Everything You Need to Know About The Epic 2018 WSOP Schedule

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2018 WSOP Schedule
The relentless focus of a man with a lot of coffee under his belt and a lot of passion about bringing you the best analysis of the 2018 WSOP schedule.

We can all agree it’s never too early to start getting ready for the gigantic festival of poker that will be the 2018 World Series of Poker.

Nothing else in poker compares to the fun and excitement of the WSOP, and, from the looks of the jam-packed event schedule, it’s a good bet that WSOP 2018 will be as good as we expect it to be.

Last year, we saw Scott Blumstein make his first ever WSOP cash by taking down the WSOP 2017 Main Event.

Doug Polk also added to his impressive list of poker achievements by claiming a victory in $111,111 One Drop High Roller. For his growing fan-base, it was quite an achievement.

Of course, we’ve seen much more during last year’s Series across 74 events, with the 2017 Main Event being the third-largest in the history.

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As we’ve done at Beat The Fish for the past 11 years, we start our preparations for the WSOP nice and early. Let’s dive into it a la Scrooge McDuck into a vault full of poker chips and bring you everything you need to know about the WSOP 2018 schedule.


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The 2018 WSOP Schedule

Tue, May 2924/7Cash games and satellites begin at the Rio in Las Vegas
1Wed, May 3011 A.M.Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em$56512
2Wed, May 303 P.M.Super Turbo No-Limit Hold'em ($3,000 bounties)$10,000None1
3Thu, May 3111 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em Shootout$3,000None3
4Thu, May 313 P.M.Omaha Hi-Lo 8/b$1,500None3
5Fri, June 13 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em High Roller$100,00014
6AFri, June 17 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em Giant (Day 2 on June 30)$365Unlimited31
6BFri, June 824
6CFri, June 1517
6DFri, June 2210
6EFri, June 293
7ASat, June 210 A.M.Colossus IV$56516
7BSat, June 25 P.M.6
7CSun, June 310 A.M.5
7DSun, June 35 P.M.5
7EMon, June 410 A.M.4
7FMon, June 45 P.M.4
8Sat, June 23 P.M.Triple Draw Lowball and Badugi$2,50013
9Sun, June 33:30 P.M.WSOP.com No-Limit Hold'em (Online)$365Unlimited1
10Sun, June 33 P.M.Omaha Hi-Lo 8/b Championship$10,000None3
11ASun, June 37 P.M.Pot-Limit Omaha Giant (Day 2 on July 2)$365Unlimited31
11BSun, June 1024
11CSun, June 1717
11DSun, June 2410
11ESun, July 13
12Mon, June 43 P.M.Dealers Choice (6-handed)$1,50013
13Tue, June 511 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em$1,500None3
14Tue, June 53 P.M.No-Limit Lowball 2-7$1,50013
15Wed, June 611 A.M.H.O.R.S.E.$1,500None3
16Wed, June 63 P.M.Head-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship$10,000None3
17Thu, June 711 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em (6-handed)$1,500None3
18Thu, June 73 P.M.Dealers Choice (6-handed)$10,000None3
19AFri, June 810 A.M.Pot-Limit Omaha$565Unlimited3
19BFri, June 85 P.M.
20Fri, June 83 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em$5,000None4
21ASat, June 910 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em Millionaire Maker$1,50016
21BSun, June 1010 A.M.5
22Sat, June 93 P.M.8-Game Mix$1,500None3
23Sun, June 103 P.M.No-Limit Lowball 2-7 Championship$10,00013
24Mon, June 1111 A.M.The Marathon (No-Limit Hold'em)$2,620None5
25 Mon, June 113 P.M.7 Card Stud Hi-Lo 8/b$1,500None3
26Tue, June 1211 A.M.Pot-Limit Omaha$1,000None3
27Tue, June 123 P.M.H.O.R.S.E.$10,000None3
28Wed, June 1311 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em (6-handed)$3,000None3
29Wed, June 133 P.M.Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw$1,500None3
30Thu, June 1411 A.M.Pot-Limit Omaha$1,500None3
31Thu, June 143 P.M.7 Card Stud$1,500None3
32Fri, June 1510 A.M.Seniors No-Limit Hold'em$1,00013
33Fri, June 153 P.M.Poker Players Championship$50,000None5
34ASat, June 1611 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em Double Stack (10,000 starting chips)$1,000Unlimited6
34BSun, June 1711 A.M.5
35Sat, June 163 P.M.Omaha Hi-Lo 8/b and Big O$1,500None3
36Sun, June 1710 A.M.Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em$1,00013
37Mon, June 1811 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em$1,500None3
38Mon, June 183 P.M.7 Card Stud Championship$10,000None3
39Tue, June 1911 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em (Shootout)$1,500None3
