This Global Poker Review Shows Why You Should Stay Away

Global Poker Is Not Recommended


Global Poker


USA Players



Proprietary closed network




No advertised bonus


Top 5 in USA market


Malta Gambling Authority






Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Pineapple


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


Visa, Mastercard


Bank Transfer

Global Poker
  • Bonus
  • Fish Rating
  • Banking Methods
  • Player Traffic
  • Software
  • Tournament Selection
  • Cash Game Options
  • Rake Levels
  • Withdrawal Times
  • Rakeback


  • Decent traffic across the site
  • Busy cash game tables around the clock
  • Solid selection of daily tournaments
  • Web-based software available across any device
  • Accepts players from the USA


  • No welcome bonus
  • Poor rakeback scheme
  • Not enough software customization options
  • Winnings can only be withdrawn to a bank account
  • No hand histories saved locally
  • PayPal removed without any announcement or explanation
  • No Bitcoin deposits or withdrawals
  • Players are forced to provide personal documents to get payouts
  • Confusing model of play money and deceptive real money games

Global Poker Overall

Global Poker brags about being the only legal online poker site catering to USA players.

In this Global Poker review, I’m going to scratch under the surface to see what’s what.

At a first glance, Global Poker does seem to operate within legal constraints due to a clever workaround they came up with, which was further confirmed by the fact that PayPal accepted transactions to and from the Global Poker site.

Unfortunately, the entire connection between PayPal and Global Poker has fallen apart.

The biggest selling point of Global Poker to US players was taken away when PayPal was removed as the sole banking method, now only allowing deposits with credit cards and withdrawals to bank accounts.

Global Poker Removed PayPal

The worst fears have now come to pass as PayPal is no longer an option at Global Poker for either buying Gold Coins or cashing out your accumulated winnings. Unfortunately, problems are already starting to appear.

Global Poker has tried to spin the loss of PayPal into a good thing, announcing a new cashout option through WorldPay straight to your bank account.

Global Poker PayPal Warning
This is the message Global Poker players ended up receiving, trying to spin the huge loss of PayPal into a positive thing. Unfortunately, it was sent out to a majority of players after they had already disabled PayPal on their accounts.

Unfortunately, players received no warning that PayPal would be removed. Also, numerous personal documents are now being required from players in order to receive withdrawals.

Here’s a good video summary from Youtube user Pokerdad on how Global Poker online players have been left in the dark about the removal of PayPal:

Another big concern players have had over time was the fact Global Poker offered only offered PayPal and had no plans to change this. So, should anything have happened to your PayPal account or PayPal decides they no longer accept Global Poker withdrawals (which ended up happening), you would have been out of luck.

Global Poker has since removed PayPal as a banking option for all players without a reasonable explanation of why, leading to speculation that PayPal didn’t approve of their business model and decided to end their relationship.

There have been cases like this already and, although Global Poker did manage to find a resolution in more high-profile situations, they took a lot of time, demonstrating either lack of willingness or ability to resolve problems faster.

Global Poker Complaints

Over the course of its operation, Global Poker has faced quite a few serious complaints, many of which have been reported by a number of players.

These seem to indicate that Global Poker isn’t all it’s being advertised as. The recent unexplained removal of PayPal is a huge hit for recreational players that could spell doom for Global Poker.

One of the more common complaints about Global Poker has to do with identity verification, where many players have reported very long delays and having to send their documents many times over before finally being verified.

Despite a lack player privacy by not blocking screen names, no Global Poker HUD has been developed. The web-based format that Global Poker uses makes HUD implementation impossible, which is one positive.

Global Poker Cash Game
There are currently many complaints about Global Poker and although the site seems to be delivering on their promises for the time being and solving any issues as they go, players’ caution is recommended

Is Global Poker Legit?

Global Poker has been accused of misleading its players. Every player from every country is allowed to buy Gold Coins, but only players from the USA and Canada can get $weeps and request cashouts.

Although this is mentioned on Global Poker, many players believe the warning should be much clearer. It’s quite clear players aren’t really coming to Global Poker to play for play money – they can do that anywhere.

