Maryland Passes Sports Betting Bill Into Law

The Maryland General Assembly passed a sports betting bill which will now go to voters in the state in November.

Maryland is on its way to having sports betting after a bill legalizing the activity was passed into law. The way the bill was written allowed it to pass without the signature of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

The voters of Maryland will have the final vote in November, but lawmakers say the bill has overwhelming approval and will easily be approved by voters. The Republican Governor has been applauded by the people of his state for his handling of the coronavirus. He conducts daily press conferences addressing all the issues that deal with the virus.

Governor Hogan has been meeting with lawmakers to approve certain bills and address the reopening of the state, which Hogan said will be done in small stages. Hogan was definitely not in a charitable mood this week. He vetoed several bills that were in front of him.

The sports betting bill easily passed through both legislative houses. In addition to sports betting, Hogan also passed a bill that would have Baltimore’s Pimlico Race track renovated. The racetrack is the home of the famed Triple Crown Preakness race.

Hogan Pleased State Will Have Sports Betting

So all in all, Hogan said, “some bills that were not essential or necessary at all were put on the back burner. Those bills that will benefit Maryland and help with reopening the state have been given a green light.”

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The sports betting bill was approved by the Maryland General Assembly in mid-March, just before the General Chamber was shut down early due to the virus and concerns of spreading. The state of Maryland has suffered substantial losses and over 1,500 deaths, and no sign of the virus slowing now.

Sources connected to the Governor say he’s gravely concerned about the death toll and the fact that the virus death count is not lessening. When voters approve the bill in November, there are some issues that have to be worked out before the official launch can take place.

maryland passes sports betting
Although he didn’t sign the bill to make it a law, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is happy that the state should have sports betting soon.

Tax rates and the rules and regulations will have to be solidified. There will also be the process of granting sports betting licenses. A source in the Governor’s office said that the process of getting licenses approved would be a very condensed one.

Most States In Dire Need Of Way To Generate Funds For Programs

Maryland will be in dire need of money, much like most other states. If the process has to be steamrolled at an accelerated level, then that’s what will happen.

Insiders are saying that the great people of Maryland, the Old Line State will be making sports bets in early 2021. A source explained that the revenue that sports betting will make for the state has already been earmarked for the educational system in the state.

Several inner-city schools are in dire need of computers, books, and many other basic items to conduct classes.

Maryland already has a wide array of legal gambling in the state. There are casinos, the lottery, horse racing, and bingo. Maryland voters will just be asked if they are in favor of expanding the legalized gambling that already exists in the state.

The ballot will indicate that all revenues generated from sports betting will go to the education fund in the state. A source at the Gaming Control Board in Maryland said that “the wording will be very straight forward, and according to focus groups the state has conducted, the approval for sports betting is overwhelming.”

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