40Tue, June 193 P.M.Mixed Big Bet$2,50013
41Wed, June 2011 A.M.Limit Hold'em$1,500None3
42Wed, June 203 P.M.Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller (8-handed)$25,00013
43Thu, June 2111 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em$2,500None3
44Thu, June 213 P.M.Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship$10,000None3
45Fri, June 2211 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em (30-min. levels)$1,000None2
46Fri, June 223 P.M.Omaha Hi-Lo 8/b and 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo 8/b$2,500None3
47Fri, June 223:30 P.M.WSOP.com Pot-Limit Omaha (Online; 6-handed)$565Unlimited1
48ASat, June 2310 A.M.Monster Stack (No-Limit Hold'em)$1,500None5
48BSun, June 2410 A.M.4
49Sat, June 233 P.M.Pot-Limit Omaha (8-handed) Championship$10,000None3
50Sun, Jun 243 P.M.Razz$1,500None3
51Mon, June 2511 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em ($500 bounties)$1,500None3
52Mon, June 253 P.M.Limit Hold'em Championship$10,000None3
53Tue, June 2611 A.M.Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8/b$1,50013
54Tue, June 263 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em$3,000None3
55Wed, June 2711 A.M.Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em$1,000None3
56Wed, June 273 P.M.Razz Championship$10,000None3
57Thu, June 2811 A.M.Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship$1,000None3
58Thu, June 283 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em (6-handed)$5,000None3
59Fri, June 2911 A.M.Super Turbo No-Limit Hold'em ($300 bounties)$1,000None1
60Fri, June 2911 A.M.Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8/b Championship$10,000None3
61Fri, June 293:30 P.M.WSOP.com No-Limit Hold'em Championship (Online)$1,000Unlimited1
62ASat, June 3010 A.M.Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold'em (8-handed)$888Unlimited4
62BSat, June 305 P.M.
62CSun, July 110 A.M.3
62DSun, July 15 P.M.
63Sat, June 303:30 P.M.WSOP.com No-Limit Hold'em High Roller (Online)$3,200Unlimited1
64Sun, July 111 A.M.7 Card Stud Hi-Lo 8/b Championship$10,000None3
65AMon, July 211 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em World Championship (Main Event)$10,000None13
65BTue, July 312
65CWed, July 411
66Thu, July 53 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em$1,500None3
67Fri, July 63 P.M.Pot-Limit Omaha ($500 bounties)$1,500None3
68ASat, July 711 A.M.Little One for One Drop (No-Limit Hold'em)$1,111Unlimited5
68BSun, July 84
68CMon, July 93
69Sun, July 83 P.M.Pot-Limit Omaha (6-handed)$3,00013
70Mon, July 93 P.M.Limit Hold'em (6-handed)$3,000None3
71Tue, July 1011 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em (30-min. levels)$5,000None2
72Tue, July 103 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha (8-handed)$1,500None3
73Wed, July 1111 A.M.No-Limit Hold'em Double Stack (30-min. levels; 10,000 starting chips)$1,000None2
74Wed, July 113 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em 6-handed Championship$10,000None3
75AThu, July 1211 A.M.The Closer (No-Limit Hold'em 30-min. levels)$1,500Unlimited4
75BFri, July 133
75CSat, July 142
76Thu, July 123 P.M.H.O.R.S.E.$3,000None3
77Fri, July 133 P.M.No-Limit Hold'em High Roller$50,00012
78Sun, July 1511 A.M.Big One for One Drop$1,000,000None3

*Morning bracelet events restart at 12 noon on Day 2. Afternoon and evening events restart at 2 P.M. the next day.

What WSOP 2018 will feature

Last year, we saw a grand total of 74 WSOP bracelet events featured across the Series, and there’s been a steady rising trend over the years. This suggests we’re likely to see more events added this year, as the number slowly approaches 80.

There was also an unofficial leak of the preliminary 2018 WSOP schedule in December 2017, so we have a pretty strong idea of what to expect already.

Big One for One Drop is back

One thing we do know already about the WSOP 2018 schedule is that the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop will be coming back to Las Vegas. The event is scheduled for July 15, 2018, and it will feature the now-standard $1,000,000 buy-in.

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The number of players is capped at 48 and, like in the previous years, the participants will greatly contribute to the One Drop foundation, which works to bring clean water to people around the globe.

wsop 2018 schedule
Although there was no Big One for One Drop Event last year, Doug Polk was probably quite happy to take down the $111,111 One Drop High Roller.

