Local Professional Poker Player Mike Postle Pleads Not Guilty to Cheating

Mike Postle poker cheating scandal
He is chatting and at the same time reading hands that well?

The latest news that shook the poker community is regarding a local professional poker player, Mike Postle, who has been accused of cheating by a former employee of Stones Live, Veronica Brill.

Allegedly, Postle’s incredibly good reads in this cash game livestream show on Stones Live that took place at Stones Gambling Hall in Northern California caused people from the poker world to believe that something suspicious was going on.

According to pokernews

”Pegged as one of the biggest winners in the game by players, observers and commentators alike, Postle is under attack with some pointing to a series of suspicious hands as evidence he hasn’t beaten them because of his edge or positive variance.” 

The scandal brought about an investigation due to its popularity on social networks, as well as lengthy YouTube videos that arouse mistrust among poker players around the world.

What Charges Is Mike Postle Facing?

Although there was no specific evidence provided that would make this accusation legitimate, there were few points regarding Postle’s behavior that indeed could make one think not everything was fair and square.

The first hint that made the audience think Postle was cheating was a simple fact that he rarely lost. The guy simply always did the right thing, even in situations that were highly unlikely to turn to his advantage. 

There were some shocking decisions made by Postle that immediately caused suspicion, like the hand in which he folded A-K on a K-8-4 flop as if he had known that another player had pocket eights.

That was only one of many monster hands that Postle read well, allowing him to stay at the top of the game.

Another thing that bothers many is the usage of mobile phones during the game since it automatically makes one think that there is a third party involved. However, we’ve come to know that apparently, it is not forbidden to use your phone while playing in the US.

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Still, some find fault with Postle keeping his phone out of sight, on his chair tucked in between his legs, unlike the rest of the players who keep their phones on the rack.

To make the situation even more complicated, people who commented on Joey Ingram’s video are wondering how someone can be that good on live reads while constantly looking at their phone instead of focusing on the game itself. 

Veronica Brill, also known as ‘Angry Polak’ expressed discontent on Twitter. As a regular at the casino, and a player on the Stones Live show, she firmly believes that the situation was not handled properly. 

Mike Postle cheating scandal Twitter outburst
Veronica is convinced that Mike Postle is cheating

Mike Postle Pleads Not Guilty

After all this drama, Stones Live decided to put a stop to it by conducting a full investigation. They soon afterward denied the accusations and made it public via their Twitter account, saying they found no evidence to support the allegations. 

Some players agree with Stones Live and are doing their best to clean Postle’s name. One of these players said he had known Postle for a long time and that there was no doubt he was just meant to do this and be good at it. 

Other people who played with him many times in the past support this claim by saying this is simply the way he’s been playing since the beginning. While it might sound unrealistic, even unreasonable to some, it brings nothing but success to Postle.

In the end, this situation is neither black nor white due to the lack of evidence necessary to accuse Mike Postle of cheating. Mike himself denied these allegations and mentioned he was working on proving his innocence. Until some evidence comes to light, the only thing left to do is speculate.

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