Toilet Paper Poker Game: The Web Is Not Impressed

A video from a London poker club has gone viral, depicting players gambling with rolls of toilet paper.

Earlier this week, a video went viral featuring poker players at the UK’s Eltham Terrace Club gambling with rolls of toilet paper instead of chips. While it was intended for the game to present a bit of levity and provide a laugh, it has attracted plenty of backlash from internet users.

Heads Up For Rolls

The “Heads Up For Rolls” video was posted on March 18, just two days before the United Kingdom went into lockdown. It shows a group of poker players sat around a poker table at the Eltham Terrance Club. Each one has a stack of toilet paper in front of them.

The hole cards are dealt and one player shoves his stack of loo roll. Three players calls and the board is dealt. While we can’t see the winning player’s hand, we assume that it’s probably a flush.

Take a look at the video below:

The Internet Responds

The direct comments to the tweet were positive. The respondents laughed at the video and took it lightly.

However, not everyone was impressed. The video went viral and was picked up by a number of news outlets, and this is when the criticism began. Here are a few choice comments from across the web:

The shortage of toilet paper is an indicator of a much more dire and pressing problem: COVID-19 is a pandemic that has killed over 25,000 individuals globally, causing people around the world to stockpile various household products as they prepare for the worst. Coronavirus poses a real threat to millions of lives, and internet users don’t think that it should be taken lightly.

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Still, there are plenty of playful videos and memes being posted on social media every day. So, there is something to be said for lightening the mood with a little bit of humour.

No Response from Eltham Terrace

Elham Terrace has not yet spoken about its video, despite the fact that it has now been viewed by millions of people around the world. However, days after tweeting the video, the club reported that a number of people who had visited are now showing symptoms of COVID-19.

This prompted one very bitter response:

The club then replied that they had been “very naive”, but requested that followers not “rub salt in the wound”.

Since it’s now been over a week since the original video was posted, it’s unlikely that Eltham Terrace will officially respond to all of the attention that its game of toilet roll poker has received. However, the club has not yet deleted the post.

What do you think? Did Eltham Terrance Club go too far or was it all just in good fun?

1 thought on “Toilet Paper Poker Game: The Web Is Not Impressed”

  1. My son just sent me a photo of it today and I laughed out loud. And all the people who went out the minute we were advised of China, Italy and the rapid expansion and deadliness of the disease, hoarders went into action. And they’re the ones that DON’T make me laugh. I would say for the last month at least, there has been no toilet paper on my city’s shelves and everyone you talk to about the virus, the first comment is “what are these people doing that they need so much toilet paper???!!” And that’s a good question. I imagine when the whole thing has blown over, if any of the hoarders are still alive, they won’t have to shop for TP for a while. So, if you’re a hoarder, shame on you and don’t point your finger at attempts to provide people with some release from the tension.


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