This will be the fourth edition of the Big One for One Drop World Series of Poker event and, if all places are filled, the top nine finishers will be making the money. In this event, the winner will take home almost exactly $18 million. The charity will get in excess of $5,000,000 for their good work.

There was some controversy last year about the Big One for One Drop and who’d be allowed to participate, but that won’t be the case for WSOP 2018. Those wanting to play can secure their spot in the tournament by submitting a $50,000 deposit by July 1st.

Big hit events that will stay in 2018

The WSOP 2018 schedule will bring back many of the popular events we saw in 2016 and 2017. This includes the Tag Team event, which seems to be quite popular with poker pros.

Likewise, Colossus will be there. This low-buy-in WSOP event has picked up a lot of popularity since it’s been introduced, with player interest constantly rising. There’s almost no chance we won’t see another edition of Colossus during the World Series of Poker 2018.

wsop 2018 schedule
Some of the hugely successful events from last year were no-brainers to return for the WSOP 2018 schedule.

Last year, we also saw the introduction of Giant, a $365 No Limit Hold’em tournament with re-entries. Giant saw more than 10,000 entries overall, generating a prize pool in excess of $3,000,000. With the inaugural event being such a success, we’re likely to see Giant making a comeback for WSOP 2018.

Of course, we’ll keep an eye out for the preliminary and the full schedule so that you’ll have access to much more detailed information about the WSOP 2018 schedule as soon as it becomes available.

When will the 2018 WSOP schedule be released in full?

  • The final 2018 WSOP schedule ended up being released in December 2017. I did some extra analysis here based on what was learned from the final schedule.

The WSOP schedule is one of the most awaited pieces of news in the poker community, for pros and casual fans alike. There are many out there who plan their vacations to fit the Series schedule, allowing them to play in a few select events.

Although the early leaked schedule will probably be pretty accurate, as for the final confirmed WSOP 2018 schedule, we can certainly make a good guess based on previous years.

In 2015 and 2016, the WSOP schedule was released  in February, while in 2017 it came out during the last week of January.

WSOP 2018 schedule
After an accidental leak of the preliminary WSOP 2018 schedule in December, Caesars quickly released the official 78-event schedule. Not dragging the schedule release into the new year was a welcome change.

Of course, players would like to see it as soon as possible, and the schedule being late is one of the most frequent complaints WSOP organizers have to deal with. Be that as it may, we fully expect to see the preliminary WSOP 2018 schedule early next year.

How many events will be on the WSOP 2018 schedule

  • According the the final WSOP 2018 schedule, there will be 78 events.

Over the years, as we can see from the graph below, the total number of WSOP bracelet events has been on a constant rise. Last year cracked 70, as there were 74 events in total. So, what can we expect from the WSOP 2018 schedule?

There’s no reason to think this trend won’t continue in 2018 as well. It’s hard to say if the schedule will break the 80-event mark, but we’re pretty confident it will come close at least. Whether the organizers will introduce some more big events or add a few more smaller tournaments is still up in the air.

Judging by recent trends, though, small buy-ins seem to be very popular and attract huge crowds. At the same time, these can be a bit of a nightmare from a logistical standpoint (dealers, cards, tables), so it may come down to if Caesars and WSOP 2018 have the required resources to introduce more of these.

WSOP 2018 Schedule
There’s been a clear trend by WSOP organizers to increase the number of events this year. With 78 on the 2018 WSOP schedule, that trend continues. Will we be at a year-round WSOP by, say, 2058?


The latest news on WSOP 2018

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How do you qualify for the 2018 WSOP schedule via online satellites?


888 Poker is the official partner of the World Series of Poker. As such, this online poker site usually offers the best and most varied selection of WSOP satellites. Although it’s still a bit early to have too many of them on the schedule, it’s safe to assume things will be similar to what we had last year.

One of the most interesting and attractive WSOP promos is their Step system, which lets players qualify for the Main Event for as little as $0.01. As the name suggests, these are progressive events, with each next step having a higher buy-in value.

In the final step, which is actually the WSOP Main Event qualifier, players get to fight for the package covering not just the $10,000 Main Event entry, but also $1,500 in spending cash, five-nights’ accommodation,  the 888 Poker welcome party, and more.