If you happen to buy Gold Coins at Global Poker and aren’t from the US or Canada, you can’t have the transaction reversed. The money is gone and you’ll get your fun money to play with.

This fact doesn’t prevent Global Poker from sending emails and actively trying to get players to deposit regardless of where they come from.

While Global Poker may come up with excuse and explanations for this (they just want you to buy Gold Coins and enjoy free games), these marketing strategies are misleading at best.

Global Poker Deposits
Global Poker removed the familiar PayPal deposit interface, now supporting only Visa and Mastercard.

Should You Play at Global Poker?

Although Global Poker could previously be recommended as a somewhat risky but decent alternative for US players, developments with the loss of PayPal big problems in the company.

Removing PayPal without any warning, failing to explain why, and actually trying to make it out as good for the players are all signs that things are not going according to the plan and players’ money could be at risk.

While we don’t know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes, Global Poker certainly isn’t helping by staying silent.

So, until the air has cleared and the future of the site becomes more obvious, we would definitely recommend staying away and playing at other US-friendly sites out there.

No-Limit Hold'em at Global Poker
Although the games function well enough at Global Poker, there are serious questions about their ability to thrive for real-money play to US players.

Global Poker for Real Money

Although most poker room reviews start with looking into the software or bonus offers, with Global Poker, it is important to first understand the way the site operates since they are technically the only legal US poker site at the moment.

To achieve this, Global uses a unique sweepstakes model they’ve first introduced with their online casino operation named Chumba Casino.

The way it works is that players transfer money from their PayPal accounts (now credit cards) to purchase Gold Coins from Global Poker. These Gold Coins represent play money, similar to PokerStars play money or Zynga chips, i.e. they have no real money value.

$weeps Cash at Global Poker
In the main lobby, you have an option to switch between Gold Coins and Sweeps Cash. $weeps is what you want to play if you are interested in real money poker

However, alongside these Coins, players are also awarded Sweeps Cash ($weeps). You can’t “buy” Sweeps Cash. You can only buy Gold Coins, while Global Poker awards you with real money Sweeps for your purchase.

On the Global Poker site, there are two separate lobbies – one for Gold Coins games and one for Sweeps Cash games. You can use your Sweeps Cash to enter the latter and at any point you can request your Sweeps Cash to be converted into real money and paid out.

Confusing sweepstakes model

For most players, the sweepstakes model used by Global Poker is very confusing because there isn’t anything like that out there. What they are doing is operating a site where there is no real money gambling as such because you aren’t allowed to gamble with your own money.

Global's Gold Coin System
It will take some time to get used to the Global Poker model and you might find yourself playing for hours only to realize you’ve been playing for Gold Coins

Instead, you’re paying money for Gold Coins (fun money) and the site is giving you Sweeps as a reward for your loyalty. Of course, the amount of $weeps you get is equal to the dollar amount you deposit.

Does Global Poker Really Work?

One of the concerns many players and those familiar with this subject have is that this “workaround” won’t last. It doesn’t take much to figure out what’s really going on, which isn’t at all different to what’s going on at other poker sites.

Global Poker may have been able to get around USA regulations for the time being, but if there were an extensive investigation, many believe their model would crumble.

So, the biggest issue with Global Poker has to do with their future, especially if they grow to the point where they start attracting a lot of attention.

To this point, PayPal has clearly withdrawn from the operation as players found out quite abruptly without any prior warning.

Global Poker Removes PayPal
The removal of PayPal from Global Poker sparks questions as to why the payment processor stopped allowing itself to be used. Global Poker has offered no explanation.

Although Global Poker has tried to make it as if they were actually helping players, making things simpler, this is hard to believe.

What has probably happened is PayPal took a closer look into what was happening behind the scenes and wasn’t happy with what they’d discovered.

Global Poker Software

Let’s turn away from the business model for a bit and look into technical aspects of Global Poker, primarily their software.

The good and the bad news is Global Poker is entirely web-based. There is no Global Poker software or app you need to download or install.

That means you can access your account from any desktop or mobile device with a web browser. On the flip side, Global Poker suffers from many issues found with web-based client.

