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Bethany Jones
by Bethany Jones  |  Reviewer and Columnist

ClubWPT Is Not Recommended




USA Players

From the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming






14-day free trial


Under 50 simultaneous ring game players, up to 500 simultaneous tournament players


No official license


Club Services, Inc. (World Poker Tour)


Irvine, California, USA


Texas Hold'em, Omaha


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Checking Account

  • Business Model
  • Monthly Fee
  • Ease of Cancelling
  • Billing Methods
  • Software
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Player Traffic
  • Player Support
  • Tournaments
  • Promotions


  • No-download software allows you to play poker right away
  • Easy billing methods with credit cards or checking account
  • Fixed monthly fee limits your risk
  • Works on any mobile device


  • High monthly fee of $24.95
  • May continue to charge you even if you cancel
  • Nonsensical player quality makes it difficult to win consistently
  • Software is dull and dated
  • No bonuses or promotions
  • Extremely low ring game traffic

ClubWPT Overall

ClubWPT offers players the chance to win real-money prizes from play-money poker games, but it isn’t free.

This online poker site operates on a distinctive model that grants players access into unlimited poker tournaments for the chance to win cash and luxury prizes without having to buy in every time.

However, players are required to pay a monthly subscription fee to be eligible for prizes. This may be especially attractive to players from the US, who may be wary of playing for real money.

ClubWPT VIP Subscription is a unique subscription poker tournament site.

Owned and operated by the World Poker Tour, is associated with a very reputable brand. As such, you would expect the site to be a great destination for online poker players.

Unfortunately, that isn’t really the case. ClubWPT definitely has plenty of kinks that need to be worked out before the site’s poker model is a success.

How ClubWPT Poker Works

ClubWPT features a unique style of gaming. It’s a free-to-play poker site where you compete in tournaments with play money chips, however you also have to play a membership fee. For $24.95 a month, you can play poker to your heart’s content.

While it’s similar to apps like Global Poker in the respect that you don’t have to use your own money to buy in to tournaments, you do have the chance to win actual cash prizes.

Firstly, you can use points to register for play-money tournaments. As you “cash” in these events, you’ll earn TPs (tournament points), which you can use to enter special event tournaments that offer up prizes worth thousands of dollars as well as entry into official WPT events and luxury prizes.

ClubWPT Tournament Payouts
An example of the payout structure in a ClubWPT special event.

VIP Free Trial

A 14-day free trial membership for ClubWPT VIP is available, but you have to enter your payment information beforehand. While this is standard for any type of free trial subscription, I was quite wary about entering my card details, specifically because many Club WPT players have noted that they have been charged even when they wanted to cancel.

Reading other poker forums and finding out about other players’ experiences on the site didn’t fill me with much optimism, so I decided to cancel my membership with a few days to do.

Fortunately, I wasn’t charged before my trial was over, but I did cancel a week into it. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of the VIP trial period and want to cancel, make sure you do so a few days before the actual expiration date.

ClubWPT Credit Card Charges
As soon as you sign up, ClubWPT tries to ask for your credit card or checking account to join the VIP games.

The ClubWPT VIP Program

It’s interesting that players can win real-money prizes worth thousands by paying just under $25 a month. If you wanted to do that at any other real-money poker site, you might end up spending a lot more than $25 on buy-ins. Thus, I can certainly see the appeal of joining the VIP club.

There aren’t many other free-play poker sites out there that operate on this model, so you do get a unique gaming experience when playing at You can try as many times you want to play poker for the chance to win cash prizes and even luxury items like holidays and cruises.

ClubWPT Ring Game
ClubWPT is tough to recommend as a poker learning tool because most hands turn into all-in gambling.

If you’re a beginner, this type of online poker model could really benefit you. Since you’re only spending a set amount of money every month for your VIP membership, you don’t have to worry about depleting your bankroll. You’re not risking your own money on each individual buy-in, and you have the chance to earn prizes.

Reviewing ClubWPT further, there isn’t much else that I can praise this site for. Many other aspects of this online poker site are lacking, so it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of becoming a member.

Frequently Asked Questions
✅ How much does ClubWPT cost?

You can play at ClubWPT for free, but you can't win real-money prizes without a VIP subscription. If you're going month-to-month, VIP costs $24.95 per month.

✅ Is ClubWPT free?

ClubWPT does have a free social poker section, which doesn't cost anything to play. However, in order to win real prizes, you'll need pay for a VIP Poker subscription.

✅ Is ClubWPT legal?