888 Poker

Name: 888 Poker
Network: Proprietary closed network
Website: 888poker.com
US Players accepted: No
Overall review score: 9.0/10
Bonus: $88 no-deposit and 100%
Traffic: #2 worldwide
In operation since: 2002 (for poker)
Full review: 888 Poker review

888 Poker WSOP 2018 satellite highlights

  • Step structure starting as low as $0.01
  • There are six steps in total to reach the Qualifier
  • Players can start at any step of their choosing
  • It is possible to buy-in directly into the $1,050 Qualifier
  • 888 Poker can be played with no download
  • There is also the mobile poker client available

888 Poker WSOP satellites


[wcpgaller[wcpgallery time=”false” items=”2" id=”04" bullets=”true” ids=”9126,9127,9129,9128,9125,9124"]span id="Detailed-888-Poker-step-satellite-structure">Detailed 888 Poker step satellite structure

In total, there are six steps players need to get through to get to the final qualifying tournament, where one out of 12 registered players will get the big prize: the WSOP Main Event package. Step satellites start very low, with the buy-in of just $0.01, meaning everyone’s got a shot.

Of course, you don’t have to start at one cent to try and win your WSOP package at 888 Poker. All steps are open for registration and you can enter them using your Step ticket or simply buy in with cash. Those with bigger bankrolls will probably prefer to skip a few of the lowest steps.

However, it is commendable that 888 Poker offers this type of a structure since it gives a lucky chance to even those new to poker and not willing to risk too much. Of course, it’s a long shot, but the rewards are huge as well.

Step #Buy-inPrizesLink
1$.01A Step 2 seat for every 10 playersRegister Now
2$.10A Step 3 seat for every 10 playersRegister Now
3$1A Step 4 seat for every 5 playersRegister Now
4$5A Step 5 seat for every 6 playersRegister Now
5$30A Step 6 seat for every 6 playersRegister Now
6$160A qualifier seat for every 7 playersRegister Now
Qualifier$1,050A WSOP package for every 12 playersRegister Now

The 888 Poker WSOP Package

As mentioned, the 888 Poker WSOP Package offers more than just the Main Event buy-in. It ensures you’ll be covered in every way, which makes it very appealing to casual players. Once you win the qualifier, everything you’ll need to actually play the tournament is included.

  • $10,000 WSOP 2018 Main Event entry
  • $1,500 spending and travel money
  • Five-nights’ accommodation (with a possibility of extra nights added if necessary)
  • 888 Poker bag of goodies
  • 888 Poker welcome party for all the qualifiers

America's Cardroom for US players

America’s Cardroom is one of the biggest and most reliable online poker sites currently facing the US market. As such, it’s also the only place where players from the States can try to win their WSOP Main Event seats online.

Over the years, ACR has shown a very high degree of determination and dedication to players from the US despite all the problems they had to face (and still face) along the way. The fact they offer WSOP satellites is just another sign of this dedication.

America’s Cardroom

Name: 888 Poker
Network: Winning Poker Network
Website: americascardroom.eu
US Players accepted: Yes
Overall review score: 8.6/10
Bonus: 100% and 20 free Sit and Go’s
Traffic: #2 in US market
In operation since: 2001
Full review: America’s Cardroom review

America’s Cardroom Satellite Highlights

  • One of the largest & most reliable US-facing poker sites
  • The only US-facing site offering WSOP qualifiers
  • Awarding Main Event packages worth $12,500
  • Very cheap direct satellites with $50 buy in
  • New players get 20 Jackpot Poker entries free


[wcpgallery time[wcpgallery time=”false” items=”2" id=”03" bullets=”true” ids=”9138,9139,9136,9135,9137"]d="America8217s-CardroomWSOP-Satellites-for-US-players-in-2018">America’s Cardroom WSOP Satellites for US players in 2018

The only online poker site serving US players to offer WSOP 2018 satellites, America’s Cardroom is the only way to go for Americans living outside of a few regulated states (Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey) to win a WSOP seat online.

It must be said that this is a bold move on ACR’s part, as they’re risking a lot of potential heat from all sides – the US Government, Caesars, and others involved with the World Series. However, they’ve been keeping at it and we expect satellites to start popping up on their site very soon.

If nothing changes, these will be $50 direct Main Event qualifiers awarding $12,500 packages. Apart from the tournament entry, players will also get $2,500 to cover their travel and accommodation. Given the current situation, ACR can’t do much more and offer to make arrangements on their own.

Last year, Americas Cardroom sent 50 players to the WSOP Main Event and they’ve been very clear about their intention to keep this tradition up for 2018 World Series of Poker.

America’s Cardroom WSOP Satellite Schedule Chart

DatesTime (EST)Buy-inGuaranteed prize packagesLink
Every Sunday6 P.M.$552Register Now
Every Sunday8 P.M.$551Register Now


Despite many changes we’ve seen over the past 12 months, PokerStars still remains by far the biggest and most frequented online poker site. As such, it is also traditionally a home to the greatest number of various WSOP satellites.

