New York Senator Pushing Governor To Allow Mobile Sports Betting

addabbo pushing for mobile betting
New York Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. continues to push for the state to make mobile sports betting legal.

Democratic state senator Joseph Addabbo Jr., who represents the 15th District of New York including Howard Beach, says the feet dragging on legalizing mobile sports betting by New York governor Andrew Cuomo is not helping anyone. The Empire State’s neighbor New Jersey has been given the title of “Sports Betting King’ by many sports betting experts.

With close to 17 states having some form of sports betting up and running, New Jersey routinely brings in the most revenue. New Jersey has mobile sports betting, and according to data from the gaming division in New Jersey, 90% of all bets placed in the Garden State are done online.

Due to the close proximity of New York to New Jersey, New York has lost billions of dollars to New Jersey, Senator Addabbo said on Monday. Over the weekend, Governor Cuomo said that racetracks in the state can resume business on June 1; however, there was no mention made of mobile sports betting.

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Senator Addabbo said that Cuomo left mobile sports betting out of the new budget a few months ago after he promised it would be in it.

Addabbo Feels He Can Convince Cuomo To OK Mobile Sports Betting

Addabbo said he’s been having very productive meetings with Cuomo’s team to see where everyone is regarding mobile sports betting. Addabbo told the governor’s committee that he believes mobile sports betting could bring in more than $200,000 a year in profits.

Cuomo is still knee-deep in dealing with the damage the coronavirus has caused the state. Parts of the state of New York have been lifting some restrictions, but New York City still has an active order to shelter in place.

Addabbo doesn’t understand why Cuomo is not warmly embracing mobile sports betting. Addabbo said, “We do not have the luxury of declining revenue at this point. We have a severe budget deficit.

Addabbo said he wanted to make something very clear. According to the senator, the budget shortfall was going on way before the coronavirus.

cuomo against mobile sports betting
New York governor Andrew Cuomo has stated his opposition to mobile sports betting in the state.

With the coronavirus, the budget shortfall is much more severe now. The senator said there has to be a method to raise money as soon as possible before the next session begins.

Addabbo Said Constituents In Favor Of Mobile Sports Betting

The money that would be generated from online sports betting would benefit several school programs through the state. Addabbo talked to CBS News on Monday about his concerns with the governor’s refusal thus far to include mobile sports betting in the state budget.

Addabbo questioned the motives of Cuomo. He said, “It makes no sense to me and several of my colleagues in the Senate why Cuomo is being so stubborn when it comes to sports betting in general.”

The senator said that Cuomo had voiced concerns over those that may become addicted to sports betting. However, Addabbo believes there is a risk of that with most things, including alcohol, yet it’s legal and available everywhere.

“The bottom line here is that we have a huge budget shortfall, we are in desperate need of money for programs, and from where I’m at, I don’t see any other plans or ways to generate money for those programs.

“My plan recently has been the Plan, Pass, Prepare strategy for mobile sports betting. I do think Governor Cuomo is coming around, he knows the state needs to raise money for our recovery, and this is a valid way of doing it.”

Senator Addabbo believes that bill will be on the November ballot, and mobile sports betting will be launched in late 2020 or early 2021.

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