ClubWPT is legal in 36 US states (full list in review) because it isn't technically a gambling site. You pay a flat fee for a montly subscription and then can win prizes, which falls under sweepstakes law rather than gambling law.

✅ Can you win money on ClubWPT?

Yes, you can win real-money prizes at ClubWPT if you're a VIP Poker member, which means you'll have to pay for a monthly subscription.

ClubWPT Software

You can play ClubWPT poker directly from your web browser or by downloading the software to your computer. It’s a small download and doesn’t take very long to install, which is about the only upside to the software.

ClubWPT Freerolls
ClubWPT is available as a download or instant play, but its design is incredibly bland.

The design of the ClubWPT software isn’t particularly pleasing to the eye and there really isn’t anything special about the navigation. Everything about the ClubWPT lobby is very plain. There isn’t anything eye-catching or stylish about it, which makes it seem a bit outdated.

When it comes to the actual gameplay of the tournaments, I was fairly impressed. The games run smoothly and you don’t experience any lag.

The controls are intuitive and all of the buttons feel like they are where they should be to ensure that you feel comfortable playing.

Poker Game Selection

At ClubWPT, the only play-money poker variants available are Texas Hold‘em and Omaha. This is standard at play-money poker sites, since Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the most popular poker games by far. You’re not really missing out due to the lack of stud games.

ClubWPT Poker Lobby
The ring game traffic is very low at ClubWPT, rarely exceeding 50 simultaneous players.

There are separate lobbies for tournaments, Sit & Go’s, and ring games, which are separated by free and VIP sections. If you’re a VIP, you can take part in competitions for the chance to earn your share of prize pools worth up to $1,000 and entry into WPT events.

It’s also important to remember that you can’t take part in any events for real prizes until you’ve completed the sign up process and registered for the 14-day VIP free trial. There are freeroll tournaments available and, even though they don’t have an entry fee, you still have to sign up for the trial.

ClubWPT Tournament
ClubWPT stops you from taking part in any tournaments until you’ve entered your payment details.

ClubWPT Bonus

There are no actual bonuses and promotions relating to poker when you’re a member at ClubWPT. When you sign up to the ClubWPT VIP program, you automatically get and SaversGuide memberships.

These clubs provide you with discounts at attractions and restaurants, as well as deals on concert and sports tickets.

You can also take part in various weekly tournaments at ClubWPT that have enhanced prize pools. The tournaments are available to all players, depending on the number of points you’ve earned. Buy-ins range from 50 points to 100 points.

ClubWPT Poker Tournaments
At the Monday Night Poker Party at ClubWPT, $200 tournaments are held every hour.

I suppose it makes sense for this to be the case. Access to all of the exclusive tournaments and special prizes are included as part of your VIP membership, so there doesn’t seem to be much opportunity for the site to offer up promotions outside of this.

Still, additional incentives would be a big plus. Anyone who’s played at another online poker site will feel like something is missing without them.

ClubWPT Bonus Code

As you sign up for a new ClubWPT account, you’ll see a field to enter a bonus code. Unfortunately, no ClubWPT bonus code exists and there is no way to get any extra bonus. ClubWPT may offer a promo code in the future, but the only offer at ClubWPT right now is the 14-day free trial of VIP.

ClubWPT No Deposit Bonus

ClubWPT is a “free-play” poker site that doesn’t require you to deposit any money, aside from your VIP membership. There isn’t a no-deposit bonus available on the site. Everything is included in your VIP membership cost and you can only start playing once you’ve entered your credit card details. Poker Software

The world of play-money poker continues to expand, with new sites making their way onto the scene every month. As the market gets more and more competitive, it’s important that sites like ClubWPT make an effort to really wow players because, if nothing else, at least players can say that the site looks great.

ClubWPT Software
The ClubWPT has a fun snack bar, but the entire software client feels dated and dull.

At ClubWPT, this really isn’t the case. When you’re in a poker tournament, there isn’t anything that sets the aesthetics of ClubWPT apart from any other free-to-play sites.

Like the ClubWPT lobby, the poker games feature a basic design and there isn’t much in the way of customization options. There are only a few avatars to choose from and they don’t look all that great.

ClubWPT Instant Play
ClubWPT Poker doesn’t provide much software customization, with short list of avatars being one of the only features.

ClubWPT on Mobile

One feature that ClubWPT has improved on is its mobile support. In fact, the entire Club WPT software, from the lobby to the tables, is optimized for mobile play. Everyone now plays on the mobile client, as evidenced by the 3-line hamburger navigation menu, even when you’re on a Mac or Windows desktop.

