5Dimes Announces Sudden Suspension of US Offshore Operations

5Dimes Suspends US Operations
Popular American-facing sportsbook 5Dimes has announced a temporary suspension of its services, with plans to start a new business venture in the near future within the evolving legal landscape of the USA.

5Dimes has made a sudden and surprising announcement that it will be suspending its services for US players. On September 21st, 2020 at midnight, American players will no longer be able to access the betting markets on the site.

As 5Dimes is one of the most popular US-facing sportsbooks out there today, the news has come as a shock to punters across the country. Fortunately, 5Dimes has stated that it will relaunch its “new operations with a fresh start” – although there is no word on when exactly that will happen.

A New Business Venture

5Dimes has stated that it will be suspending its US operations, as the company aims to take on “a new business venture”. The company’s announcement to its customers reads:

“With the evolving legal landscape in the United States, we want to take advantage of the opportunity to offer an improved online sports betting experience. In order to do this, we need to suspend temporarily our service of the US market so that we can launch our new operations with a fresh start”.

What this likely means is that 5Dimes will no longer be operating from offshore and has plans to bring its operations into the legal American sportsbetting market.

What This Means For 5Dimes Customers

If you’re currently a player at 5Dimes, its suspension of services should not be any reason to worry, as you will be able to withdraw your funds and it sounds like the brand will be relaunching soon. Until 5Dimes resurfaces, here are some alternative options for the best US sportsbooks.

For players who have money in their 5Dimes accounts, they will have until September 25th, 2020 to make withdrawals. After this point, funds will be transferred to a third-party that will attempt to return any money to the players that it belongs to. Should any funds go unclaimed by September 30, 2021 they will be considered “abandoned”.

How Soon Until 5Dimes Resumes Operations

Since it sounds like 5Dimes will be aiming to obtain sportsbetting licenses in states where the activity is now legal, the timeline for the brand’s relaunch isn’t altogether straightforward. The brand will need to secure multiple licenses, and this process can take quite some time.

Many states (including Illinois and Washington) have taken big steps towards legalizing sports betting this year, so now is the perfect time for 5Dimes to move away from its offshore operation model. Still, it’s going to be a long a complex process, so players will have to be patient for 5Dimes’ return.

6 thoughts on “5Dimes Announces Sudden Suspension of US Offshore Operations”

  1. any updates on this? i was going to make a SB bet and just learned of the suspended operation.

    Who is the third-party?

  2. I’ve been waiting 7 days, after jumping through their verification hoops. I think 5dimes is a complete scam, and they are simply thieves.

    • Yeah, this is bad. First they required me to accept Bitcoin as a payout. No cash. Then, after promising a payout in 4-6 days, I still have not been paid after 13 days.

      Today, 13 days after requesting my payout — and keep in mind, this is a payout they forced me to take — I got an email requiring my PIN (which I already entered to authorize the transfer in the first place), my account number (which they have, because it is in the subject line of their email), a photocopy of my drivers license with me holding it, and a bank statement! They apparently think I’m going to send them, in an email, everything someone would need to steal my identity. They didn’t need this information to accept my money, but they need it to make a transfer to my Bitcoin account? They didn’t ask for it when I authorized the transfer. And now they ask for it 13 days later?

      Time to contact someone in the attorney general’s office.

  3. I have some money in the account, try payout thru bitcoin wallet address. Now, they want my id, credit cards I used to deposit money, utility bill and bank statement, authorization form of credit card I made many deposits over 2K. WTF, I am into this kind of scheme artists 5dimes that not existed and in Costa Rica? I rather throw all my money in the account I had then provide all these kinds of private information they may stole my money all from giving them the authorization.

    • I hear you, Danny. Unfortunately, the ID verification process seems even worse if you’ve used a credit card in the past. It’s pretty ridiculous, since they’re obviously been able to collect the money from your credit card charge already.

      It’s clearly a tactic to get you to give up on your withdrawal.

      I would say that you shouldn’t give them the satisfaction of keeping your money, but I also understand you not wanting to provide them with that absurd invasion of your private information.

      If there’s any hope, it’s possible that 5Dimes customer funds eventually end up in the hands of an administrator in order to pay it out to the rightful customer. Usually, that doesn’t require this level of information, but you may be waiting a while for an administrator to ever handle it.

  4. I went to my account to complete withdrawl but my account showed as suspended, Subsequently, I could not complete the transaction. Has anyone else experienced this? Mike


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