Five Left in the WSOP Main Event, Competing for Their 1st Bracelet

WSOP 2019 Final Table Runners.
Five of these nine players are left at the final table of the WSOP 2019 Main Event, each looking for the first-ever bracelet score.

The World Series of Poker’s Main Event is down to five players. With a $12 million grand prize up for grabs, we’re looking forward to some thrilling scenes. All of the players left in the tournament are vying for the first-ever WSOP bracelet, so we’re sure to see them duking it out hard for the honour.

Four WSOP Final Table Players Eliminated on Day 8

Saturday, July 13 was a much-needed day off for the players in the main event. Action resumed on Sunday, and It wasn’t long before the first player of the final table busted. Just three hands in, Milos Skrbic was eliminated with Ace-Jack against Garry Gates’ Ace-Queen. In ninth place, he received a $1 million prize.

It wasn’t long after that when Timothy became the next eliminated player. Su was the short stack at the final table, and went all-in with pocket 3s. He was called by Hossain Ensan with pocket Jacks, who also flopped a jack, and left the tournament with a $1.25 million payout.

At 21-years-old, Nick Marchington could have been the youngest player ever to win the WSOP Main Event, but things didn’t play out that way, when he was eliminated two and a half hours into the day. He shoved all-in with Ace-7 and Ensan called with pocket Kings, busting in 7ths place with $1.525 million.

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Then, it was Zhen Cai’s turn to go, unfortunately. With one ring under his belt, he was looking to score his first bracelet. From the big blind, he shoved 28.7 million chips with AsKd, after Ensan raised 2.4 million from the cut-off. Ensan folded and Maahs called with a pair of 9s.

The flop came down QsJs7s, and Maahs remained in the lead. The turn was 4d, and the river was 2d, so Cai had no opportunities to improve his hand, and was eliminated in sixth place for $1.85 million.

Let’s Meet the Remaining Final Table Players in the WSOP 50 Main Event

Hossein Ensan is currently the chip leader with 264.4 million chips. He’s leading by quite a lot but, for Alex Livingston, first is still within reach as he has 84.6 million chips.

Ensan is relatively new to the WSOP Circuit, having made his first cash and win in the 2017 Main Event in Rozvadov. He has three cashes, totalling over $230,000, and one ring. Livingston’s WSOP history goes all the way back to 2011, and he’s made 17 cashes since then for a total of over $650,000.

Garry Gates has 63.2 million chips, and is yet another player on the hunt for his first bracelet. He has cashed 15 times in various WSOP events since 2010, and has amassed $225,769 from these events.

Dario Sammartino, with 58.1 million chips, has the most WSOP cashes with 38 since 2011. His total earnings amount to over $3.4 million, and he is certainly the most experienced and successful player of the bunch.

Dario Sammartino WSOP 2019 Final Table
Dario Sammartino, with his rail cheering him on.

Kevin Maahs currently has the least amount of chips with 41.5 million, but it’s still anyone’s game. He is the newbie of this final table, with just one WSOP cash under his belt from the $400 No Limit Hold’em Multi-Flight event in the Horseshoe Hammond stop on the circuit.

None of these players have ever won as WSOP bracelet before, so we’re rooting for all of them! They have done tremendously well to have outlasted over 8,000 players, especially with veterans like Antonio Esfandiari, Chris Moneymaker and John Cynn in the field.

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