There is no ClubWPT app as there’s nothing you need to download to play on any iOS or Android device. Just visit the website from your mobile browser, log in, and you’ll be able to play instantly.

ClubWPT on Mobile
ClubWPT works on any mobile iOS or Android device and, in fact, uses the mobile client even when you’re on a desktop.

Conclusion on ClubWPT

ClubWPT doesn’t do any one thing particular well. If you want to give play-money poker a go, there are other destinations that offer much better gaming experiences.

If you’d rather play poker for cash prizes, then there are more than a few quality options out there that have minimum deposits for less than the ClubWPT membership fee. Even if you have to play at micro-stakes, the quality of the games will far surpass any on offer at ClubWPT.

The main, and possibly only, draw of ClubWPT is that you can earn cash prizes from tournaments without having to buy in to each event separately. It’s the major selling point for this poker site and I can see why it might not appeal to everyone.

115 thoughts on “ClubWPT Poker – Review Updated for July 2024”

  1. I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TOTHINK HERE ANYMORE. all reviews about pokersites is that theyare rigged. i also dont know how the cards are generated. is there a chosen winner while in lobby before anyone plays. or are cards dealt at random. and what does that mean exactly right? randomly dealt how? ive been playing clubwpt for four months now. and yes lots of times i get bad beats. but i also win bad beats alot. you also play alot more hands than at a real table of nine players. so yes your gonna gt alot more hands than usual. alot more aa’s ak;s. flush’s on the river. when you have AA’s. but honestly whenver i have AA’s on the tables i get F***ed to. so i dont know if its rigged or people have bots or whateever claims there are. i have only made it to 3rd place once. but your also playing against 800 people a game on diamond. in a real tourney with 800 ppl. its gonna cost prob 3k and it you place top 50 whcih i usually do you walk with some big time money. here you dont walk with nothing really if you place high on a 1k game with 800 ppl. 2000 ppl on big cash games on vip. someone said they have to give you a free membership on here. im going to try and see what they are talking about. anything online concerning money is gonna be tricky. ppl will always find a way to cheat. or comapny maybe is cheating themselves wewill never know i guess. unless your on the inside. i will admit the best thing about clubwpt is you pay monthly so no losing 1k at the tables. or $300 or whatever. it did actually teach me alot and gave me confidence to play at the tables. but i do get bummed out alot when i spend 4 hours playing just to win 5 dollars. or tourny points. it really sucks.

  2. Of all the bogus sites I’ve played, this is the worst. Their “drama” is to the extreme. I have now finished one spot out of the final table 3 times since I joined and have every time lost to bogus hands while holding a great hand. Sour grapes? You try it for a month and see what I mean. The message becomes clear after a short time….you are not meant to win here…at least not fairly. And the quality of the average player is poor. Prepare to have your aces cracked by 9-2 off-suit on a regular basis, especially when the game is on the line. Agitating at best!

    • Andrew,
      I was in a tourney, where I was dealt pocket Aces. I went all-in pre-flop, only to be called by another pocket Aces. Flop comes off with 3 spades, turn is a blank, river a 4th Spade. Guess, who held the Ace of Spades? Wasn’t yours truly… Odds of that happening? Like, 1 in millions.

    • Andrew,
      I was in a tourney, and was dealt pocket Aces. Went all-in pre-flop, only to find I was called by another pocket Aces. O,K., bit of a rarity, but I can accept that. Flop comes off with 3 spades, turn is a blank, then river pops a 4th spade. Guess, who held the Ace of Spades? Wasn’t your’s truly. Odds of getting beat by a nut spades flush, A-A, vs. A-A? What, 1 in millions?

      • Also, more players call all the way to the river. Even for their whole stack with just bottom pair. If they lose, they go jump on another tournament. When they start every 10 minutes. This is the real reason you see so many bad beats on the river. The math is right, but in a real tournament, they never get to the river.

    • I agree with Andrew and all the comments about the unusually high frequency of “bad beats” on this site. Of course, people who have never played on the site will discredit these claims out of hand citing “variance” and “randomness”, etc. While bad beats do happen, it is the way they happen on this site. You get some fish to call all-in with pocket 6s to your pocket Qs. You have them right where you want them until they river their two-outer. It certainly happens too frequenctly.

      The reason ClubWPT would rig the site is obvious if you doubters would give it a little thought. They want to sell subscriptions and what better way to get fishcakes to open their wallets than making them win more often than they should. They think they are better players than they truly are and are incentivized to sign up and pay.

