Honest Ratings of New Poker Sites

Josh H
by Josh H  |  Owner and Editor-in-Chief

New Poker Sites

I’m guessing you’re looking for the newest poker sites for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. You’re tired of what your current online poker home(s) are serving you up and want to try the next big thing in poker.<
  2. You’re a veteran poker player who’s seen it all before and wants something different.
  3. You’re a savvy player who knows that the newest poker sites are often more populated with beatable players, and want to level up and boost your bankroll.

As someone who’s played online poker for more than 20 years, I think that I can answer any of those needs with some suggestions, but first I have some good news and bad news.

The good news: I can think of several new poker sites that offer something new for battle-weary players. A new game type, new poker bonus structures, or new software.

The bad news: I’ve seen customers burned enough time by honest-to-goodness brand new poker sites (and in internet poker terms, that mean it’s been around for only 1-2 years) that I don’t recommend them.

List of the best new poker sites

Poker SiteNewest Poker BonusAmount of New PlayersStandout New FeatureLink
Ignition Poker$1,000 private bonusHighZone Fast-FoldPlay there
BetOnline Poker100% private bonusMediumNew mobile appPlay there
ACR Poker50 freerollsMediumSit & Go 2.0Play there

I’m going to show you several “new” poker sites that I feel hit the sweet spot.

I think the perfect new poker site smoothie blend is a mix of:

  • Established poker sites offering something new.
  • A trusted payout history.
  • Getting the advantages of the newest sites without the inherent risk.

Poker isn’t booming right now. These days, online poker sites have to fight more for new players.

What that means for you is that the old names you’ve seen for years are thinking outside the box and then giving you the box on top of it if you’ll make that itty-bitty deposit.

Let’s find out which gaming operators feels new again.

Ignition Poker

Technically, Ignition Poker is the most successful newest poker site open to the US. They also have the largest player pool by a wide margin.

How does that happen? Because they’ve got roots going back more than a decade. New poker site, new look, trusted payout history. The best of both worlds.

Ignition Newest USA Poker Site
Adding a decent-sized freeroll to the mix is one way Ignition, the newest poker site name in the US, is trying to stand out.

The name itself is very new

At first glance, Ignition Poker is a very successful new poker site for US players. Technically that’s true as they’ve only offered poker since 2016. However, they’re basically taking over for Bodog and Bovada, who have been around for almost 20 years.

Never-ending promos at Ignition Poker and Casino

One of the temptations new online poker rooms use to woo users to an unproven newbie is through overly generous poker promotions. That’s par for the course here, with a barrage of new player freerolls, free tickets, free spins, and bonuses that offer impressive cash prizes.

What you get at Ignition is the perks of an established site like excellent traffic, long cashout history, and fast-fold. Then there are some fresh pieces like new branding and some new offers.

The growth rate has been excellent

Just 3 or 4 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed any new USA-servicing site would crack the top 5 in global player traffic. Ignition has done that – and they’re now in the top 3.

BetOnline Poker

BetOnline’s Poker section was launched in 2011, but it’s almost become a brand new poker site over the past year thanks to lots of new additions.

A private 200% bonus, the best mobile software in the US, and private $5,000 freerolls are the best adds. As a matter of fact, it’s always better when you’re being fought for.

BetOnline Poker New Software
BetOnline has a new poker software client that blows the doors off the old one. Here’s an example of the attractive hand history playback feature.

With a quick registration process, top-notch security to keep you safe and a fantastic range of poker variants, BetOnline should be a top choice for players in the country.

Bovada Poker

What? Bovada Poker too? I know, weird to put another poker room seemingly as old as Methuselah in a collection of “new poker sites”.

However, Bovada Poker is almost unrecognizable from what it was just a few years ago. It might not be new in name, but it’s new in its methods.

Anonymous cash tables

This was a big turning point for Bovada, as they stopped trying to appeal to grinders and instead to profitable recreational players. They now have totally anonymous cash games, an aspect which encourages inexperienced players thanks to tracking software being rendered useless.

Loads of special features

This is another big new poker site development which has made waves in the poker world, not in dollar amount, but because it’s such a big update with so many great features. You have a variety of ways to customize your table and cards from your account options, and embedded casino games have been made available to enhance your poker experience.

The new Instant Heads-Up Rematch is one of my favorite new features, and it’s something I’ve never seen before in the poker market.

You can read all about these features in my Bovada Poker review.

Software renovation

Gone is the old 2001-era software, replaced by minimalist new poker site graphics for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Bovada wants to reinvent themselves as a home for casual players again, which is one thing that makes it one of the better options out there. With lots of convenient ways to make deposits, brand new poker variants and an enticing deposit bonus, the site welcomes beginners and experienced players alike.

