Andrew Lichtenberger Launches LuckyChewy Poker

Andrew Lichtenberger launches LuckyChewy Poker: by the players, for the players. Can this be the change the community has been asking for?

A poker site designed by the players and for the players has been a dream for a long time now. Some time ago, Phil Galfond announced he would be developing a site just like that, creating quite a stir in the community. However, it seems Andrew Lichtenberger, aka ‘luckychewy’ beat him to it.

Launched under the domain, Andrew Lichtenberger has envisioned a site that would cater to all players.

Andrew Lichtenberger to bring about the change?

Ever since Amaya has bought PokerStars and started introducing unfavorable changes  for long-time players, there’s been an outcry in the community for a different poker site. Players want a site that appreciates their contribution and rewards their efforts.

Since big-name companies don’t seem to keen to do anything in this regard, the community turned to well-known pros, calling onto them to come together and create such an online poker room. Andrew Lichtenberger decided to give it a go.

What does Andrew Lichtenberger promise?

Right now, LuckyChewy Poker is in its beta stage, offering play money games only. Of course, this is scheduled to change in the near future, as ‘luckychewy’ claims the site has been designed so to meet the UK Gambling Commission standards.

Andrew Lichtenberger
Although currently only offering play money games, LuckyChewy Poker promises a rich schedule of real money tournaments in the near future

At this point in time, Lichtenberger and rest of the team behind the new poker site are open to input, suggestions, and ideas. The basic premise is that site will cater to all players, giving out generous rewards and featuring low, sustainable rake.

Furthermore, in the months to come, Andrew Lichtenberger promises to work tirelessly to expand the site and bring on as many players as possible from all across the globe. It is essential for a new site to create a big enough player pool to get the ball rolling.

Possible cooperation with Phil Galfond

Given the fact Lichtenberger basically embodied the idea propagated by Phil Galfond, it isn’t at all unlikely that the two will create some form of partnership. In fact, their short Twitter correspondence hints this could happen soon.

If they do come together, this duo could certainly create an interesting poker site that truly caters to players. Of course, LuckyChewy Poker is still a business, so there will need to be some balance, but the idea does have some real potential.

Andrew Licthenberger
If Andrew Lichtenberger partners up with Phil Galfond, the partnership could produce some pretty epic results

Can Andrew Lichtenberger, Galfond, et al. put an end to the monopoly?

Over the course of online poker history, a few big companies like PokerStars, 888, and others have established a firm position in the market. This has given them, particularly PokerStars, a carte blanche to do whatever they want.

Rake increases, reducing or abolishing rakeback, mistreatment of winning players… We’ve seen it all.

If things are to change, the monopoly of big sites needs to be broken. The question is, can Andrew Lichtenberger do it? And if he can and his LuckyChewy Poker does become the next big thing, will they stay true to the original idea?

For the sake of all poker players out there, we sure hope they do.

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