      One other thing, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A CENT for Diamond and/or VIP memberships. Because of their membership model, they can circumvent laws that apply to true poker/gambling sites. As a by-product, however, they must provide people with a means of no-cost memberships. Read the Terms of Service (nobody does) and you can see how mailing them a 3×5″ index card requesting a Diamond and/or VIP membership monthly is all you need to do to get them. Kentucky residents can even be reimbursed for postage (I guess they feel bad enough about you being a resident of Kentucky in the first place). No money. Not even a credit card required.

    • so reading Bethany jones long review, I’ve yet to play think I may sign up tomorrow for my free trial. she said there are no bonus codes to put in, I’ve come across code “BOUNTY” It gives you 2000 tp points enough to enter one of free 1000$ tournaments

    • Here’s ClubWPT’s MO:
      1. If you are not one of the “chosen” players during a tournament, nothing, I mean nothing, will allow you to win. Their f’d up algorithm will eventually get you.
      2. If you are not programmed to win, you will be dealt something to entice you to stay in the hand, only to be slayed on the river.
      3. If you happen to be one of the “chosen”, you can play BS and it will win.
      4. A flush is dealt every other hand. (Unless you are waiting on it and not programmed to win. If that’s the case, you be dealt four cards to the flush on the flop – only to get nothing in the end).

      One last thing to let you know it’s rigged: Check out how the written description of your hand (on the bottom right of the screen) appears a split second before the cards are fully revealed. If it’s random, how do they know what you’ll have BEFORE the cards are dealt? The site is complete BS.

  3. Do not sign up for clubwpt. Currently there is no way to cancel membership. No provided phone numbers or email address are responsive or connected. You will be charged monthly and about the only option I see is contacting your bank or credit card company and stopping payments that way. Customer Service doesn’t answer the phone either.

  4. I have played in dozens of live tournaments. The chance of getting anything above trips is almost impossible in live tournaments. On ClubWPT, it happens every third hand. I understand that there are a lot of donkeys on the site. I get beat with 10 5 or worse pockets regularly, and I understand these are free tournaments, so there is no skin in the game with a buy in but …

    Also, don’t win very often on ClubWPT. After a string of wins for 3 months in a row more than tripling my monthly fee ($150), which I did not “claim” until the end of the three months, the second I claimed the prizes, I entered a curious dry spell. But maybe the poker gods are pissed at me, who knows.

    Third, the casino side is pointless.

    • Well we know that’s a lie because you do not claim money on clubwpt. It is sent to you up to twice monthly! If you don’t like it, don’t play, but don’t make up stories to fit your argument!

  5. You people are idiots! You really should do something other than play poker, like raise petunias! I am 75 years old. I’ve spent my entire life as a software developer. Before you start bitching about rivers and bad beats you should learn just a little about random theory and seeding number generators! While I’ve never written software for poker I have developed several game clients for Craps, Yahtzee, and even Roulette and I can promise that every lousy player at Craps, Yahtzee and Roulette blame the software! Go back to your petunias!

    BTW: I also play tournaments regularly at the casino poker rooms. River and bad beats happen at the same rate there as online!

    Grow up cry babies!

    • Your as real of an ****** as they come pal. I don’t believe a word you say and think your the cry baby that works for wpt poker.

      • Kramer,
        I wholeheartedly, agree. If that clown, spent any time watching hands on WPT’s site, they would recognize the uncanny amount of rigged hands. You have to be blind, and ignorant, not too.

    • you fool you have no idea what you are saying give the site a try if you dont already play there many examples of UNBELIVABLE brds as an example i saw 3 royal flushes in one turny one against me when i didnt lose all my chips when i was on the puck with A/10 and turned a boat against K/J diamds so not a 1 card flush and it was y
      the very first hand which is irrelevant other than i should not of been in to see the next 2 royals both of which were 2 card holdings are you assuming people are honest when it comes to money if so crawl out frim under your rock and do some calculations

  6. If you want to improve your play for live games do not use ClubWPT. The cards are not dealt randomly at all. I started to think this a while ago after seeing others comments and playing on the site itself. For example:
    Pocket AA’s should win about 85% of the time against any callers but not on ClubWPT. I started tracking hands with AA and an all in call and AA’s have only won about 48% of the time. I was just knocked out of a tournament that i had pocket AA’s and pushed all in, pre-flop and was called by 4-2 off suit. The 4-2 had me covered and the flop came 7-4-10, the turn was a J and the river was, you guessed it!, a 4.
    It would be one thing if this happened once in a while but I see this over and over and over again.


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