Lucky Break: Doyle Brunson Avoids Being Robbed at Gunpoint

Doyle Brunson almost robbed
Doyle Brunson was almost robbed at a gunpoint in his home in Las Vegas. However, the robber had the wrong information and ambushed his neighbor living a few houses away. (source:

When you are one of the best known poker players in the world and everybody supposes you carry a lot of cash around, that’s bound to pick up a lot of interest: and not just from the fans. There are always those looking to make a quick buck without too much effort.

That’s exactly what almost happened to Doyle Brunson who avoided being robbed at a gunpoint by pure luck. The guy who committed the robbery a few days back in Las Vegas apparently missed the house and ambushed the neighbor who lives a few houses away. At least that’s what Texas Dolly believes.

A robbery gone bad

According to Brunson’s tweets from August 12th, the cops visited his home to inform him about the robbery that took place only a few doors down the road. The robber told his unintended victim that he knew “he was a poker player” and, apparently, expected to find $700,000 in cash on him!

Doyle Brunson almost robbed
Going by the information he was able to gather, Doyle is pretty certain he was the intended victim of the robbery

This led Doyle to conclude that he was the target and that the thief either got confused or received some bad information. The $700,000 were probably winnings from a tipped off cash game in which Brunson took part and the robber, naively, believed that someone would just be carrying this much cash around.

Here’s the kicker: nobody in their right mind carries that kind of cash on their person unless they absolutely have to.

As Doyle aptly pointed out, most players keep the money inside the casino where they play and only cash portions of it out when necessary. Apart from a few rare exceptions, most people are not comfortable walking around with seven figure amounts.

Texas Dolly is not afraid

When the robber realized his mistake, he took $500 from the victim and declared he was going to “kill his informant,” according to Doyle. The Godfather of Poker did not seem too fazed by the events, however, as this is hardly a novelty to him. He’s been around the block a few times.

Being targeted by robbers is nothing new to Texas Dolly: he's been robbed five times already, but Brunson is steadfast in his decision to never let it happen again
Being targeted by robbers is nothing new to Texas Dolly: he’s been robbed five times already, but Brunson is steadfast in his decision to never let it happen again

In fact, in the series of tweets Brunson sent out following the unsuccessful robbery, he pointed out he has been robbed five times in his life and that he had no intention of letting it happen again. The poker hall of famer explained he carries the gun with him at all times and he is not afraid to use it, need be.

Now: is it worth trying to take on someone who probably doesn’t carry too much cash around, but has his Mangum 357 on his person at all times?

I would say no, but not being a professional robber, there might be something I am missing. All in all, Brunson is clearly not afraid as he is well aware there will always be people like that out in the world. But at the same time, he likes to stay prepared, which is probably a good idea.

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