Poker Night Gone Wrong in Brooklyn: Four Dead and Three Wounded

Poker Night in Brooklyn Turned Into a Shooting
What started as a poker night in Brooklyn resulted in four casualties.

On Saturday morning, somewhere around 7 AM, in the Brooklyn neighborhood Crown Heights in New York, four people were killed and three wounded in a shooting at an illegal gambling club.

Unfortunately, four people including the shooter couldn’t have been saved, while the three injured were taken care of in hospitals and their lives are not endangered. One more person broke a leg while trying to escape this unfortunate gathering.

Poker Player Angry Because of the Lost Game

A poker player Chester Goode (37) shot three people at the Triple-A Aces Private & Social Event Space in the Crown Heights district in Brooklyn, New York. Police had examined the crime scene after which the officials stated that, according to the shell casing found at the crime scene, there were 15 rounds fired from a 9-millimeter gun that morning.

His victims were the acquaintances he played poker with — Terrence Bishop (36), John Thomas (32), and a bouncer Dominick Wimbush (47). However, before the third victim Dominic Wimbush passed away, he managed to shoot back and murder Chester Goode, the man who started the gunfire.

The motive?

The investigation regarding the details of the shooting is still on, which can be easily understood from the police tape still surrounding the area of this non-legit gambling place. Also, the police are still around keeping watch on the pavement in the scope of approximately 2 blocks.

New York Police Investigating The Crime Scene
New York police are still trying to discover the motive behind the shooting.

The motive, though, has not been defined yet, since the only person who could reveal it is not alive anymore. But, if we consider the type of place at which the shooting happened, we can probably guess a few possible reasons for it.

Some say that Mr. Goode was involved in a fight at the same club last year, thus might have still felt some sort of bitterness regarding that event. On the other hand, there were statements about Mr. Goode suspecting that his fellow players had been cheating during the games of poker they had played.

Illegal Poker Club Familiar to the Police?

The police are familiar with the club at which the shooting occurred. They had received complaints from the neighbors in the past, however, when they paid a visit to the place to solve the issue, they didn’t find any crimes requiring their action.

Still, the fact that the place like this operates and is well-known to cause distress in the neighborhood bothers the police chief Rodney Harrison. After the accident, Chief Harrison noted:

“I need the community to work with us and stop these operations, because if you don’t, unfortunate things may happen.”

Moreover, the owner of the building, Samuel Revells, had to talk to police and comment on the establishment that operated at this address. He too went inside the building after the investigation to check the conditions in which the building was left.

In his statement, Mr. Revells mentioned that being the owner of the building, he only rented it to the manager of the mentioned club for the last two years in the same way he would rent an apartment. He denied knowing anything regarding the place operating as an illegal gambling institution or the occurrences happening there.

Players to Avoid Illegal Gambling Clubs

No words can bring back to life these unlucky four people who might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, what can be done is to advise the poker lovers to think twice before choosing the place to demonstrate their poker skills.

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