Want to Be a Poker Ambassador? Intertops Is Looking for Streamers

Intertops poker streamer brand ambassador
Intertops has put out a call for applications from poker streamers who want to be brand ambassadors.

Do you have a popular poker stream? Have you always wanted to be a brand ambassador? Well, now you have the chance!

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Intertops Poker is accepting applications from poker streamers for brand ambassador roles. If you have over 500 subscribers, you could be a successful applicant and actually get paid to play poker.

How To Apply

If you’re interested in becoming a poker stream for Intertops, just send an email to pokermanager@intertopspoker.ag. Make sure you have the subject line written as “Twitch Application”, and the following information is included:

  • The email address you have registered with Intertops
  • Your poker username for Intertops
  • Your streaming method
  • Your streaming username
  • A link to your stream

“Poker streaming is hugely popular and we are looking to partner with the best streamers in the business to provide our players and poker fans around the world with lots of live action” – John Murphy, Manager at Intertops Poker.

What’s Involved in Being a Poker Ambassador

If you’re not sure what it means to be a streaming online poker ambassador, just check out Kevin Martin. He was made a brand ambassador for GG Poker last year, and he regularly plays on Twitch with tens of thousands of viewers watching.

As a poker ambassador on a streaming platform, it’s likely that you’ll be backed for the tournaments that you enter and the cash games that you play. While the details of the partnership have not been announced, based on other types of streaming dealers, it’s sure to be some combination of a sponsorship and staking.

You’ll also get your stream promoted through Intertops. So, you should be able to expand your viewership.

The Best Poker Brands on Twitch

While poker streaming is nothing new in the online poker world, it is a relatively fresh concept for poker brands to back streamers and embraced platforms like Twitch. A couple of online poker rooms are leading the way.

One brand that has a great team of streamers is partypoker. Jaime Staples, Courtney Gee and Jeff Gross are just a few of the names that stream themselves playing at party poker on Twitch.

Jeff Gross Poker Twitch Channel
Jeff Gross is one of several partypoker brand ambassadors that you can watch playing on Twitch.

GGPoker, as we mentioned also has an impressive roster of streamers on its team.  You can watch streamers like Patrick “Egption” Tardif and Hristivoje “ALLinPav” Pavlovic play poker online, represented by the GGPoker brand, as well as former Big Brother Canada champ Kevin “KMart” Martin.

PokerStars is another brand that does a great job of using Twitch to its full potential. In addition to sponsoring streamers, the poker brand also broadcasts its biggest events online – with added commentary from Joe Stapleton.

Will you apply to be a Twitch ambassador for InterTops? Leave us a comment and let us know how you get on!

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