New Poker Sites You Can Actually Trust


I'm guessing you're looking for the newest poker sites for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. You're tired of what your current online poker home(s) are serving you up.
  2. You're a veteran player who's seen it all before and wants something different.
  3. You're a savvy player who knows that the newest poker sites are often more populated with beatable players.

As someone who's played online for more than 13 years I think that I can answer any of those needs with some suggestions, but first I have some good news and bad news.

New Poker Sites

The good news: I can think of several new poker sites that offer something new for battle-weary players. A new game type, new bonus structures, or new software.

The bad news: I've seen players burned enough time by honest-to-goodness brand new poker sites (and in online poker terms, that mean it's been around for only 1-2 years) that I don't recommend them.

I'm going to show you several "new" poker sites that I feel hit the sweet spot.

I think the perfect new poker site smoothie blend is a mix of:

  • Established poker sites offering something new.
  • A trusted payout history.
  • Getting the advantages of the newest sites without the inherent risk.

Poker isn't booming right now. These days, online poker sites have to fight more for new players.

What that means for you is that the old names you've seen for years are thinking outside the box - and then giving you the box on top of it if you'll make that itty-bitty deposit.

Let's find out who feels new again:

888 Poker

Seriously, 888 Poker is a new poker site? For real. Even though they've been around the block a few (dozen) times, they're always trying something new.

No-deposit money, crazy game modes, webcams. They're up for anything to grab new players. The result is a more casual (read profitable) experience.

888 Poker

The newest poker sites don’t even match this stuff

  • Never-ending promotions at 888 rival just-launched sites. One of the temptations new online poker rooms use to woo players to an unproven newbie is through overly generous promotions. That’s par for the course here, with a barrage of new player freerolls, free spins, and no-deposit free money.
  • No download required. 888 Poker has been excellent at in-browser poker for years, but the new poker site client is the most stable yet. You can play it without downloading anything, but it looks and works just like the full software.
  • Blast Poker has been a small revelation. This is one of their most successful (and insane) new developments and draws a lot of casual players. It's a turbo Sit and Go with a random prize pool and timer, after which everyone goes all in until a winner is determined. It's fast-faced, gamble-centric, and pretty much bonkers. New players seem to love it.
New Poker Bonus

New Poker Bonus:

100% up to €400


€88 free instantly

Playable on:

Free Bonus at the New 888 Poker

Party Poker

What? Party Poker, too? I know, weird to put another poker room seemingly as old as Methuselah in a collection of "new poker sites".

However, Party Poker is almost unrecognizable from what it was just a few years ago. It might not be new in name, but it's new in its methods.

Party Poker

It’s crazy, but they really feel like a new poker site

  • Anonymous cash tables. This was a big turning point for Party Poker, as they stopped trying to appeal to grinders and instead to profitable recreational players. Cash games are now totally anonymous, encouraging inexperienced players thanks to tracking software being rendered useless.
  • The new $20 instant bonus. This is another big new poker site development, not in dollar amount, but because it's given without any requirements. That means that even new micro-stakes players will see something extra, even on a minimum deposit.
  • Software renovation. Gone is the old 2001-era software, replaced by minimalist new poker site graphics for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Party Poker wants to reinvent themselves as a home for casual players again, which makes a better players base for everyone.
New Poker Bonus

New Poker Bonus:

100% up to €500


€20 extra instantly

Playable on:

New Poker Style at Party

Party Poker a new poker site? Believe it - or at least it feels that way thanks to redesigned software and promotions usually reserved for sites just starting out.

Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker flies under the radar a bit, but they have an excellent no-download poker site that's identical to the full download.

Essentially, the no-download software is the exact same one players download on Windows or Mac. All tournaments and cash games work in-browser.

Unibet Poker

The benefits from being the newest poker site on the block

  • Outlandish promotions that only new poker sites seem to try. The $20 no-deposit offer at Unibet is easily the most generous in the online poker business right now. Tossing free money out to draw players away from their current homes was an old tactic of just-launched poker sites. Take advantage of it while it’s still there.
  • The newest standalone site. Unibet is a nice blend because they're actually a new poker sites as they just launched their own network in 2016, but the brand has been around for many years for casino and sports.
  • No HUDs have ever been allowed. There are no ifs ands or buts about it: Unibet plain doesn't allow any sort of player tracking software and they never have. This is great for new players and it helps keep the games loose.
  • The visual style is totally fresh. Unibet is one of the few new poker sites that's trying to go a different route with the software. It's fun-looking and doesn't take itself too seriously with caricatures galore and bright colors.
New Poker Bonus

No-Download Player Bonus:

100% up to €200


€20 free instantly

Tested and Working on:

Unibet New Online Poker Bonus

Unibet is easily the newest poker site to make a dent in the industry. The €20 free is one of the only no-deposit offers going anywhere right now.


What? They're one of the oldest. Let me explain. Yes, they're absolutely one of the oldest poker sites ever, but they're desperate to feel like a new poker site again.

PokerStars is putting out a lot of fresh ideas, desperate to draw in new, more profitable players - and I like it. A new $30 instant offer is the icing.


The newest poker game hits come from an unlikely source

  • The $30 instant bonus reeks of a newer site. This one feels straight out of a new poker site playbook, yet it's at PokerStars. A totally simple $30 flat bonus so even the smallest players can earn it. No gameplay required.
  • Spin & Go's are the biggest new poker game in years. This is the big one that started it all. It's a 3-player super crazy turbo Sit and Go with a lottery-style prize pool. If you haven't tried it or its copycats yet it's a new experience.
  • The Deal. Another controversial new poker game that allows players to gamble their rewards coins for bigger prizes.
  • They're coming out with new stuff at a frantic pace. They're putting several new concepts out a year, such as a beta test for an RPG-like poker battle game. Seriously. For every fail they seem to score a hit. Players certainly can't accuse them of complacency anymore.
New Poker Bonus

New Player Bonus:

100% up to $600


€30 instant cash

Playable on:

PokerStars Newest Game Modes

Both KO Poker and Beat the Clock are entirely new poker tournament forms found exclusively at PokerStars. Time will tell whether either pans out, but you can't say they aren't trying new things.

