Mike Sexton Seizes WPT Title and $317,896 in Montreal

Mike Sexton
Mike Sexton finally gets the coveted WPT title after outlasting 648 entries in the WPT Montreal Main Event

Mike Sexton, a man we all know best for his poker commentary and his involvement with Party Poker, has joined elite ranks of WPT champions. Sexton triumphed in the WPT Monteral Main Event, proving once again that he’s not just good in talking about the game.

Third WPT final table for Mike Sexton

The WPT Main Event final table in Monteral wasn’t Sexton’s first rodeo. This was, in fact, a third time for one of the best-known faces in poker industry to take the seat among the final few of a WPT event.

Mike Sexton is also a proud owner of a WSOP bracelet. A Party Poker’s ambassador won his bracelet back in 1989, finishing first in a 7 Card Stud event. This recent WPT title is a significant addition to Sexton’s poker resume, as it re-confirms he is an excellent player in his own right.

Mike Sexton: from commentary booth to champion’s title

Sexton has been commentating for the World Poker Tour since it first aired in 2002. His knowledge of the game, coupled with his natural flair, made him an essential part of the show. Players were there to play and battle it out at the felt, but it wouldn’t be same without Sexton’s commentary.

Of course, over the years, Mike Sexton has entered more than a few WPT events himself, booking decent results. A Main Event title, however, has eluded him. Yesterday, after almost 15 years of calmly waiting for his shot, the WPT commentator became a champion as well.

Entering exclusive WPT Champions’ Club

After his 2011 and 2013 shots failed to produce a WPT title, Mike Sexton was going into his third attempt with some pressure on his shoulders, but also with a wealth of experience to help him rich his goal. As is usually the case with WPT events, there were only five players between him and the coveted trophy.

Jake Schwartz was the first one to hit the rail in 6th, followed by Ema Zajmovic in 5th, and Ilan Boujenah in 4th. With three players remaining, everyone was guaranteed to take home a six-figure amount, but there was still some work to be done before one of the remaining three could claim the title.

When Nadir Lalji busted in third, earning $136k for his efforts, Mike Sexton found himself heads up for the title. He was up against Benny Chen, a player with close to $2 million in live earnings, so the task wasn’t easy. But it wasn’t impossible either.

Dream comes true for Mike Sexton

It was a very important poker battle for Sexton and the one he ended up winning. The poker ambassador outlasted Chan in the final skirmish, earning $317,896 and a WPT title to add to the long list of poker achievements. As the runner-up, Chen took home $213,462.

Mike Sexton
Unlike his prior two attempts, this time around poker gods favored Mike Sexton for the title and he walked away victorious after defeating Benny Chen in the heads-up skirmish

This is a great achievement for Sexton, who already has a WSOP bracelet and was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2009. By outlasting 648 entries in the WPT Montreal Main Event, he further established his poker legacy, with only an EPT title missing for the triple crown.

As of right now, Sexton’s lifetime earnings stand at $6.2 million and we fully expect a few more big scores to be added to the tally by the end of his poker career.

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