own platform.

freshdeck super slots is one of the few US online casinos that has a live dealer casino nicely integrated within its own casino platform, featuring titles from Fresh Deck.

It’s not the biggest deal but it could be better integrated. I wouldn’t call it a deal-breaker; however, it is a bit of a pain to have to wait for an additional gaming platform to load.

Languages and Locations

The company offers its games in several languages, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Turkish, making them one of the most diverse providers in the market. Although the company has not disclosed its studio locations, they have hinted at having multiple locations worldwide.

User Reviews

I always check user reviews when looking at any casino or software provider. I don’t get the whole picture just by browsing on my own and normally I end up getting some nasty surprises when I see users complaining about lag or bad moderation in live dealer games.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Fresh Deck. The games provided by Fresh Deck Studios seem to have been well-received by users, with many praising the company for its high-quality streaming, user-friendly interface, and engaging gameplay.

Of course, this is still a small sample size because Fresh Deck is new to the market. So, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to see what players will be saying in the future. The tide can always turn and it’s important to check on user reviews to make sure you’re getting the full story about any online casino brand.

Final Thoughts

While there is some speculation about the company’s history and owners, there’s no denying that Fresh Deck Studios has made a significant impact in the live dealer market. Despite the limited information available about the brand, their games function just fine and provide an excellent base for players looking to enjoy professional dealer games.

With its ambitious vision and high-quality offerings, Fresh Deck Studios is poised to make some pretty big strides in the live casino gaming industry. The company’s consistent focus on innovation and quality service sets it apart from many of its competitors, positioning it for success in the future.

Still, no one is perfect and there are some small things that I’d like to see changed in the future. For example, the games could be better integrated into a casino’s existing platform and it would be great for Fresh Deck to introduce more games – such as prize wheels and even keno.

It’s still earlier, though, and I have high hopes for this brand. Live dealer casinos are still pretty rare in the US online casino market. So, Fresh Deck Studios is well-positioned to become a leader in this space if they play their cards right and expand in the right ways to improve their overall user experience and diversity among their game selection.

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