Gus Hansen in 2018: It’s Time to Get Better in Poker

Gus Hansen in 2018
Gus Hansen in 2018 ready to get back to the green felt, but this time The Great Dane plans to focus on live and avoid online high stakes (Source: therealgushansen Instagram profile)

After making an announcement about 2018 being a great year, it seems that Gus Hansen is definitely back in the mix and we will be seeing more of the Great Dane in the upcoming months. This was confirmed by the man himself when he finally decided to accept the invitation from Joe Ingram and appear on his YouTube podcast.

What to expect from Gus Hansen in 2018?

There is no doubt that many poker fans out there were thrilled to see Gus announcing his comeback earlier this year and even more excited to hear what his plans will look like moving forward. As many of you know, Hansen made the name for himself in early WPT tournaments, where his aggressive and unpredictable style brought him a lot of success.

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However, it seems The Great Dane will be focusing more on cash games with a few tournaments thrown in the mix. This is hardly a surprise as live and online high stakes games have been his primary focus earlier, so we can expect more of the same from Gus Hansen in 2018.

Less than stellar online results

One of the things Gus has become notorious for except for his WPT success are his results in online cash games, where he’s been one of the biggest losers at the tables. This is something the Dane is clearly not proud of, but he was happy to discuss it with Ingram.

One of the conclusions Hansen came to during his hiatus from poker is that online isn’t his arena for different reasons, especially because the setting doesn’t fit his playing style and he isn’t able to see his opponents and make his decisions based on their behavior, expressions, and tells.

So, we probably won’t see too much of Gus Hansen in 2018 sitting in the crazy games as he plans to stick to lower limits when playing online. Whether he changes his mind at some point along the way is anyone’s guess.

Something for the fans: Gus Hansen 2018 Instagram

Apart from the fact Gus is back in the mix and ready to play, he’s also been fairly active on his Instagram profile, where he’s been publishing photos and short clips from the famous Bobby’s Room where all the big guns gather to play.

Appearing in some of the clips are many legends of the game, including Doyle Brunson, who, according to Gus, has been playing great poker lately, so it seems the Godfather of Poker is still at least a few years away from the retirement.


Objavu dijeli Gus Hansen (@therealgushansen)

Apparently, Hansen plans to keep doing this, bringing some excitement for the fans, and this is definitely something to look forward to. If you love the high stakes action and want to have an exclusive sneak peak inside some of the biggest games, you should definitely follow The Great Dane at @therealgushansen.

New book, televised poker, and much more

Another thing The Great Dane shared with Joe Ingram is that he’s thinking about writing a new poker book. His first book, Every Hand Revealed, describing his run in the Aussie Millions 2007 Main Event was an interesting one, so it would be definitely fun to see another book penned by Gus.

Some other things Hansen discussed with Ingram include his take on televised poker, the importance of having “characters” at the table, and much more. It is an almost 90-minutes interview covering a lot of ground, so if you’re a fan of The Great Dane or simply enjoy good poker (and backgammon) stories, it is well worth your time to listen to the entire thing.

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