No download required

I’m particularly impressed with the sleek and clean browser-based poker platform. Bovada’s new online poker site client is the most stable yet. You can play it without downloading anything, but it looks and works just like the full software.

bovada browser poker
Bovada’s browser-based poker platform is a new addition that makes it feel fresh and new.

New mobile software trumps the competition

If you’re on mobile or tablet, the release of the excellent poker app was like an entirely new poker site opening up. BetOnline Poker now has one of only two in the US and it’s clearly the better interface of the two since it supports tournaments and multiple tables.

A new approach to loyalty programs

I love it when a poker sites but a new twist on an old concept, and that’s exactly what BetOnline has done. Its rewards program is completely different anything else on the market because it doesn’t require you to earn a certain number of points before you start earning perks.

Even in the so-called VIP-program, it costs nothing to start earning and you’ll be eligible for reload offers and rebates regularly – but, if you climb to the higher levels, you’ll be able to get prioritized withdrawal and exclusive deposit options.

Huge desktop software improvement

The new poker software release, developed internally rather than re-skinning an outdated network client, is light years better and feels very fresh. Gone is the old obnoxious Blackjack window, replaced with sharp modern aesthetics.

New substantial private freeroll offer

Again, I’ve seen a variety of new real money poker sites try gimmicky freerolls, but this one is worth it as you’re getting it at an established US powerhouse in BetOnline. It’s private, it’s $5,000, and only a couple hundred players enter. It’s basically like getting a $20 free tourney buy-in.

ACR Poker

How is ACR Poker a new poker site when they were established in 2001? Thanks to a reinvention over the past 5 years, with a user-friendly redesign and overall rebrand.

They’re easily taking the most chances on new idea in the US, with new tournament modes and an instant bonus that no one else is even competing with.

New Poker Sites Sit & Go's
Even though Sit & Go 2.0 isn’t really taking off,  ACR Poker has had some very clever new ideas, such as The Cage, Jackpot Poker, and an instant bonus.

The brand gives you the perks of an old site

gain, ACR Poker, which is on the same network as Black Chip Poker, is technically the oldest online poker company in the US poker industry, but they’re putting out new gambling ideas at a frantic pace. You get the benefit of a long stable history and I’ve personally been paid out on time for years from here.

New instant tournament bonus

This is criminally underrated and one of my favorite new poker site bonuses anywhere. You get 20 worth of free cards that award you up to $6 tournament money every time. You’re guaranteed $50 total. This is exactly what a brand new poker room would do to gain quick attention.

Sit & Go 2.0

It seems like another gimmick by a new poker site, but it’s one of many fun features at ACR. Poker players randomly pick cards from a deck to try for jackpot prizes before a standard Sit and Go. Mind you, I don’t think it earns its moniker as a new iteration of poker tournaments, but it’s a mildly fun original idea.

The cage

This is very clever in terms of new real-money poker games, which blends cash games with tournaments. You are locked into playing for several hours with dollar-value chips and escalating blinds. No one else is doing this, making it incredibly innovative.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to the site’s extensive tournament schedule, which features hundreds of events every week – some of which offer up huge guarantees.

You can read more about ACR Poker in my list of online poker reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions
✅ Are newer poker sites safe?

Not all of them are. It’s going to depend on a number of factors, such as who the ownership of the poker site is, their history, and their payout record. I tested each of them and tell you here who I feel are completely safe.

✅ Are there any new poker rooms for USA players?

Yes. Surprisingly, some of my top-rated new poker sites and casinos are open to American players. In fact, ACR Poker, my favorite ‘new’ poker site, and it’s the perfect option for Americans and Canadians.

✅ Why don’t you recommend poker sites that have just launched?

The main problems with new poker sites are low traffic, which is almost universal, and overextending itself to land new players. They might give players free money and great poker bonuses, but they’re probably losing money to do so.

I think the sweet spot for players looking for something new is to go with a safe poker platform that’s trying something unique. That’s happening a lot more these days.

✅ Are there any new poker rooms for Americans?

Ignition is the biggest in the USA market and technically the newest name, even though they’re pretty much just Bovada in a new outfit. BetOnline has a new poker app that’s easily the USA leader, supporting every cash game, tournament, and multiple tables. So, while they may not technically be “new” USA sites, they last few years have seen some fresh developments.

✅ Where can I find tutorials or guides for beginners on new poker sites?

That’s the name of the game at Beat The Fish. I have tons of advice for beginners playing at low stakes about how to beat their opponents at both new and established poker rooms.

✅ Who has the largest player base on new poker sites?

I’d recommend Ignition Poker for those of you looking for a very busy poker room with plenty of action at all times. In terms of poker traffic, it is one of the biggest poker apps out there with an impressive selection of exciting events including huge tournaments and affordable satellites that allow you to win your way into them.

✅ Are there any new poker games out?

ACR Poker has really stepped up its R&D game with new poker games like The Cage while Ignition’s Zone fast-fold variant has become a big hit.

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