Online Poker Millionaire ‘cumicon’ Retires And Releases Epic Career Graph

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What makes someone walk away from a successful venture that has helped them make millions of dollars? Boredom, stress, change in priorities, too much money, maybe a bigger opportunity?

Why is cumicon making news in the online poker community?

An online poker player who uses the screen name ‘cumicon’ announced this week, that he was calling it quits on his online poker career.

Nothing surprising here, right?

Hundreds of players quit playing poker on a daily basis as they are spending and losing far too much of money! Cumicon ended up doing the exact opposite while playing online poker.

Cumicon took a fancy to playing online pot-limit Omaha (PLO) and had a tremendous amount of success from Jan 1, 2013 to Nov 2017. The online poker pro played more than 1.3 million hands during this time period and ended up winning more than $7.4 million in career prize money.

Online Poker Winnings
Online poker player winnings

Who exactly is cumicon?

Nobody knows who cumicon really is, as the beauty of playing online poker, is that you can keep your identity confidential. So while the handle ‘cumicon’ is well-known in the online gambling industry, cumicon’s real identity remains a mystery.

What we can gather from cumicon’s profile information is that he is a 30 year old male living in New York. Cumicon surprised the online poker community by deciding to retire even though he was experiencing so much success.

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The online poker pro posted a thread on the popular Two Plus Two poker forum and announced that he was quitting online poker. He also decided to publish an epic career graph that details his play and winnings during a 5 year period.

Cumicon publishes his career winnings

Cumicon said that one of the reasons he started playing online poker was because he always felt inspired when looking at winning graphs of successful online poker players.

He felt that it was only fair to return the favor by publishing his own online poker career graph and hoped that it would inspire online poker players who are striving to be successful.

His thread on the Two Plus Two forum goes on to say :

“I am quitting poker and want to share my graph now that I don’t need to worry about killing any potential action I might get. These are my results over the past 5 years. I did this without ever really working on my game away from the tables, so its still possible to be a lazy poker player and make money in today’s games.” –TwoPlusTwo

Pretty hard to argue with cumicon’s graph

There’s no getting away from the fact that the global online poker industry has become a lot more competitive in the last 5 years. Poker players tend to constantly point this out and use is as an excuse for not having a lot of success online.

Cumicon Epic Career Graph
Cumicon Career Winnings Graph

Cumicon’s graph blows this argument apart and shows that it is quite possible for an online poker player to be consistent in winning and become a multi-millionaire from the comfort of their home.

Before you decide to throw in a bunch of excuses, remember that cumicon says he achieved this level of success without even working hard at his online poker game.

What made cumicon decide to call it a day

Since cumicon had so much success with online poker, why is he calling it a day? He hasn’t answered that question and doesn’t plan to because he doesn’t have to…

What he did make clear in his thread, was that he was closing the door to online poker for good and would not even consider taking online coaching requests.

Goodbye, cumicon.

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