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Poker Strategy Articles and Tips


Our poker strategy section features various tutorials, reference pages, and specific situational tips to help improve any area of your game. While you may already be a winning player, chances are that continuing you poker education will help plug any potential leaks that are keeping you from making as much money as you could. The following strategy articles contain lessons learned from our personal experiences at the table - both online and offline. Mostly, we like to give frustrated online players the tools necessary to extract the most profit from the loose-aggressive games that have become staples of the poker explosion.


All content in Poker Strategy is 100% original and exclusive to this site. We post new content regularly.


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  Tutorial: How to Beat The Fish


  1. Where Do Fish Come From?

  2. Proper Play: Pre-Flop

  3. Proper Play: On The Flop

  4. Proper Play: Turn and River

  Detailed Poker Rules

  Texas Hold'em







  Shorthanded Poker

  Rush Poker Strategy

  Post-Flop Strategy

  Taking Notes on Poker Players


  Loose Games

  Crushing a Loose Table

  Defending Against Maniacs

  Trapping Table Bullies

  Getting Pocket Aces Cracked


  No-Limit Cash Games

  Bluffing in No-Limit Hold'em

  Small Pocket Pairs

  The Hammer of Future Bets

  Paying for Information

  Continuation Bets

  List of Online Poker Tells

  The Facts on Minimum Raises

  Playing High-Card Flops

  Buying in for the Minimum

  Buying in for the Maximum

  Slowplaying on the Turn

  Raising on the River

  No-Limit vs. Limit Ring Games



  Sit 'n Go Strategy

  Heads-Up Tournament Strategy

  Playing at the Final Table

  HORSE Tournament Strategy

  Playing Large Online Fields

  Playing Too Tight


  Sit and Go Tutorial

  Sit and Go General Information

  Early Sit and Go Strategy

  Middle Sit and Go Strategy


  Online Poker


  More on Online Poker Tells

  Using Online Poker Tells

  Bluffing in Online Poker

  Building a Bankroll from Nothing

  Playing Multiple Tables Online

  Keeping Tabs on Players

  Be Nice to the Fish


  Playing Specific Hands

  Pocket Aces (AA)

  Pocket Kings (KK)

  Pocket Queens (QQ)

  Pocket Jacks (JJ)

  Ace-King Preflop (AK)

  Small Suited Connectors

  Pocket Pairs 22-77



  Getting Started with The Fish

  Beating Low-Stakes Games

  Profile of Poker Maniacs


  General Poker


  Playing in Shorthanded Games

  Stealing the Blinds

  Betting Your Draws

  Calling When You're Beat

  How to Beat Calling Stations



  Texas Hold'em

  Texas Hold'em Hand Strength

  Concept of Math and Odds

  Texas Hold'em Odds

  Heads Up Hold'em Simulator


  General Poker

  Poker Rules

  Poker Hand Rankings

  Poker Hand Nicknames

  Understanding Pot Odds

  Understanding Implied Odds

  Poker Money Management

  Quick Guide to Poker Chips

  Basics for Cardroom Play

  Learn Mixed Games?

  What to Learn from TV Poker

  The Most Profitable Games

  Poker Bad Beats


  Online Poker

  Online Game Selection


  Online Poker Stories

  A Most Interesting Bad Beat

  With a Click of the Mouse...


  Poker Player Articles

  The Best Poker Player?

  Poker Players and Sunglasses

  Psychological Player Profiles


  World Series of Poker

  WSOP Schedule

  WSOP Satellite Information

  All Bracelet Winners

  WSOP History


  Poker Player Profiles


  Poker Book Reviews














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