Poker Quizzes to Reinforce your Poker IQ

Josh H
by Josh H  |  Owner and Editor-in-Chief

Poker Quizzes
Tune up the poker side of your brain with a strategy poker quiz. The poker side is the one whose neurons obsessively stack up in columns of 10 and 20.

Poker Quiz FAQs

What factors make the best poker quizzes?

I feel that the best poker quizzes are engaging, informing, and entertaining. It’s ironic that we dread the thought of quizzes as teenagers in high school yet we happily take them as adults for entertainment.

Why? Because the best quizzes are fun, unlike a surprise Tuesday morning pencil-duller on the Civil War. It’s fun to feel like you’re knowledgeable about a subject you like.

I believe the best poker quizzes engage players with visuals and detailed answers

What makes a fun poker test?

As poker players it’s fun to feel like we make the “correct” decisions at the table. You’re also smart enough to know when you’re being patronized so a challenge is important. No questions like, “What’s the best starting hand in Texas Hold’em?”

I believe the best poker quizzes give visual cues. I’m going to try to give accurate visual representations of each question or at least something to break up the text well.

I believe that poker quiz answers should be thorough and explain why a certain answer is deemed to be the correct one. A poker quiz is only as good as its ability to reinforce concepts.

Take a poker quiz game and make sure you aren’t the fish at the table with the J-8 offsuit

Why play poker quiz games?

I’m glad you asked, Internet header designed to look like an actual question from a visitor.

Poker strategy quizzes are like a grass-fed steak – they take effort to chew through and digest, but ultimately taste good and probably nourish your brain.

Quizzes can serve as a good self-check on how comfortable you are with certain concepts and likely scenarios that will come up at real tables. Injured NFL players talk about taking “mental reps” while their teammates are taking real reps on the practice field.

Poker quizzes can serve as your mental reps before you sit at a table next. The more you practice mentally the more likely you are to automatically make the right decision in a real game.

Taking mental reps with a poker quiz can be one key to making better decisions at the tables

Are these quizzes poker IQ tests?

I don’t really care for the term, but, sure, you’re much more likely to have a higher poker IQ if you ace the strategy quizzes. An actual poker IQ test is a nice concept idea, though. My plan would be to get David Sklansky, Dan Harrington, and Barry Greenstein to come up with a 100 question quiz based entirely off of making the correct mathematical poker decisions.

Does it matter if you Ace a poker quiz?

Ace my hypothetical poker IQ test and… it still wouldn’t mean a whole lot because poker is a skill game with humans that cause an infinite number of variables at every table. The player with the highest poker IQ at a table full of tight experienced players might be the unpredictable rec who throws everyone off.

In the words of the immortal Bill Parcells, “You are who your record says you are.” In poker as in football, a winning record would mean winning more often than you lose. If you’re a winning poker player, I say your poker IQ score is just fine.

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