Long-Awaited Chicago Casino Opens Its Doors

chicago casino opening
The temporary venue for Chicago’s first land-based casino has opened – over 30 years after the idea was first proposed.

After more than three decades of political debates and discussions, the Windy City has finally reached a huge milestone with the opening of the first legal land-based Chicago casino. It’s certainly a momentous occasion, and it represents a turning point in the city’s approach to gambling while presenting the potential for economic growth.

The journey to legalize gambling in Chicago has been a contentious one, and the opening of the new casino ushers in a new era for the Windy City.

The Path to Legalization

It was way back in the 90s that the idea for a Chicago casino was first presented by former mayor Richard M. Daley. It’s taken 30 years for it to come to fruition, after decades of heated debates and continuous back and forth over whether or not gambling should be permitted within the city.

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It’s likely that the recent legalization of sports betting in the state and the economic benefits have influenced the decision to permit gambling in the capital.

Now, just three years after launching sportsbooks for use by locals, the opening of the land-based casino in Chicago holds significant economic growth potential for the city. Not only will tax revenue from the casino bring in about $200 million for police and fire pensions; it will also create thousands of jobs.

How Have Locals Reacted to Chicago’s First Casino

Locals were eager to be among the first to experience the thrill of legal gambling in the city. A line formed at 8am and, by the time the casino opened its doors, it stretched down the block.

For many, the casino’s central location is particularly appealing, as it offers a convenient entertainment option for residents. For others, however, concerns have been raised about potential congestion issues in the busy tourist district where the casino is located – as well as the possibility of growth in problem gambling prevalence.

Future Developments for the Chicago Casino

The venue that opened this weekend is just a temporary location for Chicago’s first casino. The permanent facility is being constructed at the site of the former Chicago Tribune printing plant in River West.

As it stands, the venue now accommodates nearly 800 slot machines and over 50 table games. It will be open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Once completed, the permanent facility, which is expected to cost over $1.7 billion, will be open 24/7. It will be home to a 500-room hotel, 3,000-seat theatre and 11 restaurants. On the casino floor, there will be 3000 slots and 170 table games. 

A New Era on the Horizon for the Windy City

The opening of Chicago’s first land-based casino represents an important shift in the city’s stance towards gambling, embracing the potential economic benefits that come along with it. Still, we must stress the importance of approaching this new era with caution as decision-makers must ensure that adequate regulations and support systems are in place to mitigate the potential negative consequences of gambling.

With careful management and a focus on responsible gambling, Chicago’s new casino has the potential to become a thriving hub of entertainment and provide a huge boost to the economy of the Windy City.

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