Every year, the WSOP Main Event is full of people who got there by qualifying through a PokerStars satellites. Many of them end up making money, which works great for all parties involved. It’s perfect marketing for the site and a great opportunity for the players.


Name: PokerStars
Network: Proprietary closed network
Website: pokerstars.com
US Players accepted: No
Overall review score: 8.1/10
Bonus: 100% up to $600
Traffic: #1 worldwide
In operation since: 2001
Full review: PokerStars review

PokerStars Satellite Highlights

  • The largest selection of various WSOP satellites
  • Qualify for the Main Event & side events
  • Tournament only & full-package qualifiers
  • Win PokerStars passport to pick your events (WSOP or otherwise)
  • Regular qualifiers with real-money buy-ins
  • Step sit & go’s available as well

PokerStars WSOP Satellites


[wcpgallery time=”fa[wcpgallery time=”false” items=”2" id=”05" bullets=”true” ids=”9144,9143,9142,9141,9140"]an id="PokerStars-WSOP-Satellites-for-2018">PokerStars WSOP Satellites for 2018

Looking at the PokerStars lobby right now, there aren’t any 2018 WSOP satellites running, but this is bound to change very soon. We can’t be sure how different the offer will be from what we had last year since PokerStars shuffled some things around and introduced some changes to their schedule and VIP scheme.

However, there’s no doubt the site will continue sending players to the World Series through all sorts of qualifiers. There are usually tournaments starting as low as $2.20, and if this is too high, you can even win your way into them for pennies.

In the past, Frequent Player Points satellites allowed players to qualify for WSOP using just their points, not having to risk any cash. Hopefully, these will be back as well, although these are probably most questionable due to changes to the VIP program.

PokerStars WSOP Step Satellite Structure

Step #Buy-in1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th PlaceLink
1$7.50Step 2Step 2Step 1$1.50 Tourn. FundsRegister Now
2$27Step 3Step 3Step 2Step 2$7 Tourn. FundsRegister Now
3$82Step 4Step 4Step 3Step 3Step 3Register Now
4$215Step 5Step 5Step 4$185 Tourn. FundsRegister Now
5$700Step 6Step 6Step 5Step 5$430 Tourn. FundsRegister Now
6$2,100Main Event Passport (number of prizes varies)

Other recommended WSOP 2018 Satellite options

flat-icon-color-40-4Apart from these three big options, there are other online poker rooms sending some players to the World Series of Poker every year. You might not find as many satellites as with the 3 sites above, but as the 2018 WSOP gets closer, there should be some interesting opportunities.

Party Poker has created a partnership with WSOP organizers earlier this year, so it’s quite possible they’ll be running a few satellites of their own at some point in 2018.

Even though Bovada serves American players, they’ve been known to run occasional qualifiers for some smaller buy-in WSOP tournaments as well, so that’s something to keep an eye out for as well.

Live Satellites

Apart from all the online satellites, there will be live satellites for various tournaments on the 2018 WSOP schedule happening at Rio. These usually kick off the first day of the Series and are available for the entire duration, giving players a chance to win WSOP Tournament Chips that can be used to buy in into any bracelet event.

Apart from Rio, there are numerous satellite locations around the world offering WSOP qualifiers. If you happen to be live near one such location, you’ll be able to play live satellites and qualify for 2018 WSOP as well.

WSOP 2018 Player of the Year Thoughts

Last year’s World Series of poker saw quite a bit of controversy when it came to the Player of the Year race. In case you missed it, it was the infamous Full Tilt Poker part-owner Chris Ferguson who ran away with the title in the end.

That didn’t sit well with quite a few pros out there. As Ferguson was getting closer to locking up the prestigious title, there was a lot of fuss about how the current PoY rules weren’t designed to reward the truly most accomplished player.

WSOP 2018 schedule
Chris “Jesus” Ferguson claimed the WSOP 2017 Player of the Year title, which created a lot controversy within the poker community.

There probably wouldn’t be so much talk about it if it was someone else leading the way, but many people saw it as an insult that Ferguson would be crowned WSOP 2017 Player of the Year. Nonetheless, it happened.

Possible WSOP 2018 PoY Changes

As of right now, there haven’t been major potential changes discussed for the next WSOP Player of the Year race. Daniel Negreanu published an interesting blog post back in July, expressing his thoughts about some WSOP changes that would make the race more exciting.

Some of the ideas do make a lot of sense, like the one that the WSOP Player of the Year would have to win at least one bracelet during the year. Capping the number of counted cashes to the top eight would also make the race more accessible to casual players.