Instant Play at Global Poker
Global Poker uses an entirely web-based software solution, which has its upsides but there are also many limitations when compared to downloadable poker rooms

Customization options at Global Poker are quite limited and nowhere near to what you’ll find with downloadable clients of big poker rooms.

There are no waiting lists for cash games and no hand histories are stored locally. This means that you can’t use any HUD software.

In general, Global Poker doesn’t allow application of any HUD software solutions at their tables.

One option that’s definitely worth mentioning is the Poker Pro Table Mode, which will open new tables in new popup windows, allowing for much easier multi-tabling.

Global Poker Software
The Global Poker software is attractive enough and works on any web browser on desktop or mobile.

Game selection

Global Poker features Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) games. As far as cash games are concerned, limits start as low as $0.02/$0.04 and go all the way up to $10/$20 on Sweeps Cash (real money) tables.

The traffic on the tables across all levels seems quite decent so Global Poker has clearly been picking up on some traction.

Global Poker Traffic
The cash game traffic at Global Poker is quite decent as well as the range of available levels, going all the way up to NL2000

When it comes to Global Poker tournaments, the lobby lacks filtering options, so you can’t arrange tournaments by starting times, which makes things difficult.

The tournament schedule seems okay, but there aren’t any big money guarantee events that run regularly.

Players looking to play sit and go’s will find a decent traffic, especially for a USA-facing real money room. Small to medium buy-ins fill up regularly and quite fast and you can play buy-ins as high as $200.

Global Poker Bonus

Whether it is because of their business model or something else, Global Poker offers no advertised welcome bonus and no promotions section. There have been some reports of a hidden $2 no deposit offer, but there is nothing else there so you won’t get any incentives on your first deposit.

This is definitely off-putting, especially when compared to every other online poker site on the market.

No Deposit Bonus at Global Poker
Global Poker has no advertised deposit bonus and no promotions, which sticks out sorely compared to other real money online poker sites.

The bonus itself isn’t really advertised on the site, but many USA players have confirmed they got their free $weeps after joining so it seems to be an existing promotion.

However, like many things with Global Poker, it’s not something you can count on 100%.

Global Poker Promotions

Global Poker isn’t particularly generous with other promos, either. By participating in cash games you’ll earn entries into weekly tournaments with $weeps Cash prizes but that’s about the extent of it.

There is no real rakeback so the reward for your play is quite limited, especially if you play a lot.

Global Poker Reward System
The rewards system of Global Poker isn’t particularly exciting as there isn’t even a welcome bonus you can use on your first deposit

Global Poker Deposits

Up until recently, PayPal was the only method you could use with Global Poker.

However, with that option off the table, players are now stuck with their credit and debit cards and this is not nearly as convenient or easy, especially for US-based players, which are the focus market of the site.

Deposits are done by buying play money Gold Coins and being rewarded with Global Poker $weeps, which is the equivalent of real money at Global Poker. You can then take the $weeps Cash to $weeps Cash tables and tournaments and use it to play.

How to Buy Gold Coins
Instead of traditional deposits, you’ll be buying Gold Coins and $weeps will be added to your account as a gift. Global Poker used to accept PayPal but that option is now off the table

Global Poker Withdrawals

When you want to cash out, you’ll request your $weeps to be converted to cash and sent to your bank account. The conversion is done at 1:1 ($1 for 1 $weeps). The minimum amount of $weeps required for a withdrawals is $50.

With the removal of PayPal, it seems that serious concerns many have voiced over the Global Poker business model are starting to surface.

Lack of Privacy at Global Poker
Players at Global Poker are now required to provide numerous personal documents in order to receive a withdrawal.

The company now offers payouts directly to bank accounts instead, but this is much more complicated process, with some players reporting the infrastructure not really capable of handling wire transfers properly.

Players are also now required to provide Global Poker numerous invasive personal documents in order to cash out their bankrolls, despite receiving PayPal payouts previously without issue.

Global Poker Conclusion

Unfortunately, Global Poker is showing many signs of impending failure or shutdown:

  • Payment processors (PayPal) removed without explanation
  • Delayed payouts
  • Deceptive player support answers

I’ve seen this scenario play out many times over the years with now-defunct poker sites.

