Washington Is on Its Way to Legalize Sports Betting

Washington Pushes for Sports Betting Legislation
Washington will probably be the next US state to legalize sports betting and offer it to sports fans by the end of 2020.

The previous year was significant for many US states in terms of online gambling and sports betting, as the states, one by one, started legalizing these activities. Washington is another one that will follow this lead in 2020 since the sports betting bill officially made its way through one more legislative session in the Evergreen State this week.

Sports Betting Available by the End of 2020

Until recently, Washington belonged to one of those states that did not fancy gambling at all. The situation remained the same for decades when finally, in the late 1980s, tribal lands got a chance to start building gambling establishments. From that year on, everything started improving for the residents of Washington.

These days, sports betting lovers who live in this state are excited to hear the news related to the legislation of this activity. According to the recent development of the legislation process, fans will be able to enjoy placing wagers on various sports by the end of 2020.

At the moment, sports betting has officially been legalized by 21 states, and that number steadily increases. Washington will probably be next in line as House Bill 2638 left a good impression on the state’s legislators. The proposition for the legislation of sports betting in Washington was presented to the voters earlier this year.

This week, the House Bill 2638 got the green light from the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee. Another vital approval came from the House, where sports betting got 82 positive votes compared to only 14 that were against the legislation.

The main reason why the question of legalizing sports betting in Washington came into being is the revenue. Namely, even though sports betting is not officially legal in Washington, the residents manage to go around the law by placing bets in offshore casinos or by visiting neighboring states. This way, vast amounts of money are leaving the state, which can be prevented by legalizing sports betting.

Sports Betting Available Only in Tribal Casinos
Unfortunately for people who like online wagering, sports betting will, at the beginning, be available only in Washington tribal casinos.

Washington Is a Few Steps from Legalizing Sports Betting

Since House Bill 2638 got approved, there are only a few more steps left for sports betting to become officially legal in Washington. The residents of Washington will have the last say regarding the legislation, and we’ll come to know what they think of it pretty soon.

However, if it officially becomes legal, sports betting will only be available in tribal casinos until state officials decide it’s time to advance further. Sen. Karen Keiser, the chair of the Labor & Commerce Committee, thinks that this is the right decision since problem gambling and underage gambling can cause a lot of problems. Sen Keiser mentioned that:

“Gambling brings with it the threat of addiction and corruption. That’s why it’s wise for our state to take a very small first step and to work with our trusted partners who have shown their ability to contain the problem of addiction and thwart the threat of corruption.”

Analysts predict that online wagering on sports will be the next in line for the legislation since the nearby states already legalized online gambling. More states are going forward with legalizing online gambling. Washington is moving one step at the time, hopefully in the right direction.

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