If there are any interesting changes, they’ll probably be announced around the same time as the WSOP 2018 schedule and we’ll make sure to keep you up to date.

How many players will enter the WSOP Main Event?

The total number of entries to the WSOP Main Event is always somewhat of a wild guess. Last year, somewhat unexpectedly, we saw the third biggest Main Event in the history of the World Series of Poker. So, what can we expect for the WSOP 2018 Main Event?

The general popularity of poker is a bit of a mystery at this point. Certainly, poker TV coverage is no longer what it used to be, but the same could have been said last year. At the same time, we now have a dedicated poker channel in PokerGO and Poker Central.

Also, there are popular poker streamers on YouTube and Twitch like Doug Polk, Jason Carver, Felix Schneiders, and Live at the Bike. All of this is certainly doing wonders for the game, making poker more popular with the masses.

Thus, although it may be a bold prediction, we’re going to go ahead and say that WSOP 2018 Main Event entries will surpass last year’s tournament!

WSOP 2018 schedule
Last year saw the third-biggest Main Event in the history of the WSOP, which was somewhat unexpected. With new micro-buy-in events serving as the gateway to The Big One, I have a hunch this trend will continue in 2018.

Final World Series of Poker Numbers from Last Year


Total prize pool of all events


Total WSOP players


Total number of events


Total prizes given out


Countries represented


Main Event total prize pool


Number of Main Event players


Prize money for the Main Event champion


Total amount of charity raised for the One Drop Foundation



2018 WSOP Schedule Pillars

The Main Event

Event Name: No-Limit Hold’em Championship (Main Event)
Buy-in: $10,000
Event #: 65
Date: July 2, 2018
Starting Days: 3
Last year’s # of entrants: 7,221
Last year’s grand prize: $8,150,000

The WSOP 2017 Main Event saw an unexpectedly large number of players take their seat at the tables, gunning for the prestigious title. With 7,221 players in total, it was the third-largest Main Event in the Series history.

In the end, it was Scott Blumstein who took home the title and the $8,150,000 first prize. This was the first time since 2007 the final table wasn’t delayed until November, as organizers decided to do away with the November Nine concept.

I expect the number of players for the WSOP 2018 Main Event to be at least close to what we saw in Las Vegas last summer and it wouldn’t be all that shocking if there were even more players.

Big One for One Drop

Event Name: Big One for One Drop
Buy-in: $1,000,000
Event #: 78
Date: July 15, 2018
Starting Days: 1
Last year’s # of entrants: N/A
Last year’s grand prize: N/A

Big One for One Drop will be coming home to Las Vegas for the 2018 WSOP. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding this event, as the steep $1,000,000 entry attracts rich businessmen and they, in turn, attract sharks.

However, many were advocating that such a tournament, being organized to support charity, shouldn’t even be open to professionals. After some back and forth, Big One for One Drop is back and open to everyone at the 2018 World Series of Poker, on a first-come first-served basis.

Those wanting to secure their place will need to pay an advance of $50,000 and the number of entries is capped at 49. It will be fun to see who will join the select company of One Drop winners, currently consisting of Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Colman.

Player’s Championship

Event Name: Player’s Championship
Buy-in: $50,000
Event #: 33
Date: June 15, 2018
Starting Days: 1
Last year’s # of entrants: 100
Last year’s grand prize: $1,395,767

The WSOP Player’s Championship is considered to be one of the more prestigious, if not the most prestigious, events on the WSOP schedule. It gathers the best of the best to try and outwit each other in a number of different games, which also makes it one of the toughest tournaments to win.

Historically speaking, the number of players in this $50,000 buy-in event has never been huge, but you could hardly find a name in there you weren’t familiar with. Last year, it was Elior Sion who took home the title and the prize of $1.4 million.

For the 2018 WSOP schedule, I don’t expect much to change about the Player’s Championship. There’ll be around 100 players in there, but it will definitely be one of the more exciting tournaments to keep track of.


Event Name: Colossus IV
Buy-in: $565
Event #: 7
Date: June 2, 2018
Starting Days: 3 (6 heats)
Last year’s # of entrants: 18,054
Last year’s grand prize: $1,000,000

Colossus was first introduced in 2015 as a WSOP event that would fit any bankroll. Featuring a buy-in of just $565, it was the smallest buy-in bracelet World Series of Poker event in history. As predicted, it was instantly a huge hit with players.

Last year saw 18,000+ entries and the first place prize of $1,000,000 going to Thomas Pomponio. Given its popularity, there should be no changes as far as Colossus IV is concerned on the 2018 WSOP schedule. It will be coming back and the structure should be identical.

