The $15,000,000 Super High Roller Bowl 2017 Returns to Aria

Super High Roller Bowl 2017
The Super High Roller Bowl 2017 will be coming back to Aria on May 28, featuring a $300,00 buy-in and a 50-player cap

The third in a row iteration of the Super High Roller Bowl has been announced by Poker Central. Set to take place May 28 – 31, the Super High Roller Bowl 2017 will feature a $300,000 buy-in and $5,000,000 first place guarantee, assuming all 50 spots are filled.

The Super High Roller Bowl 2017: Championship of High Stakes Poker

In the press release announcing the event, Joe Kakaty, the president of Poker Central, described the Super High Roller Bowl as the championship of high stakes poker. In the past, the event drew in some of the biggest names in the industry, including the likes of Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Hellmuth, so the description isn’t too far off.

The Super High Roller Bowl 2017 will probably stay on the same path, bringing in many familiar faces, all looking to seize the day and compete for the prestigious title and the huge first place money. With one third of the prize pool set aside for the winner, the event is bound to create some buzz in the high stakes circles.

The Super High Roller Bowl 2017 returns to Aria

Like the last two times, this year’s SHR Bowl will take place at the Aria. Players can reserve their seats ahead of time as the registration opens on February 2, 2017. Since the event is capped at 50 players, all those looking to play will probably try to secure their place well ahead of time.

15 spots reserved for non-professionals

The interest for this event will probably exceed the number of available spots, as fifteen seats are seat aside for non-professional players, including one celebrity guest. By doing this, Poker Central probably wants to make the tournament more appealing to casual viewers who aren’t as interested in poker as they are in seeing familiar faces from other spheres of life.

Super High Roller Bowl 2017
Fifteen spots in the Super High Roller Bowl 2017 is reserved for non-professionals, so pros will have to act quick to grab their seats

While some pros will likely not be too happy about this (especially those who don’t get in), it is important for Poker Central to try and reach out to new audiences. At the same time, those who do grab their seats will probably be licking their proverbial chops.

The Super High Roller Bowl 2017 Once Again Rake Free

The organizers will continue with the tradition of the SHR Bowl being a rake-free event. Every cent of the buy-ins will go directly to the prize pool, giving even more incentive for professional players to get in on the action. So far, two players have claimed the title: Brian Rast and Rainer Kempe, and in May we’ll have the name of the third SHR Bowl champion in the history.

Live Coverage

According to Kakaty, fans will be able to keep track of all the action live, as it happens. This is bound to create even more buzz in the community and generate a lot of interests among existing fans and even those relatively new to poker.

Super High Roller Bow 2017
Rast and Kempe seized their own SHR Bowl titles. Who will join them as the Super High Roller Bow 2017 champion?

After all, watching people play cards for millions of dollars can be quite exciting, even if you know very little about the game. With the Super High Roller Bowl 2017, Poker Central continues their efforts to popularize poker and restore its former glory.

We might never have another Moneymaker effect again, but events like this can still do wonders for bringing poker closer to everyday audiences, potentially infecting them with the “poker bug.”

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