Adelstein/Lew Poker Cheating Scandal – The Facts

Lew Adelstein Cheating Scandal
A lot has happened this past week, since Robbi Jade Lew was accused of cheating during a live-streamed game. Here’s an overview of the entire situation so far.

Yet another scandal has the poker community up in arms, after Robbie Jade Lew was accused of cheating when she won a $269,000 hand with Jack-high. It’s only been a week since it all went down, but there have been plenty of twists and turns in this short time. So, if you’ve had trouble keeping up with all of the developments, keep reading; we’ve got the full scoop on the latest poker cheating scandal.

What Hand Did Robbie Jade Lew Allegedly Cheat With?

It all started last week when Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein found themselves heads-up in hand live streamed from BETMGM and Hustle Casino Line. To simplify it all, the hand played out as follows:

  • Adelstein has a stack of $813,000 and holds 7c8c – suited connectors
  • Lew has a stack of $133,000 and holds Jc4h – a pretty garbage hand
  • Pre-flop, everyone else at the table folded pre-flop leaving a pot of $4,500 for Lew and Adelstein to battle over
  • Adelstein raises to $3,000, and Lew calls
  • The flop comes down 10h 10c 9c, leaving Adelstein with both a flush and a straight draw and a 70% chance of winning the hand
  • Adelstein bets $2,500 and Lew calls
  • The turn shows 3h, and Adelstein bets $10,000
  • Lew raises to $20,000 and Adelstein bets $129,000
  • Lew goes all-in to call, and wins with Jack-high

After the hand, Lew stated that she thought Adelstein had Ace-high. She was questioned as to why she then called him down to the river holding Jack-high and she has maintained that she simply believed her opponent had a weaker hand than her.

Lew Returns Her Winnings

Understandably, Adelstein was furious over losing the hand. After all, he played his hand in such a way that Lew should have folded with hers which would have left him scooping up the pot.

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What we can’t condone, however, is him cornering his opponent after the hand. Lew states that Adelstein pulled her out of the game, before cornering her and threatening her. Adelstein denies doing this but, it was after this conversation that Lew offered to repay the money she had won from the hand.

To some members of the poker community, this is the smoking gun. Many believe that Lew returned the winnings because she had been guilty of cheating. However, others believe that she was just trying to diffuse the situation after being intimidated.

Cheating With a Vibrating Device

After this, Adelstein started with his accusations of cheating. He believes that she was in possession of a vibrating device inside of her ring which secretly indicated to her that hers was the best hand. He has yet to provide any actual proof of this, but it is a theory that has spread throughout the poker community.

Hustler Casino Live Investigates and Uncovers $15K Theft

As is the case with any suspicious activity in a poker game or tournament, an investigation was conducted into this cheating scandal by Hustler Casino Live, the brand that streamed the game. This is where things get even weirder.

The “team of experts” who were employed by Hustler Casino audited the streaming technology and security of the venue to determine if there was any evidence of players using “compromising technology” during live-streamed games. It was during this investigation that a completely different crime had been uncovered.

After the hand, an employee of the casino named Bryan Sagbigsal was found to have taken $15,000 worth of chips from Lew’s stack. He was fired from the venue and police were contacted but Lew decided not to press charges – a decision which raised even more red flags.

Adelstein Presents Proof of “Cheating Ring”

Several days later, Adelstein presented his proof on the 2 Plus 2 poker forum. In his post, he highlights shady past behavior of Lew, as well as Jacob Chavez, Bryan Sagbisal (who, as we mentioned earlier, stole Lew’s chips) and Darren Attebery, who he believes have joined her in what he calls a “cheating ring”.

With video footage and accounts from other members of the poker community that have come in contact with them, it is an extensive deep-dive into the alleged cheaters’ pasts. So far no one named in the post has come forward yet to defend themselves.

Lew Adelson Cheating Ring
Just the highlights of Adelstein’s forum post which details the suspicious actions of Lew and her alleged conspirators.

This takes us to the present day. It’s been a crazy ride so far, and we’re sure that there are plenty more twists and turns to come. Will it turn out to be as crazy and convoluted as the Stones Live Cheating Saga? Only time will tell.

The poker community is divided on the issue, with onlookers, professional players and commentators all weighing in on this cheating scandal. What do you think about the situation? Is Lew actually part of a cheating ring, or is Adelstein being an incredibly sore loser?

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  1. I have a completely different take on all of this….I think she has a secret crush on him and she just wanted to be in the hand with him for the attention and she really didn’t care if she won or lost the hand, she just wanted to flirt & play with his mind a little bit….which is why she offered to run it twice even though he had said he was ok with running it once…It’s also why she gave him his money back…it’s also why she was fidgety nervous…it’s also why she looked hurt & disappointed when she commented that he “looked like he wanted to kill her’…it’s also why she suggested that they play a heads-up match later on….it’s also why she did not immediately get angry and threaten to sue him for slander…’s also why she gave several different & strange explanations for why she called his all-in with only Jack high in the first place….It’s ALL because she has a huge secret crush on the guy and obviously couldn’t & wouldn’t admit it (since both are married), and instead tried to come up with one plausible explanation after another ……

    Now before you guys all call me crazy, lets get 20 or 30 women to review the tape and then ask them if they agree with my assessment or not….I bet most of them will say there’s a very good chance that I’m onto something here.


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