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Where to Play US Poker Online


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“I live in the US and I still want to play online poker. Where can I go?”

There are still many poker sites that will accept US citizens despite the passage of the Port Security Act and its unrelated attachment: the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). We recommended the following poker rooms before this nonsense and we recommend them even higher now for continuing to be available to US players.

The following sites realize that US law has no jurisdiction on international companies and it’s encouraging to see them sending one of two messages to Americans: “we’re here to stay” or “it’s business as usual”. Many poker sites have partnered with us through to offer larger bonuses to US players who come through our site.

Poker Sites Available to US Players

The following is a quick breakdown of online poker sites we recommend that accept US players:

Bovada Poker Open to US Players

BOVADA – Not to our surprise, the typically-rebellious Bovada has made clear that they will continue to accept US players to players to its online poker room. They have continued to be a dependable US destination as they stay true to their alternative attitude and disregard for overzealous US government legislation. While they initially had trouble sending out US checks in a timely fashion following the UIGEA they’ve improved payout times significantly in recent months. Kudos to Bovada for continuing to cater to US citizens despite being one of the biggest targets over the years. With so few poker rooms remaining in the US market this is one of the better choices with a long history of player trust, a large deposit bonus, and much looser-than-average tables.

The player base has always been soft up to the higher limits with 35-40% average flop numbers typical at full tables 9-seated tables. Bovada has also perennially had one of the best deposit bonuses online with a 100% offer for our players with a $1,000 cap. Previously 10% extra was given immediately after your deposit as instant cash but our new players are now given an extra 50% as a risk-free sports bet with the opportunity to earn more bonus money.

Bovada has also always excelled in terms of banking, which is especially noteworthy in the current market conditions. They have some of the best credit card deposit rates online with 5-7 day withdrawal times that run circles around the competition. In the current US poker landscape Bovada is actually now the longest-tenured brand and has strong ratings across the board.

Positives: substantial bonus, one of the loosest player bases, fast and simple software, dependable payouts. Read full review…

Excellent US credit and debit card deposit rates.

Our Exclusive Bonus: 100% up to $1,000 + 50% free bet

Visit Bovada Poker

BETONLINE – The launch of a brand-new poker room that specifically targets US players was perhaps unthinkable after “Black Friday” yet BetOnline is doing just that. Serving mainly as a casino/sportsbook one-stop-shop for over a decade this brand is finally branching out into poker and the timing couldn’t be better for US players. The main draws of BetOnline include the excellent cashier system and the horrendous quality of their player base. US credit cards should be accepted at a near-100% success rate due to their proprietary cashier system. Remarkably, BetOnline also often accepts e-check checking account deposits either via the public cashier or by requesting it from support.

The actual poker room is still growing with a lot of potential due to its incredibly loose player base. While the traffic numbers are still low the poker room has just launched and thus is largely populated by existing casino and sportsbook players. As exposure for the poker room grows and US players realize its one of the few games left in town with easy deposit options the traffic numbers will inevitably spike. Cash games are currently active up to the $1/2 NL level with flop percentages frequently exceeding 40-50%. Our new players also receive free real-money tournament dollars and a 25% instant sports bonus.

Positives: Specifically caters to US players, terribly loose tables, e-check and credit card deposits. Read full review…

US credit cards are accepted at a near-100% rate.

Direct US checking account deposits may be available for new and existing players.

Our Exclusive Bonus: Free tournament cash and a 25% sports instant bonus

Visit BetOnline

SPORTSBETTING POKER – Even though SportsBetting Poker is nearly a carbon copy of BetOnline, it gives US players another strong choice in a market that came close to collapsing in 2011. Despite a long history in the online gaming market the parent company had largely fallen into disrepair and earned a poor reputation until it was recently purchased, revived, and relaunched. All-in-one gaming sites are likely the future to the US market thanks to their financial stability, liquidity from side games, and lengthy experience in building cashiers that work with the US market difficulties.

For US players weary of blocked deposits and tight-fisted tables this poker room is a breath of fresh air. The built-in cashier is one of the top 2 in the US market with proprietary processors that shouldn’t experience a declined transaction with any US credit, debit, or prepaid gift card. As good as the deposits are the payouts are just as impressive with low fees and a half-dozen options to get winnings into players’ hands within a week. The player traffic should be sustainable thanks to appearing on an existing network and, more importantly, some of the loosest cash games online, US market or not. The bonus package for our new players includes free real money for tournament play and instant free money in the sports section.

Positives: New option for US players, excellent cash games, quick payouts, no credit card deposit difficulties. Read full review…

All US credit, debit, and prepaid gift cards shouldn’t be declined.

Our Exclusive Bonus: Free tournament entries and instant sports bonus

Visit SportsBetting Poker


CARBON POKER – Our current top-rated US poker room that has always served as a niche favorite is Carbon Poker, which offers a large 200% bonus for our new players. With several skins leaving its network and traffic dwindling this poker room needed the shot in the arm that recent US legislation has brought it. The softer-than-average cash games, which have always been one of the main draws, are now fairly busy again with about 8-10 active cash games per limit up to the $1/2 NL level. The bonus terms are also less stringent than at the more popular sites and mid-stakes players can convert as much as $1-2 per hour per table.

