Phil Ivey Releasing a Poker Strategy MasterClass

Phil Ivey Masterclass Poker Strategies
For the first time ever, Phil Ivey will be sharing his poker strategies, via the MasterClass e-course platform.

With total live earnings of more than $26 million and 10 WSOP bracelets, Phil Ivey is one of the most accomplished poker players in the world and his secret to success has remained a mystery – until now. As part of a new MasterClass series, the decorated poker pro will be sharing exclusive insight into his poker strategy.

Get Inside Phil Ivey’s Head

This is the first time that Phil Ivey will be sharing his personal poker strategies. He’ll be letting viewers in on his approach to playing the mental game of poker. His MasterClass will teach players tips and tactics that they can incorporate into their own play.

Phil Ivey Masterclass Hand Analysis
Ivey will be going over his most famous hands in detail, giving students exclusive insight into his personal poker strategy.

He will be analysing footage of his most famous hands, so you’ll be able to learn more about his thought process. You’ll also get a look into his personal relationship with poker, as Ivey will share honest stories from his journey to success in the world.

“In my MasterClass, I open up for the first time about my strategy, my approach, table positioning and how to read opponents. I want to share what I’ve learned throughout my career in the hopes of helping players gain an appreciation for the sport as well as improve their mental game to advance professionally,” –Phil Ivey

The Lesson Plan

There are 11 lessons in Phil Ivey’s poker MasterClass. Having a quick look at each of the descriptions, you can tell that these lessons are for experienced players who are looking for extra insight from a successful pro.

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So, if you’re just getting started out, it’s best to get some more experience under your belt; otherwise, some his strategies may go over your head.

His lesson plan is as follows:

  • Phil’s Journey
  • Preflop and Blind Defense
  • Betting Tactics
  • Bluffing
  • Postflop, Part 1
  • Postflop, Part 2
  • Deepstack Place
  • The Mental Game
  • Table Image and Tells
  • Strategies for Success
  • Closing

You can purchase access into a single class for $120, if there’s just one specific aspect of poker that you’d like to learn more about. There is also the option to buy an All Access Pass for $240 per year, which allows you to take part in all MasterClasses.

How Does Phil Ivey’s MasterClass Compare to Daniel Negreanu’s?

Phil Ivey is the second professional poker player to launch their own MasterClass series. The first was Daniel Negreanu, whose MasterClass debuted in 2018.

Each pro approaches poker lessons from a very different perspective. While Phil Ivey’s MasterClass is geared more towards intermediate and advanced players, Negreanu’s targets beginners. His lesson plan includes more of the basics, such as:

  • Understanding Position
  • Hand Rangers and Board Texture
  • Game Theory and Math
  • Detecting and Executive the Bluff
  • Bet Sizing
  • Check-Raising

So, depending on where you are in your poker career, you may benefit more from signing up to Negreanu’s MasterClass.

This online learning platform presents players with a great opportunity to learn from the best in the business. While players can engage in discussions with their peers on forums and even work with a poker mentor, it’s rare that they would ever have the chance to learn about the game directly from two of the most successful and profitable players.

It would be interesting to see other poker pros sharing their knowledge on the MasterClass platform in the future.

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