Millionaire Maker

Event Name: Millionaire Maker
Buy-in: $1,500
Event #: 21
Date: June 9
Starting Days: 2
Last year’s # of entrants: 7,759
Last year’s grand prize: $1,221,407

Introduced in 2013, the Millionaire Maker event is another one that has found a lot of success. Guaranteeing the winner $1,000,000, this tournament creates a lot of buzz every year and it attracts professional and recreational players alike.

We’ll see Millionaire Maker back for the 2018 WSOP. These kinds of events are great for marketing and they bring people in huge numbers to Las Vegas. As long as Caesars keeps rolling out these micro-buy-in WSOP events, they’ll seemingly keep creating instant hits.

No more November Nine on the 2018 WSOP schedule

Last year, we saw the November Nine concept slashed. If you happen to be new to the poker scene, the idea was first introduced back in 2007. It suspended the WSOP Main Event final table almost four months after the tournament had played down to the final nine players.

Ever since it was first introduced, the poker public was divided on the November Nine concept. Those in favor believed it was good as it gave fans and TV viewers a chance to get to know those making the World Series of Poker final table, as many of them usually aren’t famous poker pros.

WSOP 2018 schedule
For the first time since 2007, last year’s WSOP Main Event didn’t feature the November Nine and we (fortunately) won’t see it back on the WSOP 2018 schedule, either.

At the same time, opponents of the November Nine emphasized that such a long wait really killed the buzz and it wasn’t how poker tournaments were supposed to be played.

Last year, a decade after World Series organizers came up with the November Nine gimmick, they finally sided with the latter and did away with it. The champion was crowned in July, and the support from the poker community was overwhelming.

Unless something changes drastically between now and the time the official WSOP schedule is released, it’s expected that the WSOP 2018 Main Event will not be going back to the November Nine schedule. The new world champion will likely be crowned mid-to-late July, depending on the exact WSOP 2018 schedule.

WSOP 2018 Side Tournaments

The side tournament action is usually fast and furious during the Series and there is no reason to thing 2018 WSOP will be different. These side events feature lower buy-ins and give players with smaller bankrolls an opportunity to experience the World Series of Poker.

Although they aren’t too expensive, these Rio side events usually offer decent blind structures and a lot of play for your money. This is especially true for the daily Deep Stack events. If you prefer the turbo structure, there are those as well.

During the WSOP, there are many players in these daily tournaments, so prize pools can grow quite substantially. Those lucky enough to take one of these down can even afford to enter themselves into one or two WSOP bracelet events and go for the bracelet-fueled glory.

The 2018 schedule of daily side tournaments will probably look something like this:

Every day of the SeriesDeep Stack No-Limit Hold'em$2352 P.M.
$1855 P.M.
$1357 P.M.
Turbo No-Limit Hold'em$3659 P.M.


WSOP 2018 FAQs

Where is the World Series of Poker located?

Like every year, World Series of Poker 2018 will take place entirely inside Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you need more specific directions, all WSOP events take place inside the famous Amazon, Pavilion, and Brasilia Rooms.

How old do I have to be to play and / or enter Rio to observe the tournaments?

You need to be at least 21 of age to enter the Rio, whether you have plans to play in the WSOP or just want to watch the action. Although this may not seem fair to those who’d like to see the biggest yearly poker event in action, this is the rule in nearly all casinos across the US, save for a few states.

There are traditionally a few events that have their own age limits, such as the Seniors event (50+) and Super Seniors (65+).

How can I register for WSOP 2018 events? What is the best way to avoid long queues at the registration?

Online registration is now open for the 2018 WSOP here, which includes detailed instructions.

WSOP organizers have done a lot to make the whole registration process simpler, faster, and easier, including the online registration system that was introduced in 2016. You’ll be able to preregister for quite a few events on the WSOP 2018 schedule from your home computer, using your credit card (buy-ins of $10,000 or less), sending in a cashier’s check, or making a wire transfer.

The online system is probably the best and safest way to secure your seat and avoid spending a lot of time waiting around and doing nothing. If you’re 100% certain you’ll play in a particular event, the online registration is definitely the way to go. You’d rather spend those extra hours doing something else while in Vegas.

Beginning around March, you can also register at the Rio casino cage using cash or casino chips for a World Series of Poker 2018 event. There will also be a dedicated WSOP cage located near the tournament rooms once the Series is underway.

What about taxes? What are World Series of Poker rules on taxation?

