Daniel Negreanu Considers Playing All of 2020 with No Re-Entries

Daniel Negreanu Opposes Unlimited Re-Entries
Daniel Negreanu announced he is considering playing with no re-entries in all tournaments he enters in 2020.

Daniel Negreanu has always been publicly against poker tournaments with multiple or unlimited re-entries. He is a strong advocate of good old times when freezeouts were a standard part of the structure in high-profile poker tournaments.

Negreanu has voiced his concerns against re-entries many times before. However, it seems that the upcoming WPT Five Diamond tournament was the straw that broke the camel’s back for him.

Following his displeasure with the above-mentioned tournament for allowing unlimited re-entries, Daniel Negreanu has tweeted that he is considering playing all tournaments in 2020 without re-entering even once.

Daniel Negreanu Against Poker Re-Entries: Keeping the Spirit of the Game

Thinking logically, Negreanu should be in favor of unlimited re-entries. He has tons of cash and would be at an advantage if he could buy into the game as many times as he’d like. Why is he then so firmly opposed?

His main reasoning is that unlimited re-entries can kill the spirit of the game. He claims that players will give their best only if they know they have just one shot, which will positively impact the level of their poker game.

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On the other hand, poker fans argue that even though his cause and reasoning are noble, he might be digging a hole for himself. If other players know that he only brought one bullet to the fight, they might target him early on to try and eliminate him in the early stages of tournaments.

Why Tournament Organizers Go for Unlimited Re-Entries?

The re-entry format has been the norm in prestigious poker tournaments for a while now. Even the World Series of Poker organizers are including more and more re-entry events every year.

The main reason why organizers make use of this debated format is:

  • To increase the prize pools
  • To make players happier

Thanks to multiple or unlimited re-entries, the prize pools can grow much more than before. That way, the payouts are higher as well, which is what the players want.

The majority of players also appreciate a second chance, which is especially the case with those who travel long distances to enter a tournament.

Speaking Against Unlimited Re-Entries and Proposing Alternatives

This was not the first time that Daniel Negreanu spoke against unlimited re-entries. He started the same discussion on social media after the 2019 World Series of Poker Europe, disclosing his concerns regarding the new norms in the world of poker tournaments.

At that time, he tweeted:

However, Negreanu is not just pointing out the things he disagrees with, he’s also proposing alternatives. For example, he suggested that tournaments should be paying out the number of players accountable for the prize instead of entries. He argued that a lower number of payouts could decrease the number of late registrations.

Daniel Negreanu Plays with no re-entries in 2020
Daniel Negreanu has expressed his displeasure regarding tournaments with multiple or unlimited re-entries numerous times so far.

Another alternative is to abolish unlimited re-entries but not get rid of re-entering at all costs. Instead, organizers could allow just one re-entry, which would give players a second chance if they slip and fall early on.

What are your thoughts on unlimited re-entries? Do you think they are causing more good or harm in the world of poker? Do you have any alternatives in mind? We’d love to hear about them. Feel free to share your opinions in the Comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu Considers Playing All of 2020 with No Re-Entries”

  1. Re-entries are the cancer of poker. If I take all the chips from my opponent why should he be allowed to re-enter? It’s like fighting against zombies! It’s better just to stay away from those kind of games.

    • Thanks for the comment, Ted. I totally agree with you and it’s been something I’ve been saying for the past 10-12 years. I could see the writing on the wall with online poker back then, as these awful rebuy tournaments gained popularity. It’s only gotten worse and it’s simply a fact that rebuys and re-entries decrease the separation of skill and luck from tournaments.

      I’ve personally never liked them and stay away from them almost entirely. I’m with Negreanu on this one.

      Fortunately, at least online you can pick your poison for sites that have different stances on rebuys. For example, Americas Cardroom has gone the way of the dark side and offers rebuys on almost every tournament, whereas a places like Ignition, Bovada, and Global Poker still limit them to around half of the events.

  2. I have always disliked re-entry tournaments. You should get one shot and one shot only. If you miss a free throw or field goal, you don’t get a “do over”! Simply having more money should not allow you to get “extra” chances to correct your bad play!


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