Poker & Pokemon: Poker Players Crazy About Pokemon GO

Poker Pokemon Go
Poker players and Pokemon GO: the latest craze found its way onto the poker circuit and is clearly here to stay, for a while at least (source: 2+2 forum)

If you have access to the internet and happen to have an account on any of social channels like Facebook or Twitter, there is basically no way you could have missed the latest craze known as Pokemon Go.

The mobile app gives its users an opportunity to catch these popular cartoon monsters, train them, help them evolve, and become stronger. Considering the popularity of the animated series with the famous “gotta catch ’em all” motto, it was no surprise the game quickly caught on with the younger generations who spend an inordinate amount of time on their cell phones.

And, speaking of cell phones, who spends more time using their mobile devices than poker players. Put two and two together, and you get…

Poker world goes crazy about Pokemon GO

The augmented reality game, Pokemon GO was launched earlier in July, with the WSOP 2016 in full swing. At first, it seemed as if it would go more or less unnoticed by the poker community, but then tweets started coming in and it became clear that professional and amateur players occupying seats in the Amazon Room were splitting their attention between the cards they were dealt and Pokemon running around, just waiting to be caught.

For example, we have a well known poker presenter Tatjana Pasalic, asking about the Pokemon situation in the Amazon Room and a well known pro quickly responding. Even after $2.5 million in poker winnings, it is apparently still exciting to chase those weird animated creatures.

Remko Rinkema, a poker journalist and content producer for numerous outlets, including PokerNews, certainly has an interesting perspective on the matter:

And it is clearly the future he enjoys very much:

Gavin Griffin could not resist the temptation, either:

Always in a mood to joke, Joe Stapleton tried to share views somewhat opposite to the popular opinion. Suffices to say, it didn’t go to well.

And here we have Gavin again, fighting an on the felt battle he probaly did not expect this year.

Even Lance Bradely, Pocket Fives editor in chief, couldn’t stay away from all the craze. Although, I have to admit, he might be onto something here.

As for Timex, Pokemon GO made him ask some very important, existential questions:

Of course, it quickly became clear that McDonald knows nothing. Hi there, Pikachu! (Disregard the shadow, that’s not what this is about!)

And there is Xuan Liu who just discovered that priorities in life can change quickly:

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

There is no doubt that Pokemon GO is a very entertaining and addictive game so it is hardly any wonder that poker players, who spend long hours grinding away at home or at a local casino, picked up on this funny little pastime. One important thing to note about the app is that it has its very positive sides as well: to evolve and strengthen your Pokemon, you actually have to walk a certain distance.

Since most of us are lazy when it comes to exercising, those who pick up Pokemon GO will at least have an extra motivation to walk a couple of miles a day for the well-being of their beloved creatures. And in my books, anything that gets people outside and moving around in this time of computer, internet, and virtual socializing can only be a good thing.

So, although it is not a poker app, I’ll go ahead and give Poke(r)mon GO the rating of 4.25 stars!

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