Molly’s Game Poker Movie to Hit Big Screens in November

Molly's Game
Will the long-awaited Molly’s Game movie finally bring us a well-done and realistic poker movie? We can just wait and see.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a decent poker movie on our hands, and the poker fandom is certainly itching for one. After a long wait, we’re now just a couple of months away from the public premier of Molly’s Game, a movie that promises a lot because it is based on a true story and because the Molly Bloom, who’s memoir served as the basis for the script, had experienced the world of private high-stakes games first hand.

The story

This isn’t the first time we’re talking about this new movie, so you can check out more details in the earlier article. In short, Molly’s Game tells the tale of Molly Bloom, the woman who made millions hosting private games for some high profile Hollywood celebrities, rich businessman, and an occasional pro.

Molly’s undoing came about when she decided that tips alone weren’t enough to keep everything alive, especially since some players weren’t particularly fast to honor their debts. So, she decided to start charging rake, opening herself to be charged and prosecuted.

Molly’s Game trailer

The trailer for Molly’s Game has been recently published, and I must say it looks promising. It seems the movie gives plenty of time to games themselves, but also describes things happening behind the scenes, as the government puts pressure on Mrs. Bloom.

One thing we’re all hoping for is that poker action in Molly’s Game won’t be too bombastic and over the edge, which often happens with Hollywood titles. Nobody minds some tension, but poker fans are often turned off by the hands that are simply too much to believe.

The names in the movie have been changed to protect the identities of those involved, of course, but those who have been following Molly Bloom’s case probably won’t have a hard time deciphering who’s who in the movie, at least for the few main characters driving the action.

Mostly positive initial reactions

Although Molly’s Game is still a couple of months away from being shown to the general public, the movie has already had its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. So far, the reviews by the critics have been mostly positive, although not everyone is impressed.

The movie features Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba as the lead roles, together with many other famous names such as Kevin Costner, Jeremy Strong, and Michael Cera. Most critics agree that the lead actors did a great job developing their characters throughout the movie.

Molly's Game
Initial reactions to the movie were mostly positive, so this gives us even more reasons to anxiously await November and Molly’s Game

There are those who think that watching stacks of chips and people playing poker for 2+ hours is too much, and they find the movie repetitive after a while. While we can understand that point from someone just rating a movie as such, for us, poker fans, there is no such thing as too many poker scenes and tall stacks of chips.

After all, those stacks are the underlying reason for everything else that happens in Molly’s Game.

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