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by Josh H  |  Owner and Editor-in-Chief

The cryptocurrency market has been booming as of late despite some setbacks and bumps along the road. And, although they seem to be everywhere these days, cryptocurrencies have been particularly interesting to online gambling and online poker providers.

We aren’t just talking about Bitcoins, but many altcoins as well, one of them being Litecoin.

For people not keeping up with this rapidly developing situation, all of this may be rather confusing. That’s why we took it on ourselves to create this guide to Litecoin poker sites, explaining everything you need to know to get started.

Getting started with Litecoin poker sites

By this time, most people have heard about Bitcoin poker sites, but when it comes to other cryptos, often referred to as altcoins, things start to get complicated. Litecoin is one such alternative cryptocurrency that’s been making waves in the market.

With its popularity growing, some of the leading operators dabbling with cryptos have taken it upon themselves to offer Litecoin poker deposits and withdrawals.

Without being to technical and confusing everyone with the information that’s not pertinent to the topic at hand, it suffices to say that Litecoin (LTC) is very similar to Bitcoin in many of its aspects and there are certain areas in which it’s even better than its predecessor.

To get started with LTC poker sites, you’ll need to meet a few prerequisites. The first thing is, naturally, having some Litecoin available to you. Luckily, thanks to its popularity, this cryptocurrency can be obtained at a number of large exchange sites.

Furthermore, you’ll need an LTC wallet. This is the place where you’ll store you original coins, send them out to make deposits, and this is where your withdrawals will be processed back to.

Although Litecoin Core takes quite a while to download the entire Litecoin blockchain, it’s a perfect simple solution for depositing and withdrawing from online poker sites.

Litecoin vs. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

One thing that always confuses people when it comes to dealing with cryptocurrencies is why they should prefer one over the other. We already have BTC poker and Ethereum poker guides on Beat The Fish, so why do you even need to know about Litecoin?

While we’ll try to offer some of the reasons further in this text, the truth is the world of cryptocurrencies is a very complex one and we don’t claim to be the ones to know it all. We simply want our readers to have access to as many alternatives as possible. If you’re interested in reading more about LTC, you can always check out our references’ section at the bottom of this page.

The best Litecoin poker sites

As mentioned, with Litecoin growing in popularity and more people starting to own this particular cryptocurrency, a number of online poker sites, particularly those facing the US market have started to offer LTC deposits and withdrawals. We’re bringing you what we believe to be the best alternatives

BetOnline Poker has added cashier support for several cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin.

Where to play LTC online poker?

Although cryptocurrency has found its way and established its position in the online gambling and online poker realms, many sites that we could deem “mainstream” still seem reluctant to accept Litecoin and other cryptos as their banking methods.

On the other hand, poker sites catering to the American market have found a lot of success with cryptocurrencies and were among the first to start accepting Bitcoin payments. It is no different with Litecoin poker.

Although Litecoin may not be as familiar as some other cryptocurrencies, this particular altcoin offers advantages for online poker players over Bitcoin, including transaction times less than 3 minutes and fees less than .10.

If you already own some LTC or are interested in getting some and testing waters with Litecoin poker sites, these are the rooms where you’ll have no problems making deposits with this particular cryptocurrency and you should be able to get started in a matter of minutes.

  • BetOnline
  • SportsBetting Poker (a reputable site open to the US market and offering numerous banking alternatives)
  • ACR Poker (one of the longest-standing US-facing sites)
  • Various lesser-known sites you should exercise caution with

At all of these Litecoin poker rooms, you’ll find you standard selection of games, ranging from Hold’em and Omaha cash tables, scheduled tournaments, Sit & Go’s, and numerous variations of these, such as increasingly popular Jackpot Sit & Go formats.

America’s Cardroom is another major cryptocurrency supporter, including deposits and payouts in Litecoin. The only drawback is their higher $100 minimum deposit.

In terms of game selection and your ability to access everything offered by the rooms, you’ll be at no disadvantage if you use LTC as your main deposit and/or withdrawal method.

One thing to note, which some players are often confused about, is that you won’t be actually playing in Litecoins. Upon depositing at the poker site, your LTC is converted to the main currency of your account (USD, EUR, etc.).

You will know exactly how much money you have available at all times and won’t need to worry about volatility and your bankroll losing value overnight.

Advantages of using Litecoin

As previously mentioned, these days players have the ability to play poker using a number of cryptocurrenices. It is hard to always clearly state why one is better than the other, but LTC has certain advantages over the competition, which will appeal to most players out there.

Fast transfers and low fees

One of the biggest advantages Litecoin has over BTC is the transfer speed. Although both use a similar underlying technology, LTC has advanced in a sense that it uses the Lightning Network and SegWit technology. This helps prevent potential bottlenecks in the network and makes LTC transfers substantially faster than Bitcoin ones.

In addition to this, fees for Litecoin transfers are also significantly lower, which can be a big factor, especially with BTC transfer fees that can exceed $40 during peak congestion.

After you choose your deposit amount with the poker site, you’ll see the wallet address and exact Litecoin amount you’ll need to paste into the Send/To section of your Litecoin wallet.

Popular LTC wallets

One thing you’ll definitely need to get started with Litecoin poker sites is a Litecoin wallet. There are many popular options out there and most players will be happy to use a software solution instead of a hardware wallet, which is more secure, but not really required if you don’t have huge amounts of LTC at your disposal.

Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Litecoin Core
  • Jaxx
  • Exodus
  • LoafWallet (a mobile LTC wallet)
You’ll choose your deposit amount in USD before you see the exact amount of LTC to send to the online poker room.

Final thoughts on Litecoin poker

If you’re someone already involved with cryptocurrency and have played poker on one of cryptocurrency sites, you probably have a good idea what it is all about even if you haven’t used Litecoin as such.

On the other hand, if you’re someone just looking to start with cryptocurrencies and use them as means to fund your online poker endeavors, LTC is definitely worth a look.

Although not as popular as Bitcoin, this altcoin has a lot to offer in terms of speed and lack of fees. Many believe it has a bright future ahead.

Of course, one thing that’s always worth mentioning when talking about cryptocurrencies is their volatility. Although your funds will be converted upon depositing, you’re likely to have some LTC stored in your wallet for later use or after a withdrawal.

If you do decide to play poker using Litecoin, you should stay vigilant and pay attention to the market to some extent to ensure you don’t lose a percentage of your money due to unexpected events. As they say, better safe than sorry.


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  • Whatarelitecoins.com – a great resource for everyone new to Litecoin

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