32Red Poker Announces Shutdown With A Week’s Notice

32Red Poker Shuts Down
32Red Poker announced yesterday that it will be closing for good next week.

32Red Poker has announced that it will be ceasing operations altogether on May 19th, along with the closure of the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). The announcement was made just yesterday, so players at 32Red Poker have just one week to find a new place to play.

Poker Jackpots To Be Redistributed to Players

32Red Poker will be decommissioning its jackpots on May 18th. So, where will those prize pools go? Back to the players, is where!

All of the funds that have been collected will be returned to the accounts of players who contributed to these jackpots. Direct funds will be issued, and there will be freerolls held on the site’s final day of operation that allow players to vie for a portion of each jackpot pool.

Jackpot Direct Refunds to Players Freeroll Prize Pool
Bad Beat € 19,059.94 € 577.54
€1 Fish Party € 3,290.05 € 0.04
€5 Fish Party € 41,114.47 € 7,779.45
€10 Fish Party € 27,817.08 € 4,463.13
€20 Fish Party € 45,457.08 € 11,881.56
€50 Fish Party € 72,583.84 € 121,848.50

For example, if you contributed to the €50 Fish Party jackpot, you’ll be able to compete in the freeroll on Monday for a portion of the € 121,848.50 prize. Then, the remaining € 72,583.84 that was collected in the jackpot prize pool will be directly refunded to players.

The Closure of MPN

It was in September 2019 that Microgaming announced the closure of its online poker network. It was decided that the network model was no longer effective. So, while sites that operate on the Microgaming Poker Network will be shutting down, Microgaming itself plans to have a presence in the online poker world.

“While the network will be closing, this is not the end for poker at Microgaming, which is driven to create the most enjoyable entertainment experiences, leading the way with world-class gaming content.” – John Coleman, Microgaming CEO.

What this means is that Microgaming will return to the poker world but with a standalone product. The current model allows other sites to run poker games on MPN software, but the future is likely to see Microgaming return with its own room – similar to how partypoker or PokerStars works.

Destinations for Former MPN Skins

At the time of MPN’s closure announcement, there were 16 skins on the network. Many of the sites have confirmed where they will be migrating their online poker services, with the majority of sites heading to Playtech’s iPoker network. The skins that have confirmed their migration to iPoker are:

  • Red Star
  • Grosvenor Poker
  • CoolBet
  • Betsson

OlyBet is the one former MPN skin that will be going elsewhere. Earlier this month, the site announced its move to the GG Poker Network.

Other sites like PAF and 7777 have yet to confirm their new poker networks. However, there is always the chance that they may make the same decision as 32Red and leave the online poker world altogether.

Microgaming Poker Network’s final day of operation is May 19th, 2020. So, in the coming week, we’re likely to hear more from former MPN sites that will either be shutting down altogether or finalizing their migration plans.

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