Ted Forrest Arrest Warrant Issued: Theft & Fraud Allegations

Ted Forrest arrest warrant
Ted Forrest arrest warrant issued by the Las Vegas authorities cites the intent to defraud and theft allegations (source: theborgata.com)

Authorities in Las Vegas have issued an arrest warrant for well known poker professional Ted Forrest. According to Las Vegas Justice Court, Forrest tried to pass two checks, worth $215,000 in total, without having a sufficient balance to cover the amount.

Ted Forrest arrest warrant result of the Wynn complaint

The Review Journal reports that Ted Forrest arrest warrant was issued after a well known Las Vegas casino filed a criminal complaint. According to Wynn, the casino in question, Forrest tried to pass two bad checks in the period between October 2012 and May 2013.

The total amount stated by the casino is $215,000. The Justice Court in Las Vegas heard the complaint, which burdens Forrest with the intent to defraud as well as theft, and issued the arrest warrant for the six time WSOP bracelet winner.

Ted Forrest arrest warrant: Other side of the coin

Chris Rasmussen, the attorney representing Forrest in this matter, stated that these accusations do not hold water. According to Rasmussen, Forrest was extended a line of credit with the casino, which makes this a civil dispute.

Ted Forrest arrest warrant
Ted Forrest arrest warrant was issued based on the criminal complaint filed by the Wynn Casino


Court papers reveal that Forrest signed a confession in 2013, in which he acknowledges his debt towards Wynn to be $270,000. According to this document, the six time bracelet winner agreed to pay off this debt via ten monthly payments of $10,000 each and one bulk payment of $170,000.

The same documents indicate that Forrest did not stick to his end of the deal and failed to make payments, and in July of 2015 the case was closed.

What’s next for Forrest?

According to the Review Journal, this is not the first complaint of this type to be brought against Forrest. Last year, the Mirage started a lawsuit, claiming they were owed $40,500 from the $100k loan. Although the court verified the claim, it remains unclear if the debt was actually paid.

Rasmussen will be moving to request Ted Forrest arrest warrant to be recalled. The hearing scheduled for the next week should shed some  more light on the matter. At this point in time, there is no explanation about what the loaned money was used for.

Despite of all his poker success, Ted Forrest filled the headlines of various poker media a few years ago for a matter totally unrelated to the game: his weight loss prop bet with Mike “The Mouth” Matusow.

Forrest had to lose close to 50 pounds within a six months to win the bet. Although it took quite an effort, he was successful in the end, and Mike was on the line for a cool million. However, when the time came to pay the piper, “The Mouth” simply stated he did not have the money. This created a lot of fuss, but there wasn’t much Forrest could do about it.

Ted Forrest arrest warrant
The weight loss bet between Ted Forrest and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow created a lot of interest, especially after Mike failed to pay $1,000,000 in the end

Eventually, the two were able to come up with a payment plan, which would see Mike pay his debt in a number of installments. According to Forrest’s latest statement regarding this matter, he is still owed more than 90% of the total amount.

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