Quest for New Champion Begins: WSOP 2018 Main Event Kicks Off Tonight

WSOP 2018 Main Event
WSOP 2018 Main Event is finally here as players will gather today at the Rio to begin the quest for the new champion

The 2018 edition of the World Series of Poker is well underway. We’ve already seen more than 60 players add a WSOP bracelet to their resumes – some doing it for the very first time, others increasing their count of the most coveted poker trinkets.

However, of all the bracelets out there, there is one that holds a special place and remains the dream of almost every poker player on the planet. Of course, we’re talking about the bracelet that’s awarded to the Main Event winner each year. Tonight, the action will finally get underway in the WSOP 2018 Main Event as the quest for the new poker champion begins.

WSOP 2018 Main Event journey

Today, the Rio will see players from all over the world come together with a single goal in mind – winning the Main Event and becoming a part of poker history. It will be a long journey and one filled with all sorts of obstacles, but the one worth taking.

The allure of the tournament burns bright for amateurs and professionals alike and the $10,000 buy-in (which remained unchanged over the years) is, for many, a small price to pay to have their shot at the history and rub elbow with the best.

Like every year before, WSOP 2018 Main Event will bring together the stars of the game, aspiring young players, and poker enthusiasts from every corner of the world. No other poker tournament offers the kind of variety in every way imaginable.

Cards about to fly

WSOP 2018 Main Event will get underway in just a couple of hours time and it will set in motion the biggest poker tournament of the year. Today and the following two days will see three starting flights take place, while July 7 will be the first time all of those still remaining in the Main Event will come together in the same room.

It is expected the bubble will burst late on July 7, during the Day 3. That means everyone remaining in the tournament after that point will make the money and can continue their quest for the big final table knowing their efforts have produced a tangible result.

WSOP 2018 Main Event
All the players will come together in the same room for the first time for the Day 3 on July 7

The final table will get underway on July 12, while the new champion should be crowned on July 14, taking over from the last year’s winner, Scott Blumstein.

It doesn’t end with the Main Event

Although traditionally the World Series of Poker concludes with the conclusion of the Main Event, this won’t be the case this year. As WSOP 2018 Main Event unfolds, there will be several more bracelet events kicking off.

Then, on July 15, after the new champion is crowned, the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop will kick off. So, even after the biggest tournament of the year concludes, there’ll be another great event to enjoy, undoubtedly filled with all the biggest names in poker.

Keep up with the action

If you want to stay up to date with WSOP 2018 Main Event as it unfolds and not miss out on any important developments, ESPN and Poker GO will be streaming the action live every day starting from today. The full broadcast schedule can be found at the WSOP main page.

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