Other selling points include near-flawless deposit rates and the exclusive deposit bonuses given to our players such as free personalized poker training and free poker tracking software. The software has also always been one of our highest-rated in the industry thanks to unique features like the ability to only show one card, rabbit-hunting, all-in winning percentages, and animated emoticons. The simpler deposit options include major credit cards, which are now processed at an excellent near-100% acceptance rate, and cash transfer. The rewards system is also a strong draw with rewards like free tournament entries and personalized support for regular players.

Positives: Beatable cash games, unique free promotions like free gameplay training, bonus is large and easy to cash out. Read full review…

Relaunched cashier accepts US credit cards at near-100% levels.

Our Increased Bonus: 200% up to $5,000 + tracking software and training

Visit Carbon Poker Poker Accepts US Players

SPORTSBOOK POKER – The relaunched Sportsbook Poker is accepting US players and, perhaps best of all, their credit cards. Despite the persistent blocks at almost every other site, Americans can deposit directly through the cashier with any domestic credit or debit card without issue. This is a significant draw as banking seems to be the largest hurdle for online US poker players. The other major draw is the largely poor player base with much looser tables than the larger sites.

Even though this is one of the “newer” brands the player traffic is fairly high thanks to easy deposits, strong promotions, and being on one of the few remaining active US networks. The bonus structure is more lenient than comparable programs with most middle-stakes players earning the full 200% bonus pretty easily. This is also 50% larger than the standard offer. The secondary promotions are also quite numerous and include bad beat jackpots, tournament leaderboards with cash prizes, and a VIP rewards system that gives freeroll entries and cash for points.

Our new players also now receive an instant 10-25% cash bonus, which can now only be used in the sports or casino section but is also given immediately after deposit. The free cash has the capability of being rolled over and returned back to the poker room. The new owners of this site seem to be committed to the industry for the long haul so I don’t anticipate them exiting the US market any time soon.

Positives: Extremely poor player base, increased bonus through our site, ability to process US credit cards. Read full review…

US credit cards are accepted at a near-100% rate.

Our Exclusive Bonus: 200% up to $2,000 + 10-25% instantly

Visit Sportsbook Poker

We cannot currently recommend Lock Poker due to massive payout issues and anti-player policies. Please visit our US poker room reviews page for a list of all US poker rooms still available.

LOCK POKER – Lock Poker, another privately-owned poker site now hosting its own network, has also declared that will continue to deal to US citizens indefinitely. As this is a smaller poker room that mostly markets to US players I don’t see them withdrawing from the market in the foreseeable future. The main draws of Lock Poker include the unique software, tons of player rewards via instant cash rewards, daily rake rebates, and a fairly extensive cashier. Our players also receive an exclusive bonus of 200%, good up to a massive $4,000 when using our links. This is easily the largest deposit bonus in the US market. US deposits also tend to be processed easily at Lock Poker thanks to a proprietary cashier that allows one of the best credit card success rates in the industry.

While Lock Poker certainly doesn’t have the traffic of the former US powerhouses its rebranded Revolution network has been growing with several key skins coming onboard. During peak hours at least 5-10 active no-limit tables can be found up to the middle-limits. The Lock Poker software on Merge was a big plus with unique features that used to include winning percentages, rabbit hunting, animated chat smilies, and the ability to only show one card when they were a part of Merge. The new Revolution software is still one of the more seamless and attractive packages online. Other unique positives to Lock Poker include a built-in player stats system, a “vault” that allows greater player fund security by locking it until required information is given, and player activity races that give prizes to the most frequent players and tournament winners. If you’re brave enough to try a niche site with more of a community feel you might try Lock Poker.

Positives: One of the larger total dollar bonuses online, loose tables, unique software.

Players Only Poker

Players Only is currently not accepting new US signups.

PLAYERS ONLY POKER – Another new poker room catered to US players is Players Only Poker. This site is already building substantial traffic because of their ability to process US credit cards pain-free and without a block from the issuing bank. Deposits are accepted directly through the cashier without the need for a third-party e-wallet. A side-effect of this surge of US players is a collection of incredibly loose tables. Average pot sizes and flop percentages tend to be much higher than the larger sites meaning faster action overall.

One of the best promotions at Players Only Poker is the 10% instant bonus offered to our players in conjunction with the standard 100% play-through bonus. While the instant cash is modest it’s nice to immediately be rewarded for making a deposit. As Players Only Poker opened initially exclusively for US players, management is directly opposed to the US legislation and does not plan to fold regardless of new developments.

Positives: Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards processed successfully, 100% bonus, poor players.

Full Tilt Poker is currently unavailable.

