Poker Tournaments Start Rolling in Both Europe and the United States


Europe and the US Give Thumbs Up to Poker Rooms
Poker rooms in Europe and the US will kick off by the end of this week with The Venetian and King’s Casino Rozvadov getting back in the game.

Poker players from Europe and the US will once again be able to take part in poker tournaments. One of the most renowned casinos in Las Vegas, The Venetian, reopened its poker room and allowed its card venues to be filled with players. Simultaneously, Europe has also given a green light to poker rooms, as King’s Casino Rozvadov in the Czech Republic started operating normally.

The Venetian Pioneers Poker Tournaments in the US

Although some card rooms have reopened earlier this month, they’ve only been offering cash games. The Venetian is, therefore, the first poker room in the US to restart poker tournaments. Poker players who visit The Venetian will be able to take part in single-table tournaments based on a winner-take-all principle.

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These tournaments will be a smooth transition from online poker as their structure will mirror the one from Sit’n’Go events. The popular casino will also go for multi-table tournaments, but the rules will be somewhat different from the standard game form.

It was expected that one of the famous Las Vegas Strip casinos becomes the first to get poker tournaments going. After all, The Venetian is not just another ordinary casino, which can be seen from their Twitter tagline:

“For us, poker is more than just a game. That’s why we take such great care to provide tournaments that run like clockwork and a large variety of cash games.”

The US Will Witness Different Type of Poker Tournaments in The Venetian

The new-style tournaments in The Venetian will come about on the upcoming Friday and Saturday. The entry fee will be $250 and each table will feature a maximum of five players. The player who comes out as a winner from one table will move to another round in which four-handed poker will be on. The final table game will be four-handed too, representing Round 3.

The maximum number of tables will be limited to 16, meaning the tournament will accept up to 80 players. For the tournament to start, at least 32 players need to sign up. There will be no re-entries since they will be considered freezeouts.

The house is planning on taking a rake of $25 per entry, thus putting together a maximum prize pool of $18,000 if all 80 places get occupied, which is highly likely to happen due to the number of people already flying to Sin City.

Europe Will See Poker Tournaments in the Czech Republic

Players from the US won’t be the only ones to get back to poker tables. Namely, King’s Casino Rozvadov in the Czech Republic will get back to business with both cash games and tournaments. One of the long-awaited high roller events will bi a Pot-Limit Omaha with a guaranteed prize pool of $111,770, starting on June 20.

The news about the high roller tournament spread after the Czech government decided to lift a ban on mass gatherings last week. Namely, at the moment, events of up to 500 people are permitted in the country, which allows King’s Casino to run poker rooms as usual. Furthermore, the Czech Republic decided that social distancing is no longer in effect, as well as the obligation to wear a face mask indoors.

If the things work out for The Venetian and King’s Casino, there’s no doubt we’ll witness the reopening of many other poker rooms across the globe in no time.

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