Taxes are always an interesting topic when it comes to the WSOP. It’s wise to be prepared in case you do make the money in an event. You can also always check the exact details with the casino staff, especially if you are uncertain if your country is a part of the US Tax Treaty.

  • All US citizens must provide their Social Security Number. If no SSN is provided, the casino will withhold 28% for tax purposes.
  • Citizens from the US Tax Treaty Countries need to provide their Tax Identification number; otherwise 30% of any winnings is withheld
  • Everybody else: any of your tournament winnings will be taxed at 30%

How much money do I need if I want to play WSOP?

Although there are some who think that WSOP is just the Main Event, there are actually dozens of WSOP events happening every summer in Las Vegas. In 2018, that number will be close to 80.

Buy-ins range from a few hundred bucks to $100,000 or more, so there are pretty much events for every bankroll. There are WSOP tournaments like Colossus and the Millionaire Maker where buy-ins are under $1,000 but the prize money still grows to massive proportions thanks to the number of entries.

Of course, you’ll also need to plan for other expenditures such as travel and accommodation. The travelling part will greatly depend on where you live and how you plan to travel. As for accommodations, if you book your stay in time, there are some pretty sweet deals to be had during the World Series of Poker.



World Series of Poker 2018 Predictions

WSOP 2018 Main Event

I’ve already mentioned I expect the positive trend to continue and the next year’s World Series of Poker Main Event to attract even more players. This may be a bit of wishful thinking, seeing how the popularity of poker isn’t at its peak, but there are still some factors that could tip the scales.

People from all over the globe enjoy watching poker streams and dedicated poker channels, so while the game may no longer be as mainstream as it was during the Poker Boom, there is still a large base of players who might want to join in online for the largest event of the year.

It’s also important to consider the fact that there are quite a few smaller buy-in events on the 2018 WSOP schedule and that number is constantly growing. These are bound to attract a lot of players who couldn’t afford to play in the WSOP before.

While these players may not have the necessary means to enter the Main Event, some of them will end up making money in their respective tournaments or get lucky at the tables and decide to join the fun. After all, it’s Las Vegas we’re talking about.

WSOP 2018 schedule
WSOP 2018 should be a good one overall, with events to cover everybody’s bankroll, from mega-rich high rollers to casual players simply looking to experience the excitement of the Series.

Big One for One Drop 2018

It’s great to see the Big One for One Drop back on the 2018 WSOP schedule. While some may argue that due to its excessive buy-in it shouldn’t be a part of the Series, there’s no denying this event always creates a lot of buzz.

I fully expect to see the field riddled with top-notch professionals and rich businessmen with a knack for poker. Who knows, we might even see the great Phil Ivey drop by for this one.

How big will 2018 WSOP be?

With all the new tournaments with smaller buy-ins, the Big One for One Drop coming back to the WSOP, and plenty of online satellites, WSOP 2018 should be a good one. We should see hordes of players descending on Vegas this summer in their search for fame and fortune.

We’ll have to wait and see just how big it will be, but with at least 77 events on the WSOP 2018 schedule, there’s no reason to think it won’t be at least as good as the last year’s Series.

Ask us anything about WSOP 2018

The World Series of Poker is the highlight of the annual poker calendar, but it can also (understandably) intimidate new players by its sheer size and overwhelming schedule.

Have a question on the schedule or how the Series works? Want a share a WSOP experience you’ve had? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Best of all? Unlike the folks at Cynicism Incarnate (sorry… Reddit), we’ll never treat you with condescending elitism.

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    • Hi Sharon, thanks for the comment.

      For the 2018 WSOP, Event #37 is a standard $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em tournament with no re-entries. There are several of these events on the schedule every year with a similar structure.

      Going by last year, I would expect about 1,500-2,000 entries. That would put 1st place prize money at around $300,000-450,000.

      Hope that helps and best of luck to you if you’re entering anything this year.

  1. I just turned 65 years old yesterday December 15. I have been waiting for 2018 to be able to enter the WSOP Super Seniors Tournament for the first time. HOWEVER, I have just seen the release of the 2018 WSOP tournament schedule and it now indicates, for the first time, that 60, not 65, is the new minimum age entry for the Super Seniors!

    I DO NOT LIKE that 5 year age reduction change. Is it true? Or is it a print mistake? I see it repeated on a few sites that have released the 2018 WSOP schedule.

    • Hi, Gerald. Thanks for your thoughts. You’re correct that they’re lowering the age requirement for the Super Seniors from 65 down to 60.

      I wouldn’t be too happy in your shoes either, but at least you’ll be 5 years wiser than those other young’uns who don’t have to wait starting this year.

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