FULL TILT POKER – More good news for poker-playing US citizens came from Full Tilt Poker, who has adopted the “We’re here to stay” marketing slogan. This site is a major player in the US poker market (as is evident from anyone who watches ESPN) and their traffic will increase significantly as they continue their massive marketing campaigns. With their ever-growing army of poker pros, Full Tilt Poker has become one of the busiest US poker rooms in terms of both ring game and tournament traffic. The addition of seamless eCheck deposits has only helped them grow more popular in the US market.

More importantly, Full Tilt Poker has retained their integrity and professionalism despite the growing size. The signup bonus has always been one of the highest online with our new US players earning a 100% match up to $600. With new US players being offered instant check account deposits and check payouts arriving in less than a week, Full Tilt Poker has also become one the model poker rooms in terms of banking.

Positives: Play with the pros, 100% bonus, lots of traffic, direct eCheck deposits.

PokerStars is currently unavailable.

POKERSTARS – Perhaps the biggest news in the fight to play online poker from the US was the announcement that PokerStars will allow Americans to access the site without a hitch. Another big development is the ability for all new US players to deposit directly with their checking accounts. PokerStars is now easily the largest online poker site with 300,000+ online players being the peak norm. While those sort of numbers are great for the poker room’s bottom line it ultimately benefits the player. With so much traffic players have dozens of ring game options at every limit as well as tournament active every 5 or 10 minutes.

In terms of high-stakes games and tons of big tournament choices, you can’t get any better than PokerStars. Their software package is one of the best online with designated fast tables and customizable backgrounds and sizes. Also, their $1.5 million Sunday tournament is the largest recurrent event online. Overall, PokerStars really excels at every facet without any real shortcomings. In terms of a deposit bonus, they’ve started offering a massive 100% match to our US players up to $600.

Positives: Massive traffic, high-stakes tables, 100% bonus, direct checking account deposits. Read full review…

Ultimate Bet is currently unavailable.

ULTIMATE BET – Another poker room that has been open to US players since the early days of online poker is Ultimate Bet. They also offer an eCheck service that allows all US players to deposit with their checking accounts directly through the cashier. This site has always been a staple of professionalism with busy ring games and tournaments. While this remains a popular US poker room, please note that software security issues have recently surfaced at Ultimate Bet and players simply have no way of knowing that these issues have been resolved.

Positives: High-stakes games, busy tournament schedule, eCheck deposits, strong software.

Absolute Poker is currently unavailable.

ABSOLUTE POKER – Here’s another site open to US players. Absolute Poker has openly stated that they don’t believe that any US anti-gambling law is applicable to poker so they’re still operating as usual. They still have a large number of promotions, growing traffic, and a pretty strong software package. Also, direct checking account deposits have been added for all players making this one of the easiest sites for US to deposit. Unfortunately, US players may wish to play at the alternatives listed above on this page due to the severe security issues that have been discovered at Absolute Poker.

Positives: Constant bonuses on deposits, high traffic, good software.

(Visit site | Read full review)

We cannot currently recommend True Poker.

TRUE POKER – True Poker has mostly served as a fun curiosity for online poker in its 10+ years of existence. While it was never able to attract a fraction of the players of the better-known poker rooms it has quietly provided a steady US poker operation catering mostly to a group of loyal players. With a number of key US poker rooms dropping out of the market True Poker has regained a bit of spotlight and has grown enough to offer a number of active cash games up to the $1/2 NL level. The 100% bonus at True Poker is also easy to cash out with only 100 raked hands required for $10 of bonus money.

The “3D” software at True Poker was originally its claim to fame in 2001 becoming the first to offer a first-person view of your seat at a real money poker table. Players can choose their own pre-made avatar from a handful of renders such as robots, aliens, and cowboys. Surprisingly, True Poker offers the only first-person table view for US players. Looking a bit long in the tooth in the HD age True Poker the first-person mode can now be disabled in favor of a sharp standard birds-eye view.

Positives: Unique “3D” table view, passive players, 100% bonus.

Poker Sites NOT Available to US Players

Unfortunately, the following sites/networks are not available to US citizens for the time being:

– Players Only

– PokerStars

– Full Tilt Poker

– Absolute Poker

– Ultimate Bet

– 888 (Pacific Poker)

– PartyGaming (Party Poker, Empire Poker, any skin)

– OnGame (PokerRoom, Hollywood Poker, any skin)

– iPoker, Playtech (Titan Poker, Noble Poker, CD Poker, any skin)

– Crytologic (Sun Poker, InterPoker, any skin)

– Boss Media (Celeb Poker, PokerHeaven, Mansion Poker, any skin)

– Everest Poker

– Paradise Poker


While it may be easy for US poker players to be outraged, discouraged, and simply give up the game they love, why would you? It still isn’t a crime to play and there are plenty of privately-owned poker sites who will continue to legally offer games to US citizens, which we’ve outlined above.

While a few corrupt special interests may have gotten us into this mess and moved us backward in terms of global commerce, we’re confident that you will always be able to play online poker from the US if you choose to. For now, that hope hasn’t been destroyed.

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