The Best New Poker Site

888 Poker


The perks of a new poker site (like free money) without the risks.

New Player Bonus: 100% up to $400, $88 free, and 10 private freerolls

The Newest Online Poker Sites

More on the Newest Poker Site Games and Features

BetOnline Poker New Software

BetOnline has a new poker software client that blows the doors off the old one. Here's an example of the attractive hand history playback feature.

888 Poker Feels New Again

The new poker tournament offering Blast has been a surprise hit for 888 Poker. Players have limited time until everyone is forced to go all-in every hand.

PokerStars New Poker Site Bonus

The €20 instant bonus offer from PokerStars feels like something a brand new poker site would do, but they've been forced to try to appeal more to casual low-stakes players in recent years.

Ignition Newest USA Poker Site

Adding a decent-sized freeroll to the mix is one way Ignition, the newest poker site name in the US, is trying to stand out.

New Poker Sites Sit & Go's

Even though Sit & Go 2.0 isn't really taking off, Americas Cardroom has had some very clever new ideas, such as The Cage, Jackpot Poker, and an instant bonus.

Unibet Poker New Site

Unibet is one of the newest poker sites online, just going independent in 2016. They're trying some unorthodox tactics, like bold software and instant free money to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions
✅ Are new poker sites safe?

Not all of them are. It’s going to depend on a number of factors, such as who the ownership of the poker site is, their history, and their payout record. I tested almost all of them and tell you here who I feel are completely safe.

✅ Are there any new poker sites for USA players?

Yes. Surprisingly, some of my top-rated new poker sites are open to American players. In fact, Global Poker, my favorite new poker site, is available to Americans and Canadians exclusively.

✅ What are the best poker sites?

I never like to declare one poker site the best because they aren’t one size fits all. Online poker players are individuals with their own priorities. See this page for some of my newest favorites and why I like them.

New Poker Site FAQs

Newly-Launched Poker Sites

Why don't you recommend poker sites that have just launched?

I take a more conservative approach with new poker sites simply because I've been around long enough to see a majority of them fail. Longevity doesn't guarantee safety, as we saw with PKR disappearing after a decade, but the odds are in the favor of proven sites.

The main problems with new poker sites are low traffic, which is almost universal, and overextending itself to land new players. They might give players free money and great promotions, but they're probably losing money to do so.

I think the sweet spot for players looking for something new is to go with a safe site that's trying something unique. That's happening a lot more these days.

Best New Poker Site Bonus

What is the best new poker site bonus right now?

It's a good time to be a free agent poker player. With fewer new players entering the game, there are plenty of new poker bonuses popping up regularly from big names trying to woo you. I can't think of another time when old names acted like "new" sites with very generous offers.

For USA players, Americas Cardroom now guarantees $50 in free tournament money on top of the 100% offer.

New Poker Players

Should new poker players try out new sites?

I think the best environment for a new player is an established poker site who does some hand-holding. New players should also be careful to find a home with plenty of other players at their level. New poker sites run some risk as they're unproven, usually have low traffic, and have no long-term payout history.

Then, on the other extreme, there's an incredible proven site like PokerStars who does have some attractive promos for new players, but then dumps them off to the shark aquarium.

I like the balance of a site like 888 Poker, who caters to new players with some free money and freeeolls, but then has fairly soft games to ease them into learning.

For US players, either BetOnline or Americas Cardroom also give a good balance.

Newest Poker Games

Are there any new poker games out?

These days, it feels like everyone is chasing "the next big thing" in new poker games. What's going to be the next Sit and Go or quick-fold? Poker sites are happy to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

PokerStars has really stepped up its R&D game with new poker games like The Deal and Beat The Clock lately. Unibet has a fun diversion called Banzai that short-stacks everyone for crazy cash game all-in fests.

On the American side, Americas Cardroom has tried Sit & Go 2.0 and a hybrid tournament/cash game concept called The Cage.

New Poker Sites for Mac

Are there any new poker sites for Mac?

These are heady days for Mac poker players. Unlike the old days, every single new poker site now releases a native Mac download alongside the Windows version.

Every site I list on this page has a Mac version. Simply visit the site from your Mac and you'll see about 489 download buttons eagerly awaiting your Apple-branded click.

New Poker Sites for Americans

Are there any new poker sites for Americans?

These are the most stable years for USA poker players since Black Friday hit in 2011. The big players are rooting in deeper and I'm actually pleased that no new US poker sites are entering the fray after debacles like Full Flush Poker. Still, the old guys are doing a lot like new poker sites.

Ignition is the biggest in the USA market and technically the newest name, even though they're pretty much just Bovada in a new outfit.

BetOnline has a new poker app that's easily the USA leader, supporting every cash game, tournament, and multiple tables.

So, while they may not technically be "new" USA sites, they last few years have seen some fresh developments.

Newest Poker Apps

What are the newest poker apps?

It's taken a while, but online poker rooms are finally catching up with the rest of the world in terms of mobile. It's ridiculous to tie players to monster desktops when a lot of households go without them at all these days. A number of sites have released new poker apps or improved ones.

The latest poker app release from 888 Poker is a good one as it has everything the desktop client has. Unibet Poker has one of the newest best-looking apps that support multiple tables.

For US players, BetOnline has an excellent new poker app that beats pants off Ignition thanks to tournament play and multiple tables.


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