I do not recommend any new player deposit real money at Global Poker. If you already have money there, I recommend you withdraw it as soon as possible while you still can.

16 thoughts on “Global Poker Review – This Is Why You Shouldn’t Play Here”

  1. Global Poker locked my account and is holding $2K of my due monies in hostage and will not reply to any of my request… anyone know how I can go about legal action to receive my due monies? Thank you in advance – extreme warning! Will take your money at Will. Corruption and Fraud!

  2. This site is a pure scam. Instead of depositing the $50.00 I won into my account, I found out they tried to withdraw $50.00. I told them to deactivate my account immediately, and that was about the only thing they did efficiently because it meant I was giving up on the $50.00 owed and the $20.00 still in my account. And then they told me to refrain from opening new accounts as if were the one defrauding them.

  3. Do not deposit any money on this site!!! You will not be able to cash out. I have been waiting for months for my money and they keep giving me the run around saying my bank is rejecting payment and my bank is saying its no record of an attempt to deposit. They dont even respond to my emails. This site is a complete scam!! This is not word of mouth this is first hand experience that continues to the day.

  4. The algorithm they use for flops and river and turn seems off. I would not recommend global poker. It seems like a scam. Not to mention players join with strange name and get all of the hands. Might be bots in the game.

  5. Haha just saw this article and that you used my youtube video. I appreciate it! I do agree that the concerns are there. I am still playing there however because of the weak player pool. That being said, I have since moved over to being a tournament player, and i dont love the Global blind structure compared to what is my favorite site, BetOnline.

    Either way, thanks for using my video in the article.
    – Pokerdad

    • That’s awesome you found your way here and absolutely, I think you did a great job explaining how Global Poker pulled the rug out from players with the removal of PayPal. I’ve just seen the pattern that Global is following too many times with other poker sites that ended up disappearing with player funds.

      Agree with you on BetOnline. I think they’ve been one of the best in the USA market for years and I rate them third, only behind Bovada and Ignition.

      Keep up the good work with the videos. It’s on my overdue to-do list to create video content for BTF. One day.

    • Hey I’m having the same issues been like 2 weeks just trying to cash out 50 bucks just to see if they are legit..
      They keep on asking me for more documents and once they say everything is approved may take up to 5 days to see my funds.
      Really starting to wonder myself

      Thanks for the info


  6. Waiting since December 24th for a cashout and although I was specifically targeted with emails of them accepting American Express the same institution did not allow an incoming wire transfer. For the last 3 weeks I have been ignored and finally after 4 days recieved a response asking for information I have previously submitted at the very very least 3 to 5 times. It has gotten to the point I have prepared a report for the BBB for the last 2 hours and will be sending it forst thing in the morning if they do not fix my issue by then so that I can have a 3rd party ensure I will in fact receive the payment I requested that they state was sent on December 24th but neither I nor American Express confirms reciept of. They claim payment was reversed but at this point I have a hard time believing anything or they would have went out of their way to ensure I had recieved the payment instead of ignoring me for 2 to 4 days at a time before requesting previously submitted information.

  7. DO NOT PLAY ON GLOBAL POKER – unless you want to CONSISTENTLY lose with the best hands {it
    has been tracked for about a month} A’s get cracked all the time, so play at your own risk

  8. The software is a disaster if you want to be frustrated with setup after setup play then have at it. I’ve been on the site for over a year. There is nothing random about the software and they claim its RNG and non repeatable yet there are times when I have been dealt the same type PP cards 5-6 times in a row. Example 6d 2c, 6h2s, 6d2s, and so on for 4-5 in a row. never get that with face cards ever. Asked questions many times and pointed these out and they just patronize the response.

  9. deals a lot of pairs within the flops making it hard to C-bet too often. I’ve seen it over and over again. That gets boring., and it’s borderline cheating if you ask me.

    • Thanks for the thoughts, Yemil.

      I haven’t personally seen anything to suggest foul play at Global, but I’m just concerned about their business model, loss of their main gimmick in PayPal, and other behind-the-scenes controversies such as player data leaks.

      I don’t feel like Global Poker has a positive outlook, which is why I’m not comfortable recommending that players deposit money with them at this time.

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