Maria Ho Signs Up as Ambassador for Crypto Brand

StormX Maria Ho
Professional poker player Maria Ho has teamed up with StormX to help promote the cryptocurrency app among the poker community.

Cryptocurrency app StormX has announced that professional poker player Maria Ho will be an ambassador for the brand. Building on the poker community’s growing interesting in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, her role will aim to attract more players to the crypto market.

Maria Ho’s Role at StormX

As part of her role as an ambassador, Maria Ho will be involved in cross-promotion for StormX, as well as appearing in television ads. It also seems to be a sort of sponsorship deal, as she will be wearing the brand’s patch to all poker events that she will be competing in.

“Many known poker players and enthusiasts alike often express interest in cryptocurrencies and the digital asset space. StormX is a great bridge for those looking for an extra way to diversify and fuel their portfolios and those who may have only dabbled in crypto before. I’m proud to represent StormX as one of the most respected and innovative crypto companies” – Maria Ho says.

What Is StormX?

StormX is a mobile app and browser extension that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by shopping online. Over 1000 different stores are available on the app, such as eBay, Nike and Samsung, and whenever users make a purchase, they’ll receive between .5% and 85% as cashback.

The brand has been making its way into the poker community recently, and its partnership with Maria Ho is a great decision if StormX wants to further ingratiate itself with players. Earlier this year, the company teamed up with PokerGO to host the StormX Invitation Poker Tournament – the first of what we assume will be many high-profile poker events from the brand.

One of Many Poker Pros Involved in Crypto

Cryptocurrency trading has become hugely popular, with millions of people around the world getting involved. However, if there were one community that we would say has embraced it the most, it would definitely be poker players.

Daniel Cates is well-known for his interest and investment in cryptocurrencies, which has certainly inspired other poker players to get involved. In fact, he has spoken about the attraction that poker players have to cryptocurrency, providing some interesting insight into why this might be the case:

“For one, both are subject to wild volatility which creates a situation where risk management, as well as bankroll management, become critical. I also think the speed of the crypto industry is what attracted many poker players”.

So, it comes as no surprise that there have been so many poker pros have dipped their toes in the NFT pond, as well. Since NFTs are created using the same programming as cryptocurrencies and they are recorded on the blockchain, the two types of technology operate on similar principles.

Phil Ivey teamed up with The Shoe Surgeon to create a Moments NFT and brands like PartyPoker and the WPT have also experimented with the technology. Many poker players even got involved in the Crypto Punk NFT trend. Jeff Gross, Dan Smith and Bill Perks are just some of the pros that, at one point, changed their Twitter profiles to feature their NFTs – some valued at as much as $400,000.

Still, becoming a brand ambassador for a crypto app is quite rare. Only Doug Polk has ventured into this specific territory – although it was a short-lived venture that didn’t really go very well. So, we wish Maria Ho well in here new role as a StormX Ambassador and look forward to seeing what their partnership has in store for the poker community.

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